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The Ugly Duckling

Pavel held a good managerial position in a large company. His family owned a large block of shares. Working at the firm was a family affair.

Pavel’s father Georgy Alexandrovich once said that everything in his family is painted and planned for many years ahead. Therefore, Pavel had not yet had time to be born, and he had already been booked a seat on the board of directors.

He lived in a large and beautiful mansion resembling a real palace. However, he had the most disgusting character.

– With all your obvious advantages, you just have a terrible character. – his older brother Anatoly told Pavel.

– Oh, oh. Not everyone can be as perfect as some.

Anatoly was married for the second time. He had children from his first marriage. He lived separately and was considered a favorite son in the Vorontsov dynasty.

Anatoly has been smart since childhood and prudent beyond his years. Pavel, on the other hand, was a buffoon, a frivolous and spoiled man with money.

– When will you finally come to your senses? Georgy Alexandrovich asked him.

“I’m fine with that anyway. To this, Pavel’s father only shook his head in disappointment.

– I wonder at what stage of your life are you all right: when did you make the whole office walk around in underwear? Anatoly asked him.

– And what? It was a lingerie party.

– Well, yes, it was especially relevant when a delegation from Japan came to us. – Anatoly’s wife Irina agreed.

– no. Probably, everything was OK when you and your friends decided to repaint the snow-white Cadillac of our business partner Evgeny Valentinovich in LGBT colors overnight? Anatoly persisted.

– And what? Great color. It turned out to be fun. White is somehow boring and banal.

– Ahah. It was a collectible model. A rarity. Oh, you. What do you call yourself there? Loki? The god of practical jokes, fun and deception? God is the same to me,” Irina said and gave Pavel a light slap on the back of the head.

– But, but. I am an inviolable person.

– You’re a big kid. – Anatoly said.

– I’m Loki.

The next day Pavel woke up from light pats on the cheek.

– Wake up. Good morning, Sonya. – Anatoly woke me up.

– What happened? Why are you waking me up so early? Be a man, let me sleep.

– I’m waking you up to remind you. Do you know what day it is today?

– Yesterday was Tuesday. It is logical to assume that today is Wednesday.

– Don’t be clownish. Today is the birthday of Elena, the daughter of Nikolai Egorovich. I remind you that this is a serious business partner of our company. He has been cooperating with us for many years. And your dad also wants you to marry Elena and then our families will become even closer. This is a great option for you.

– Blah, blah, blah. Has anyone asked me? Maybe I don’t like her at all? Maybe I’m not going to get married at all?!

– Elena is a wonderful person. Clever, beautiful and with a million-dollar dowry. What the doctor ordered.

– Well, of course.

– That’s not what I wanted to say. I know you, promise that you will behave decently and not throw out some next number? Wouldn’t want to blush for you?

– At the moment there are no ideas. But I’m not fully awake yet? And I can’t guarantee that nothing will come to my mind after lunch. Pavel winked playfully at his brother.

Anatoly just rolled his eyes at this and slapped his forehead with his hand.

– In the evening you are expected at a gala reception. Please behave yourself.

After lunch, Pavel sat in his office in a large leather armchair and thoughtfully leaned a pencil against his nose. His friend and personal assistant Andrey was sitting next to him at the table. With him, they always came up with all the jokes and scenarios that put other people in an awkward position.

– Can order a giant cake. At the crucial moment, will you get out of it and shoot the guests with chocolate from a special cannon? Chocolate will look especially impressive on white leather sofas and clothes. – Andrey offered Pavel.

– Not a bad option. But this, in my opinion, has already happened somewhere. Not original.

– What about a rain of black paint for the guests?

– no. It was the year before last. Not relevant.

– Maybe the birthday girl will fall into the cake or the cake on her? And then everyone will then start throwing cakes at each other?

– Great. But not original. It was the same, but about four years ago.

– You can repeat it.

– I don’t like to repeat myself. This time we need something different.

Pavel looked out the window and saw a parking lot where there were many cars.

– I came up with it, I came up with it. Get ready, let’s go to the biker bar.

– Wow. Did you come up with something so quickly?! Great. I’m already looking forward to it.

A few minutes later they were racing to the nearest biker bar. At the entrance to it stood a bearded big man. His whole body was covered with tattoos. There was a bandana on his head.

– Hey. Where are you going? – the big man stopped two well-dressed and clean-shaven young men.

– To the bar to freshen up. And Pavel took out several banknotes, stuffing them into the pocket of the guard’s leather jacket.
Once inside, Pavel began to look carefully around.

– What are we looking for here? Andrey asked, perplexed.

Pavel saw a pretty long-haired blonde, thickly covered with tattoos and piercings. She was sitting at the bar, leaning on her elbow and twirling a glass of alcohol with her fingers.

