Night city


Angelica is a fragile young woman with lush and curly hair. She has snow-white skin and sky-blue eyes. She was unlike the others. Thoughtful, inquisitive and well-read. I always enjoyed the rays of the sun, butterflies, birds. I noticed a rainbow in the dew drops. She loved flowers. I often watched the clouds. In a word, she looked at everything through rose-colored glasses.

– You’re acting like a big kid. – You rejoice in every blade of grass. We need to come back to reality at least sometimes. Life will pass, and you won’t even notice. – her mother always told her.

– She’s weird. It feels like it’s always floating in the clouds. An eccentric, the neighbors said.

All these words meant nothing to Angelica. She just laughed in response.

– Honey, sit down. – the editor who called her to his office once told her, – You haven’t written anything interesting for a long time. What is the problem?

– Vladimir Georgievich, I have no inspiration. I would love to write something, but lately I can’t squeeze out a single line.

– That’s bad, honey. Come up with something. Go to a beautiful place. I’m not interested in where you’re going or what you’re going to do. The main thing is the result.

– OK. I’ll do as you say.

– I’m not rushing you. I love my authors. I know it’s hard to write without inspiration. But… if you want to become a full-time writer, please do the work for which you are paid money.

– Of course, Vladimir Georgievich. I’ll do everything. Don’t even worry.

– I’m not worried. You’re a talented author. But you need to follow the rules. Just a reminder. And so… There will always be people willing to take your place. I’ll give you two weeks. If you don’t have time, I’ll fire you to hell.

– Understood.

– Free.

On the way home, Angelica reflected on the words of the editor.

– Hi, friend. How are you? Where are you disappearing? a dark–haired young woman asked her.

– Hello, Milana. I’m all good. Again, the editor demands a new love novel. He said I needed to go somewhere for inspiration. Now I’m thinking.

– Wow. It’s great that I met you. I just have two trips to a wonderful place. I can’t go by myself. Take your sister and go. Everything is paid for.

– Great news. Where to go? When? And, most importantly, how much money I owe you. I can’t afford an expensive trip at the moment.

– You don’t owe me anything. My Zhorik paid for all this, but his affairs do not allow him to go.

– It’s great to have such a lover. I envy you with white envy. Angelica said to this and threw herself on Milana’s neck.

– Take it easy. You’ll strangle me. And you will have to fly to the western part of Georgia – Samegrelo. There is a small village of Mukhuri, where there is a health and wellness complex. That’s where you need to go. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything and write.

– Thank you.

– There are beautiful places there. The village is located at an altitude of 560 m above sea level. Beautiful mountain air. Wildlife. The river. You’ll have a great rest. Just promise me that you will call the heroine of your new novel by my name.

– Yes, of course.

Inspired by the news, Angelica immediately told her sister and mother about everything.

– Honey, I would love to go with you. But no one will give me a vacation right now. You’ll have to admire the mountainous terrain without me. Angelica’s sister said sadly.

– Bad. It’s kind of scary to go by myself.

– Have you seen enough of the “Caucasian Captive” and are you afraid that you will be stolen?

– Maybe.

– Stop it. What century do you live in? No one steals anyone anymore. Unless the girls themselves are now preying on boys. both sisters laughed.

A few days later, Angelica packed her bags and went to the airport. First she flew to Tbilisi, and from there she took a bus.

– That’s a beauty. Angelica thought to herself and carefully looked around.

After a while, the bus arrived at the territory of the medical and wellness complex. There were many separate buildings and small houses with beautiful openwork fences. Angelica put down her suitcases and stood for a long time looking around.

– Have you just arrived? “What is it?” asked a short young woman who came up to her. – Follow me, I’ll show you your soon-to-be home.

Angelica followed her. At the same time, she looked around and curiously examined the territory of the complex. She was placed in a small house with wooden trim and a beautiful staircase.

– Here’s your key. However, no one locks the doors here. Amenities in the yard. You will eat there. – and the woman showed Angelica a small house, not at all like a dining room.

– Is there any entertainment here?

– yes. Horseback riding, swimming in spring and mountain water. You can fish. We have trout. If you catch something, bring it. I will be happy to prepare an amazingly delicious fish dish for you. There is also a sauna, sports grounds, a water park.

– No. Fishing and walking in the fresh air will be enough for me. Thanks.

– You’re welcome. My name is Tamuna. Contact us if you need anything.

Angelica nodded happily.

– Make yourself comfortable. Lunch will be ready very soon. I’ll let you know if you want.

