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Who needs you?

The rattling alarm clock did not wake Luda up. By this time, she was already lying with her eyes wide open, having long been accustomed to waking up at this time without any alarm clock. She wound it up every evening out of habit, performing this action mechanically, like everything else. The woman swung her …

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Fellow travelers

Varya came to the village to visit her grandmother. She hasn’t been here for a long time. Grandma was waiting for her very much, and Varya herself wanted to visit her. But there was one big problem. Grandma’s village was seven kilometers from the village. There were buses to the village, but you had to …

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– Are you kidding? Nikita was amazed, “how can this be?” You’re only twenty-one years old! And why didn’t you say anything before?! Alla clung to her husband, faithfully looked into his eyes: – I was afraid that you would stop loving me and change your mind about getting married.… – And now? What are …

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I couldn’t resist cheating on my beloved husband in a fit of passion

I really appreciate my husband’s love for me and therefore surround him with my tenderness and care. We live soul to soul and everyone around loves our family. I think she’s the best in the world. I love my husband Sergei very much, and he loves me very much… Time passed. Sergei had a good …

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Escape to a happy life

Masha was packing her bag in a hurry. She had to get there before her mother returned. For sure, she will be drunk, but even in this state she will be able to prevent Masha from carrying out her plans. As long as Masha could remember, her mother had been drinking all the time. The …

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Get married, son! Since the girl is pregnant with your child

– Nastya, are you kidding? I thought we were getting married. I was going to propose to you. We loved each other… Nikolai said in confusion. – Kolya, I’m sorry, but this is life! It happens that way. It wasn’t love, you know?! It’s just a crush that’s gone. I don’t want to deceive you, …

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