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The long-awaited meeting with the mother⁣

I was taken from my mother when I was only six years old. I still remember how she fell at the feet of social workers, begging not to pick me up. But, these people were relentless. A strange aunt with a stone face, silently grabbed my hand and dragged me into a police car.

Once upon a time, we had a happy family. My mom worked as a geography teacher at school, and my dad served in the police. My parents loved each other very much. My father often brought flowers to my mother, just like that, for no reason.

One day, my dad went on duty. At night, a call rang in our apartment, my mother answered, and then she began to scream violently. I asked her, frightened, what had happened. Mom cried for a long time, and then she told me that my dad would not come home anymore, he had gone very far, he had an important task.

The next day, I was sent to my aunt in the village. She hugged me, and for some reason called me orphan. I stayed with my aunt for ten days, and then my mother came to pick me up and took me home.

My mother has changed a lot during this time, she never smiled, and often sat in silence, staring at one point, and then began to cry.

After a while, Mom’s mood changed. She came to pick me up at kindergarten after work cheerful and cheerful. I was very glad that my mother became the same as before.

Then I did not understand that she began to drink, and from this she had fun. Somehow she came to work tipsy, and after a couple of hours, she got drunk to the core. It was a lifelong shame. The children laughed at her and pointed. Her colleagues were shocked, and only the physical education teacher took my mother out of school and took her home.

Further, it got worse. My mother began to drink heavily, and I was taken to an orphanage. My mother ran after the car in which I was being taken away until she fell on the asphalt. Then, I swore to myself that I would definitely escape from the orphanage, and my mother and I would go to live with my grandmother in the village.

In the orphanage, I was constantly crying and waiting for my mother. The teacher calmed me down, saying that my mother would recover soon and would take me home. But, time went by, and Mom never picked me up.

It’s been 10 years. I was driving home, and I imagined how happy my mother would be to see us. At the entrance, I saw our neighbor Aunt Lida.

– Hi, Aunt Lida! I said. The woman was looking at me intently, as if remembering how she knew me.

– Yurka, what are you? “It’s like, straight, not to recognize you,” the woman said, and suddenly began to cry.

– Your mother is not at home! Lyubasha has been in the invalids’ home for several years, she has not recovered from a stroke,” Aunt Lida began to cry.

I stood rooted to the spot, not knowing what to do now. A neighbor came to the rescue again.

– Yura, you need to go to the precinct to register. And then to the housing office, where they will give you the keys to your apartment,” the woman prompted me.

Having settled the necessary formalities, I came home and entered an empty, sad apartment.

First of all, I found out the address of the disabled home where my mother lived, and went to her.

Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Only my mother’s legs failed, she could talk and sit. When she saw me, she burst into tears with happiness, and then she began to ask me for forgiveness for my broken fate for depriving me of my childhood.

The mother explained that she showed weakness of character and could not accept the death of her father, because she loved him more than life.

I promised that the time would come, and I would take her home, and maybe she could recover. My mother thanked me for my concern, but told me not to put such a burden on myself. She’s fine here, and it’s enough for me to visit her from time to time.

I did not contradict my mother, but I set myself a goal in life. Two years later, I graduated from an agricultural college, I had grandiose plans for the future.

Since my grandmother’s house was empty for a long time, I decided to sell an apartment in the city and move to the village with my mother. I have always been attracted to rural life.

After selling the apartment, I went to the village. I didn’t tell my mom about my plans, I wanted to surprise her. I got a job as an agronomist at a local collective farm, made repairs in the house, and after buying a wheelchair, I went to get my mother.

All the way home, Mom cried all the time. After all, she no longer hoped to ever get out of the gloomy hospital.

I had to work, so I hired a female companion for my mother to take care of her. Grandmother herbalist lived next door to us. As soon as she found out about her mother’s illness, she immediately came to us. After examining the mother, the woman said that she would try to put her on her feet.

Six months later, my mother began to take the first, uncertain steps. Soon, as promised by a neighbor, she got to her feet, of course her mother walked with a wand, and slowly, but it’s better than being confined to a wheelchair.

Soon I married a beautiful girl, and we had twins, sons. Finally, happiness and joy returned to our family. My mother began to laugh merrily again, as she once did in my distant childhood.


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