– That would be great. I’m hungry.

Tamuna smiled in response and told Angelica about the horse ride, which was organized by her husband Nugzar. She happily agreed to ride a horse after lunch.

– How nice and friendly they are all here. Angelica thought to herself, licking her lips after a hearty lunch.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the voice of a short Nugzar man.

– The horses are ready. We can move out on the road, if there is a desire.

– With pleasure.

Angelica was ready in a few minutes. It was hot outside. Without thinking twice, she grabbed a swimsuit, insect spray in her bag and put on a light summer dress.

– Wow. You can’t go far in such a dress. You need to wear pants. Nugzar told her. – But if it’s convenient for you, no problem.

Angelica looked around. In front of her is a small group of people. They were all wearing pants or shorts.

– That’s a bummer. I, as usual, distinguished myself. she thought to herself.

Nugzar helped her to mount the horse, gave a short briefing, and a group of ten people went for a walk. The horses set off. The riders were childishly happy. Angelica kept up with them.

– We stick together. We are not lagging behind. Nugzar said from time to time.

There was a unique view all around. Picturesque countryside, clean mountain air, singing birds. Such abundance just makes my head spin.

After a half-hour walk, the group began to descend, passing a small mountain village. Angelica looked around, recorded what she saw and fell a little behind the group. She was so carried away that she didn’t see a large metal pin sticking out of the ground. As a result, her horse badly scratched her leg and began to limp.

– Your horse won’t be able to walk soon if you don’t treat her wound. – said a young man who suddenly appeared from the village.

He was a swarthy and tall man of athletic build. He had a light short beard and green eyes. Angelica raised her head and looked away from her writing.

– Excuse me?

– Your horse got hurt. Look how much blood there is. Angelica noticed that her horse’s leg was indeed covered in blood.

– Oh, no. So much blood. – Angelica suddenly turned pale and fainted.

– What is it? – a young Georgian picked up the writer in time and saved her from falling.

After a few minutes, Angelica opened her eyes. She pushed the handsome mountaineer away from her and nervously straightened her upturned dress.

– Thank you for not letting me fall. Since childhood, I can’t stand the sight of blood.

The handsome man smiled a snow-white smile and walked up to the horse.

– The wound needs to be washed. Now. with these words, he took a flask of water from a small travel bag and began to wash off the blood. “You’d better sit down here, or you’ll faint again.” he added.

After washing the wound with water, the man took a shirt out of the bag and tore off the sleeve from it. Then, he bandaged the wound and patted the horse’s thigh.

– Nice horse. He will live. – said the handsome man and turned to the astonished Angelica. – My name is Badri. I live nearby here.

– Thank you, Badri from me and my horse.

– You’re welcome. My parents live in that house over there. If you’re in our area, come in. and he gave Angelica his smile again.

– Absolutely.

Angelica took a horse and went to catch up with her group. At the same time, Nugzar’s son Vasiko was already following her.

– Where have you disappeared? We’ve been looking for you for half an hour.

Angelica once again looked at the handsome Badri.

– Here he is the hero of my novel. I will write my new story about him. Strong. Beautiful. Attentive.

Inspired by the new meeting, Angelica couldn’t wait to start writing a novel. She again lagged behind the group, sat down on a large rock near the river and began to write down her thoughts. Then, Angelica looked at the surface of the water and dipped her hand into the water.

– Br. So cool. You definitely need to swim. – with these words, Angelica looked around, took a swimsuit out of her bag, changed her clothes and began to go into the water.

The water was icy. After getting used to it a little, Angelica swam on. But her body couldn’t cope with the strong mountain current. A split second and the writer was no longer in control of the situation. The force of the river did not allow her to rise and pulled her along. At some point, Angelica began to sink.

– Help me. – she managed to scream and was immediately dragged under the water.

A sharp pop and the fragile body of the writer found itself in strong male hands. When Angelica opened her eyes, Badri’s head bowed in front of her.

– What a restless creature. How many times a day do I have to save you? Angelica smiled faintly.

– Mind you, I saved you twice in one day. But you still haven’t told me your name.

– Angelica.

– Fine. You need to be warmed up urgently. Take my shirt. – with these words, Badri threw her on the shoulders of the writer. You must be hungry. Come on, I’ll introduce you to Mom. She makes the best khachapuri in the world. Angelica nodded. – Don’t worry. Then I’ll take you to the base. You yourself will definitely fall into a pit or run into a snake. I’ll have to save you a third time.

