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My boss

The boss was clearly furious. Ira realized this as soon as she entered his office.

– Called? She asked excitedly and sat down on a chair near his desk.

“Yes!” the boss said curtly, restraining himself so as not to scream. Then he took a stack of some photos and threw them under her nose. – Take a look, Irina Alexandrovna, at this outrage that I found on the net! Do you happen to recognize the woman in the photos?

Ira, of course, immediately recognized her photos from twenty years ago, in which she was captured on the beach in a bikini.

– Yes, I’ll find out… She nodded, smiling shyly. – It’s me. But that was so long ago…

– Oh, is that you? – The boss even gritted his teeth. – Do you, the deputy general boss of a strategic enterprise, take pictures in this form and post your images on the Internet? Is this, from your point of view, normal?

“It wasn’t me who posted them,” Ira said meekly. And I’m telling you, the photos were taken a long time ago, almost twenty years ago. Young people all like to be photographed like that.

– What’s the difference – when did you make them?! – The boss looked at his deputy with a heavy look. – Do you understand what they will think about me at the top when they find out that my deputy is engaged in such nonsense?

– But it wasn’t me who posted it, but my daughter! – Irina tried to justify herself again.

– Whose daughter?

– Mine.

– Here. Your daughter, not mine. People will say that you are, instead. to do business, you engage in narcissism! I’ve been reading on the Internet here – female narcissism is, by the way, a personality disorder in which women cannot adequately assess themselves, show excessive narcissism, pride and arrogance. And you – at the same time – are the deputy boss. You are my deputy! Can you imagine what we’ve gotten ourselves into? You admire your body, and I, therefore, encourage it, and maybe even secretly admire you too? It’s a scandal! This…

– I didn’t know that you would dig so deep… Irina said in confusion. – My daughter, just posted these photos on her social network page so that people could compare our bodies.

“Whose are yours?”

– Our daughter and I. Here she is, in this photo. – Irina pointed her finger at one of the pictures.

– So this is your daughter? – the boss said in surprise. – Strange…

– That’s weird.

– I thought it was you too…

– No, it’s my daughter.

– Are you really so similar?

– Very much, – said Ira proudly. – Whose photos did you like more – mine or my daughter’s?

– Yours… Stop! – The boss came to his senses. – Stop confusing me! What do you mean, whose photo do you like? My deputy has no right to flash a woman’s body anywhere!

– So you didn’t like it…

– Stop talking nonsense.

– And your wife liked it. She liked these photos. But she has a great figure herself. And yours, by the way, too.

– what? – The boss stared at Irina, not understanding what she was talking about.

– I say, I liked your photo with a naked torso too.

– Shut up!!! – Irina thought that the boss was going to explode with anger. – Irina Alexandrovna! What do you allow yourself?! How can you?! What are you talking about now!?

– About your photo, where you are young, in a thong. – I also liked you.

– Where did you put it? When did you put it on?

– It’s been a long time. Don’t worry so much. I’ll show you now. Don’t you ever visit your daughter’s social networks?

– What daughter again?

– Yours, of course. You know that our daughters are subscribed to each other. So they brag about photos of their parents in their youth. They have such jokes. They’re having so much fun…

Irina took out her mobile phone, and a minute later the boss saw his photo, where he, young and tanned, in fashionable tight swimming trunks, was standing with his wife on the sea beach.

– Who?!! Who posted this on the Internet?! – finally, the boss yelled.

“I told you, your daughter,” Irina shrugged. – When I saw your photo, I thought, so my photos can also be shown. By the way, have you seen any photos of our minister?

– The minister? – the boss was wary. – Who’s the minister?

– Our, our. Now you can find this on the Internet!.. You go to the page of the minister’s daughter, and immediately stop being surprised. If you want, I’ll throw you a link.

– Uh-huh… – the boss nodded, completely confused. – I want to…

Irina rummaged in her phone for a few seconds and said:

– All… get… Can I go now?

– Go ahead… Work…

Irina calmly got up and left the office.

And the boss rather reached into his phone.


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