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Friday has finally arrived. Oleg and Tatiana planned to have a good time. We went straight from the office to the restaurant. And then we continued to relax in a nightclub.

The next day, the man woke up with a sore head, cast a casual glance at the sleeping Tatiana and, yawning, went to the kitchen. On the way, he hooked the table, hit it painfully and began to swear loudly:

– How tired of everything, damn it!

– Honey, what’s wrong? You scared me,” Tatiana said gently.
– I’m terribly thirsty, I feel bad, my head is splitting, – Oleg answered with irritation.

– There’s a mineral water in the fridge, have a drink and bring it to me.

Returning from the kitchen, Oleg handed the unfinished bottle to Tatiana and said he would go home.

– How is that? – the girl said disappointed, – aren’t we going to spend the weekend together?

– I’ll stay some other time. I need a good rest now. Well, come on, bye, don’t be sad, baby, – Oleg waved, winked and quickly disappeared behind the door.
– That scoundrel, – Tatiana muttered resentfully and went to make herself coffee.


Returning home, Oleg lay down on the sofa and instantly fell asleep. I slept almost until the evening and felt much better. I took a bath with pleasure, cooked a simple dinner, and comfortably sat down by the TV. But suddenly the bell rang, the man reached for the phone.

– Yes, Anya, hello! I’m listening.

– Are you at home, my love? I miss you so much, I’m waiting for a call, and you’ve disappeared somewhere,” a sad female voice spoke with a sigh.

– It was a busy week at work. I was terribly tired, I slept all day.

– You know, I want to see you so much! Maybe we can meet today? – the girl in love suggested.
Imagining a Saturday evening in the company of an attractive Anya, the man smiled and gently said:

– Wait, dear, I’ll pick you up in an hour.


The next morning was similar to the previous one. My head hurts again, and I want to be alone again. And next to him again lies a girl sleeping soundly. But this time the man was not visiting, but in his apartment.

– Anyuta, come on, wake up! I need to go urgently, I have things to do.

– So it’s Sunday today. I thought we’d be together all day,” Anya replied, disappointed.

– I promised to help my parents. They have been waiting since the very morning. Just don’t get mad. Come on, get ready, I’ve already called you a taxi.
The girl frowned, sighed several times and began to dress reluctantly. When she left, Oleg felt relieved. How good it is to be alone, to spend the whole day in peace and quiet.


On Monday, Oleg woke up with an alarm clock. I did light exercises, took a cool shower, cut sandwiches. It’s time to go to work! He had barely had time to get dressed when the doorbell rang unexpectedly. Strange, very strange. No one usually comes at this time.

Opening the door, the man was surprised to see a lonely little girl. Not believing my eyes, I looked out into the entrance and looked around carefully. No, there was no adult around. But the child is only two years old, no more. There was a large bag next to the girl, there was an envelope on top.

Puzzled by this turn of events, Oleg took a note out of the envelope. “Oleg, this girl is your own daughter Dasha. There are things and documents in the bag. I was admitted to the hospital. There will be a serious examination. If everything goes well, I’ll come back and pick up Dashenka. If not, then take care of her. There’s no one else but you. Doubt it? Do a DNA test. Just don’t leave the baby. Lyudmila.”

– Wow! What a surprise! Oleg exclaimed with annoyance and suddenly saw that the girl had disappeared somewhere.

– Hey, where are you? Do you hear me? – the man wanted to rush into the entrance, but noticed tiny children’s shoes at the threshold. While he, confused, stood at the open door, the nimble little girl quickly slipped into the apartment.
Now she has already climbed onto a chair, noticed an open packet of chips on the table.

– You hear, children can’t do that. Mom will find out, she will swear!
– You can! – the little girl confidently declared and crunched with pleasure.

Oleg looked at his watch and realized that he had been late for work for a long time. And where you go, there is no one to leave the child with. After a little thought, the man called the boss and asked for a short vacation. Fortunately, he was released.