The villagers turned out to be very friendly people. When they saw the guest, they began to call her to their house. Everyone tried to seduce her with delicious food and a warm welcome.

– We have good and kind people. We are always glad to have guests. Badri said to Angelica, who had sunk back into herself and had not spoken a word during their journey.

Looking at the writer, Badri only laughed. They were approaching his parents’ house when an elderly woman with her hands stained with flour came out to meet them.

– Son, we have guests. Why didn’t you warn me? I would have set the table.

– We haven’t entered the village yet, and you already knew about us. Badri smiled.

– That’s right. Our people know everything about everyone. – Come into the house. Don’t stand on the threshold.

Badri’s parents were also pleasant and hospitable. They fed Angelica, gave her coffee and promised to give churchkhela on the path.

– Thank you for the warm welcome. I really liked it here. It’s a little stuffy, I’ll go outside. Ok?

– of course. And Badri will help me clear the table. his mother said in a pleasant voice.

Angelica went out into the yard. I saw ripe grapes. She came closer and began to pinch off one berry at a time.

– Non-native, did Badri bring you? – said a girl with jet-black hair gathered in a long braid who came up to Angelica.

– Are you talking to me?

– You. I am Cira, the bride of Badri. Don’t touch him. He is mine. Get back to your base and don’t show up here anymore. Otherwise, you will not be well. – she said and disappeared behind a high fence when she heard the voice of a handsome Georgian.

– Oh, that’s it?! – Angelica went out of the gate and went down the road.

There she met an elderly man on a tractor who offered her a lift. Half an hour later, she was already at the complex. When Badri came out, his guest disappeared.

The next day he met her again on the river. This time she was going fishing with a group. Angelica tried to throw her fishing rod into the water, but her fishing line got very tangled. She tried to untangle it, but nothing worked. A few awkward movements and the skirt caught on the tip of the hook.

– Got you, fish? I see you need saving again. This time from myself. Badri said and laughed.

Angelica wanted to leave quickly, but she was completely confused. The young man helped her.

– Well, I saved you again. Why did you run away so quickly yesterday? I didn’t even have time to see you off.

Angelica looked at him carefully:

– thanks. But we shouldn’t meet anymore. Your girlfriend is against it. Mind your own business.

– I see that Cira has already approached you. But she’s not my girlfriend. For some reason, she wants to think so.

– So she has a reason to think so.

– Don’t pay attention. Who I want to spend my time with, I will be with. Let me show you how to catch a trout.

Badri came up to Angelica, and together they threw a fishing rod. The first fishing ended successfully. Together they caught fish, which they then cooked in the house of a handsome Georgian.

– It’s all very cool, son. But this woman has been coming to us a lot. Look, he’ll break your heart and leave. You don’t think she’s going to stay with you.

– We’ll see, Mom. Maybe he will stay.

After a delicious dinner, Angelica thanked the hosts for their hospitality and went outside to walk down the street. While Badri was talking to his mother, his guest had already gone far away. Suddenly a car pulled up. Two men jumped out of it. They covered her mouth and dragged her into the car by force.

– Sit still and don’t twitch. You were asked not to touch Badri, but you seem to have bad hearing. – said one of the kidnappers and threw a bag over her head.

The second tied up the young woman, and the car drove on. She stopped somewhere over a large cliff. Angelica was pulled out of the car and put almost on the very edge.

– Tourists often disappear. No one will even notice your disappearance. Both kidnappers laughed and removed the bag from the young woman’s head.

– Let her go. – Badri came up to them and said.

As it turned out, a neighbor girl told him about Angelica’s abduction. Upon hearing this, he immediately set off in pursuit. The kidnappers turned out to be Ciri’s own brothers.

– Come on, katso, we just wanted to scare her. Cira asked.

– I’ll talk to you later. Now let me take Angelica to the base. With that, he freed her and took her home. “It seems like I’m getting into the habit of rescuing you.”

– Apparently, yes. Thank you for everything. – and with these words, the lovers kissed.

They spent another week enjoying each other’s company. However, the vacation is over. Angelica was forced to return home. Badri didn’t want to let her go. But it’s hard to leave a free and eternally dreaming writer in the countryside. She got used to the city and didn’t want to stay.

But upon arrival home, she wrote a vivid love story about a strong and brave man who saved the life of a fragile and romantic Slavic beauty. Who knows, maybe one day Angelika will get to Georgia again and see her beloved handsome mountaineer.


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