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Nadezhda and Oleg were a happy married couple. They lived like all married couples.

Oleg met Nadia at the institute. She then worked part-time at the department as an assistant, and Oleg had a lesson in this subject. When Nadia came out in a snow-white robe, he was speechless and fell in love at first sight. After class, he found Nadia and invited her to a cafe.

They got to know each other better, had a cup of coffee and then Oleg suggested Nadia to meet. But the girl was forced to refuse. Because she’s already dated a guy from her department. Oleg was upset. He was so in love with Nadia that he was looking for girls like her. But I never found it. Because Nadia was special.

And after a while, when Oleg had already got a job, he decided to go to the cafe where he first invited Nadia on a date. All the tables were occupied, but one seat was vacant near the girl with curly hair.

– Excuse me, is it busy here? Can I sit down?

– Yes, of course. I’m leaving soon. And then Oleg, as if struck by lightning. He recognized the voice. And that curly hair finally belonged to the girl he was looking for all the time.

– Nadia?

– Do we know each other?

– I’m Oleg! Do you remember me? You worked as an assistant at the department.

– Oleg? What a meeting! It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other.

And old acquaintances began to remember the old days. Nadia told me that she broke up with that guy right after graduation. He became disgusted with her, and she said that if she had known that this would happen, it would have been better to accept Oleg’s offer.

And she was working now as a laboratory assistant at the Department of Chemistry. Helps the teacher to conduct various experiments. And Oleg told about himself. That he works as a paramedic in an ambulance. He goes home and saves people’s lives.

While they were talking, old feelings flared up inside Oleg. When Nadia was about to leave, he stopped her and offered to meet. Nadia agreed. So they started dating. We went on dates, held hands, watched a movie in the last row.

And three months later Oleg realized that he wanted to make Nadia his wife. And on one of the dates, he made a marriage proposal to Nadia. Nadia was surprised and shocked. But during this time she fell in love with Oleg, so she could not refuse. She said a firm and confident “Yes!”. So they became husband and wife.

But one day Oleg was waiting for a serious conversation with his wife. He came home late from work, and there was already a suitcase in the hallway.

– What is it? – he asked. – Have you already prepared a suitcase for rest?

– No, Oleg. I’m leaving.

– what?

– I’ve been cheating on you for about two months now, and you haven’t even slept a wink. I’m going to another man who will give me his time and attention.

“You know I’m trying my best. This job…

– That’s the thing, that you are constantly on your trips. You keep working and working. Only for some reason we don’t have any more money in the family.

“And that’s why you cheated on me?”

– yes. But soon I will file for divorce. So goodbye. Nadezhda began dating a chemistry teacher. At first it was easy flirting, and then somehow Nadezhda burst into tears and told about her husband. About how much he works and how little he earns.

– Nadenka, he didn’t deserve you, – said Igor Stepanovich. – You’re so young, you still have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t waste your time on him.

And then Igor Stepanovich proposed to her to get together. So for about two months they secretly met. But realizing that her husband did not notice the betrayal at all, Nadia lost her temper and decided to leave him for Igor.

Nadezhda put on her jacket, took her suitcase and slammed the door, leaving Oleg completely perplexed. He wasn’t a drinking guy. Therefore, the next day I took a couple of days off from work and went to the village to my parents.

In the late afternoon Oleg decided to take a walk around the village. He remembered his childhood. How he played football with the boys, how he helped to carry water from the well, how he planted potatoes in Baba Zina’s garden. It was his youth. And now he has grown up and works as a paramedic in an ambulance, saving people’s lives.

Oleg wanted to return home, but he saw a flash of a figure that reminded him of his first love. Although, wait a minute, this is his very first love. Of course he remembered her. How could he forget his first love?

Dasha was slim, blue-eyed, though she dyed her hair. Oleg remembered her as a blonde, and now she had long brown hair.

– Dasha! Oleg shouted.

The girl turned around and looked at Oleg in surprise. He decided that she didn’t recognize him, so he ran up to her.

– I’m Oleg Polypkin. We went to the same school with you until the seventh grade. And then you moved to the city.

– Really? I’m sorry, but I don’t remember you.

– And if I tell you that I am the same boy who picked flowers for you from your garden? The girl pondered, replaying the events of a long time ago in her head.

– Oleg! Well, that’s right! I remembered where I heard your name. You had a medical internship here once, right? The guy nodded. – I heard it from local grandmothers. Are you still working as a paramedic?

– yes. And how are you? Let me walk you out. Let’s chat a little. After all, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other.