– Her. She’s what you need. – with these words, Pavel came closer and sat down next to the girl. – hello.

The girl looked attentively at the young man in an expensive suit.

– What do you need?

– Do you have a motorcycle?

– Well, is there? What do you want?

– Do you want to earn money?

– I’m listening. – the girl turned in the direction of Pavel. And he told her his next crazy idea.

– I agree. You’re a funny guy.

– Okay. Then come to this address at exactly 10 pm. I’ll be waiting. – and Pavel wrote his contacts and his number on a piece of paper.

In the evening, many guests gathered at Elena’s house. Famous personalities were invited, including politicians, show business stars and other wealthy people dealing with her father’s business.

Each of them arrived by private vehicle, which he parked near the entrance.
The number of expensive cars was amazing. The ladies were wearing exclusive designer dresses.

Men – in tuxedos and just beautiful and expensive suits.

The event was held on a huge veranda decorated with ribbons and fresh flowers. Waiters walked around the territory, kindly offering guests glasses of champagne and small snacks. The tables were bursting with delicious dishes.

Not far from the large pool there was a bookcase on wheels with a huge multi-tiered cake. He was supposed to be taken out almost at the very end of the event. Elena was dressed in a beautiful and elegant dress. She accepted the congratulations of the guests and tried to politely pay attention to each of those present.

– Where is my ragamuffin? Georgy Alexandrovich asked Anton.

– I don’t know, Dad. He was supposed to come. I told him how important it was. Anton agreed.

– Then why is he late?

At that very moment, the roar of motorcycles was heard. The guests turned around and saw two motorcyclists who decided to take a ride on all the cars parked near the house. They jumped up and down, not sparing the windshields, hood and body of expensive vehicles.

Under the frightened screams of the guests, they rode through the cars and triumphantly drove onto the terrace. Then, one motorcyclist stopped near the tables, and the second one jumped forward. He turned on the gas, grabbed the bookcase by the handle, rolled the cake behind him and deliberately dropped it into the pool.

Elena stood in confusion and watched her giant dessert sink, leaving white traces of air and light cream on the water.

– Hi, everyone. – the motorcyclist drove closer to the birthday girl, stopped and got off him.

– A. It’s you? I knew you’d ruin it again.

It was Pavel, who was approached by a pretty biker on a motorcycle. She put her arm around his shoulders and looked at Elena carefully.

– It’s me. And this is my girlfriend. And, by the way, this bike is a gift. I’m giving it to you.

Elena looked at the motorcycle on which Pavel had arrived. He was wearing a congratulatory ribbon with a bow.

– Yes, shove it you know where? Ruined the whole holiday for me. What kind of person are you? It’s my birthday. Run away from him, my dear, before it’s too late. – Elena said and went back to the guests.

– Was it a birthday? Why didn’t you tell me? You said we’d just take a ride in the cars of the rich and have fun. But he didn’t mention anything about the girl’s birthday. You know, you’re a pig. – the biker suddenly said.

– All right. I paid you. Why should I go into details? I took the money, I did the job, well, get into the ditch from where I crawled out. Pavel said to her, looking into her eyes.

– Fuck you. – the biker took money out of her pocket, tore it into small pieces and threw it in Pavel’s face, got on the bike and left.

– It looks like you don’t have a girlfriend now. Andrey, who was standing next to him, quipped.

– Fuck you all. – Pavel headed for the exit, where his angry father was waiting for him.

“You’ve outdone yourself this time. Bravo. – he said and continued to swear already using obscene language.

But only Pavel hardly listened to him. He couldn’t forget the biker’s face.

– Look how correct and touchy we are. Don’t you have to put money in my face like that?! Cheeky girl.

– So that’s it. Your prank goes beyond all bounds. You’ve ruined so many expensive cars that even with all my desire I can’t make amends for your guilt. But I have a good idea.

“Come on, Dad. But I overreacted.

– So that’s it. To fix the situation, all the cars that you have ruined will be repaired manually. And until you do this job, you can not come to my eyes.

“That’s crazy.

– Not nonsense. And rest assured, I will make sure that you personally do everything. Maybe work will make a man out of you, finally.

Having reconciled with his father and publicly apologized to Elena, Pavel got into the car and drove home. The next day, accompanied by two security guards, he went to the auto repair shop, which his father called him.

Entering there, Pavel grimaced at how unpleasant it smelled there. There was engine oil, dirt, rubber everywhere and rusty parts and tools were lying around. It was a huge garage with lifts and pits.

Pavel came closer and approached a man who was picking under the hood of a beautiful red Jeep.

