Indifferent people

He caught my eye not far from the traffic light. A gloomy, not childishly serious face, a tired lifeless look, dirty shabby clothes. And around the pre-holiday bustle and crowds of indifferent passers-by with bags full of gifts, alcohol and food. Without thinking twice, I turned around, stopped the car at the hypermarket and quietly …

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Rich beautiful woman

The fate of a woman: The Road of life

Anya immediately realized that her life would never be the same again. She sat down on the bed in the empty apartment, and sobbed. Less than an hour has passed since she saw off her closest and dearest relatives at the airport – her mother, sister and brother. Fate decreed that they had to go …

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Parents are old and elderly

Old parents

– And why did you come, – Alyona recoiled, looking around so that no one would see her in such a company, – she asked how many times. The girl told everyone that she lives with her grandparents, and her parents are military, so no one has ever seen them. – Alyonushka, my dad and …

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An elderly couple. Grandmother and grandfather

The most expensive beads

On weekends we often visit relatives in the village. And then one day our good friend asked for a ride to her mother. An elderly woman was returning home, and we were on our way. Of course, we gladly agreed. They were supposed to leave early in the morning, and about six o’clock Natalia Alexandrovna …

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Lonely grandfather

I really want to go home son

Nikolayevich took out a stool on the balcony, sat down and smoked several cigarettes in a row. The old man’s hands were shaking from resentment, tears welled up in his eyes. Did this happen to him? He lived all his life for children, loved them, refused nothing. But now, it turns out, no one needs …

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Cute handsome boy

A gift for Mom

– Mom fell fast asleep. If only not to wake up! Otherwise there will be a scandal. Moving on tiptoe, the child approached his small sofa and, trying not to creak, carefully lay down. This sofa was given to Temka by neighbors when they started repairs and decided to change all the furniture. However, it …

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