And Dasha said that in high school she had to leave because of her father’s work. He was offered a good position in the city, so the family moved there. Dasha had a younger sister.

Yes, that’s just the trouble happened. When Dasha was in the 2nd year, her parents got into an accident and died. Dasha had to become a guardian for her younger sister so that she would not be taken to an orphanage.

Dasha did not finish college, she returned back to the village, because they rented an apartment in the city, for which there was nothing to pay. Now Dasha worked as a waitress in the city, and neighbors help with her sister.

– Why don’t you come in for tea?

Oleg agreed with pleasure. Over a cup of tea, they remembered their youth, school years and some classmates. Then Oleg couldn’t stand it and told Dasha everything about his wife and the divorce. At parting Oleg could not restrain himself and passionately kissed Dasha. The girl pushed him away, but then an invisible force connected them. Oleg spent the rest of the night with Dasha.

– You know, you’re my first love.

– Really?

– Yeah. I fell in love as soon as I saw you. By the way, where’s your sister?

– She stayed with the Vorobyovs today. Their granddaughter came to them, Sasha, so she plays with her. There are few children left in the village now. Mostly only grandchildren come. And the Polka really wants to play with the kids.

And then Oleg offered to move in with him. He will divorce his wife anyway, and the apartment is entirely his. Dasha was delighted. Now she will get closer to work. Dasha hasn’t said anything to her sister yet. She decided to move things first, and then tell her sister about everything.

Oleg and Dasha returned to the apartment. Only there was a surprise waiting for them. Oleg’s wife came out into the corridor. As it turned out, Igor Stepanovich did not want a serious relationship. He was married himself, and Nadia was a simple entertainment for him. Therefore, when she joyfully called him, he explained everything to her and asked her to return to her husband, since everything was over between them, and he was not going to meet Nadia anymore.

– Olejik, you’ve finally arrived…

– Nadia?

“Who else is this?” So this is how you spend your weekends while I work for the family.

– What are you talking about? You were going to file for divorce.

– I brought myself a passion here! Well, get out!

– Don’t listen to her, Dash.

– Oleg, did you deceive me? Are you still with her?

“Of course he’s with me, honey. I am his lawful wife!

Dasha ran out of the apartment in tears. Oleg did not have time to follow her, because Nadia quickly closed the door.

– What are you doing? – Olejik! – Nadia rushed to her husband’s knees. – I’m sorry, sinful! I don’t know what came over me. Let’s start all over again, with a clean slate.

“It’s over between us. And I will divorce you.

Oleg pushed Nadezhda away and ran downstairs. But Dasha was nowhere to be found. Oleg called her, but Dasha didn’t answer anymore.

A year has passed. Oleg divorced Nadia. She went to live with her mom because her lover left her. Oleg repeatedly tried to call Dasha, but there was no sign of her. Until one day Oleg was called to an elderly lady with high blood pressure.

His team arrived on time and, fortunately, everything was fine with Grandma. Oleg’s team was about to leave when he heard a child crying.

– Guys, wait a second. There’s a baby crying. Oleg ran up to the girl.

– What happened?

– I fell off the swing. And now my arm hurts. Oleg examined the girl.

– Where are your parents? – I don’t have parents. My older sister looks after me.

– And where is yours… But then Oleg already heard a familiar voice:

– Polina! What happened? You…

Dasha dropped the bags from her hands when she saw Oleg. He calmly explained to her what had happened. Polina said that she herself ran away from Dasha when she was in the store to swing on the swing for five minutes.

– She may have a fracture. I’ll take her to the emergency room. I have friends there, so she can be accepted without waiting in line.

– OK. Just write down the address of the hospital, and I’ll get the documents.

Oleg took Dasha’s sister to the emergency room. He called his friend and he accepted Polina. The girl was put in a cast and given general recommendations. Dasha arrived when everything was ready.

– Thank you, Oleg, for your help. We’ll go.

– Dash, wait. We need to talk. Everything that happened then was a misunderstanding. She really left me. Her boyfriend just kicked her out. So she crawled to me. And I only love you.

– Oleg, a year has passed and…

– I divorced her. We have nothing else in common. Please forgive me.

But there was no need for forgiveness. The girl rushed to hug Oleg with tears. She held him as tightly as she could. After all, she herself loved him with all her heart and missed him very much.

Another year has passed. Oleg and Dasha got married. They had a beautiful son, who was named Misha. Dasha graduated from culinary courses and is now engaged in the sale of desserts.

No one else has heard about Nadia. Maybe she has changed and found her happiness. But what we know for sure is that the Polypkin family is the happiest family…


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