– Hey, hey. I need Joe,” he read the name from a piece of paper his father had written him.

– There. – the man pointed with his hand in the direction of the next pit, on top of which there was an almost new convertible. Pavel came closer and squatted down.

– Hey, there, in the pit. I need Joe. And what was his surprise when his yesterday’s acquaintance came up to him.

– Well, I’m Joe. Why are you shouting? – That’s a twist. I thought Joe was a man.

– Joe is short for Joanna. And I thought you were a man until yesterday, too. The men working nearby laughed.

– So his Joe. Do this daddy’s boy.

– Hey, stop it. I’ve already realized that you’re still a pain in the ass. My father should have called you and explained the situation.

– You’re the pain in my ass. Because I’m going to have to mess with you. Yes. I got a call. And if you’re ready, you can start right now. And change your clothes. Or are you going to do repairs in your suit?

– I only have a designer tracksuit. Here I can put it on.

– Designer suit. – Hey, Sanya, give him some kind of robe, otherwise this little white girl will get her girly clothes dirty. Loud male laughter rang out.

– Yes, you have a sharp tongue. Pavel thought to himself and went to change clothes.

– Hey, Snow White, are you ready? We don’t have much time. Let’s start by leveling the dents on this car. Now I’ll show you how to do it.

– Stop embarrassing me. I’m coming already. Go ahead, show me.

– Don’t you like it? And what? Only you can humiliate and shame people?

– I’m having fun and I’m not embarrassing anyone.

– Well, well. That’s why you’re here. Okay, princess, let’s get this thing over here. The dents are shallow. You will need a hammer, hooks and a few more tools. First, we will clean and level everything.

– I see. Goodbye to my manicure and well-groomed skin of my hands.

From that moment, Pavel’s work in the repair shop began. During this time, he periodically cut his fingers, broke his nails, smeared himself in engine oil, fuel oil. At first, it was difficult for him to deal with all the repair work. But most of all he was annoyed by the fact that he had to do all this himself. Under other circumstances, he would have easily delegated his authority to someone else. But his obligations to his father forced him to go to the end. Besides, this cheeky girl hooked him with something.

A month has passed.

“Hey, Princess, you’re making progress. You are already masterfully performing repairs, straightening dents and polishing. Maybe when your correctional work is over, I’ll take you on staff.

– Oh, how witty. Joanna laughed.

Pavel approached the girl and saw her fiddling with an old but very beautiful motorcycle.

“What’s that?”

– This is my brother’s bike. He died a few years ago. But this is still a piece of metal that is old and faulty. I dream of restoring it, but so far there is absolutely no time for this. – with these words, she covered the bike with a tarp.

– I’m sorry for my brother.

– Nothing is normal. Catch a jacket, let’s go eat.

“I’ll eat anything from your hands, baby.”

– Don’t even dream about it. Go sit down soon.

They got on a bike, stopped at a gas station, took food with them and drove out of town. Pavel sat in the back and held tight to Joe’s waist.

– How extraordinary she is. The young man thought to himself. – The real one. Cheeky. And not a crook, like many of my girls.

– Hey, don’t get carried away. Put your hands back where they were.

– I’m sorry.

The young people came to a small lake. They leaned on the motorcycle and began to eat sandwiches bought at the gas station.

– I love this place. It’s quiet and beautiful here.

– It’s really beautiful. And you’re very beautiful.

– So. Enough. Let’s go back. I don’t need your stuff.

A few more weeks passed. Pavel has almost got used to his new occupation. The work was in full swing. And in the evenings he stayed in the workshop, referring to urgent personal matters. A month later, Pavel’s father came to see how everything was going with him.

– Hey, Princess, we’ve come to see you.

– I see you’ve almost merged with the local masters here. – said the father of his son, patting him on the shoulder.

– Yeah.

– I think your punishment can be considered over. You did a good job, fixed a lot of things. And I hope that I have learned a useful lesson. – How already? I’d love to stay some more.

– That’s enough. Change your clothes, I’m releasing you from your punishment. Let’s go home.

– OK. The guy quickly changed his clothes and went out. All the employees of the workshop came out to meet him. Jo was with them.

– Thank you for everything. And I almost forgot. Joe, I have a gift for you. – Pavel lifted the tarpaulin under which her brother’s motorcycle was standing.

– Look, I fixed it for you myself. – with these words, he started the bike.

– So that’s because of what personal matter you stayed every night?!

– That’s it. Pavel winked at the girl.

– thanks. Jo ran up to the guy and hugged him tightly.

– Oh, my hands are in oil, I’m going to get your expensive suit dirty.

– Nothing. I’ll buy myself a new one. with these words, he turned the girl around and kissed her passionately.


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