Rummaging in the bag, Oleg found a birth certificate. The girl’s name was Petrova Darya Olegovna. The mother was listed Petrova Lyudmila Ivanovna. Instead of the father, there is a dash. Looking at the date and place of birth, the man understood everything. He was on a business trip in this city. And there he had a fleeting affair with a pretty girl Luda. They haven’t called each other since.

Well, now it remains to do a DNA test. Then there will be no doubt. Oleg found the laboratory’s contacts on the Internet, called and arranged everything. The specialists promised to come to the house for the material, and then send the result by courier. The girl was sleeping peacefully on the sofa. The man covered her with a blanket and sat down next to her on a chair.


When the specialists left, the man felt confused. The answer will have to wait for three whole days! I didn’t want to go to the police yet. But if the child is not his, what will he then tell the police? “Okay, it’ll work out somehow. I’ll tell you everything as it is, show you the documents, a note and a negative test. And then let them figure it out for themselves.”

Oleg was distracted from his heavy thoughts by a sonorous child’s voice. Hungry Dasha asked to eat.

– What am I going to treat you to? The refrigerator is empty. Do you want to go to the store?

– Yes! – the little girl screamed loudly and ran to the door.
Oleg bought a lot of goodies in the nearest supermarket, and then took Dashenka to the children’s goods department.

– Choose a toy for yourself, whatever you want!
The girl laughed happily and reached for the funny teddy bear.

Evening came. Tired of the day’s bustle, the girl hugged the new toy tightly and fell asleep. Oleg carefully looked at her face, remembered his childhood photos and thought that there really was a similarity. “Okay, enough guessing. I’ll find out soon enough, it’s already too late, it’s time to go to bed.”


The next day, the baby got bored, and Oleg took her to the park. New vivid impressions delighted the child. Oleg suddenly felt happier than ever. As it turns out, it’s fun to go for a walk with children!

Returning home, Oleg met a neighbor. He was also walking with a child. The boy was Dasha’s age. The men stopped to talk, the children also talked to each other.

– This is my dad, – the boy proudly declared and pointed at his father.

– And this is my dad, – Dasha replied and hugged Oleg tightly by the knees.
Oleg smiled, picked up the baby in his arms and, slowly, went home. My heart was very pleased that the child called him dad.


On Wednesday, Oleg began calling hospitals in the hope of finding Petrova Lyudmila Ivanovna. But everywhere he was told that such a patient had not been admitted to them. The last remaining phone number is the number of the city oncological dispensary. “Probably, the same thing will be said here.” But this time luck smiled. He was told that a woman with that name was indeed undergoing an examination. But they refused to give more detailed information. “Well, I’m going there tomorrow. Then I’ll find out everything!”


He decided not to take the girl with him to the hospital. I called Anya and asked her to babysit for a while. The girl happily agreed. She thought that Oleg was just joking and wanted to invite her to visit in this way. Seeing Dasha, Anya sighed in disappointment. But there was nothing to do – she had already arrived.

– Thanks for helping out, I’ll be there in a couple of hours.


Oleg was informed at the oncological dispensary that the diagnosis was very serious. Returning home, the upset man heard loud swearing.

– Scoundrel, what have you done? I’ll show you how to handle things!
Oleg ran into the room and saw Dasha sobbing. Out of fear, the poor child huddled in a corner and tightly clutched his beloved bear.

– Anya, what’s the matter?

– Can you imagine, this scoundrel got into my purse, broke the mirror and broke the expensive lipstick, – the girl chattered indignantly.

– Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you. Here, take it! I hope that’s enough. Oleg handed the girl a large bill and hurriedly escorted her out of the apartment.


Finally, Friday came. Oleg was looking forward to the test results. When he heard the doorbell, he rushed to open it. But instead of the courier with the document, Lyudmila was standing on the threshold.

– Hello, I’m coming for Dashenka. Thank you for being with her,” the woman said softly.

Her voice was quiet, her face was tired, and her eyes were doomed. Oleg, who already knew about Luda’s serious illness, sighed and took her to his daughter.

– Mommy, Mommy, hello! – the child rejoiced loudly.

– Get ready, daughter. Let’s go home now.

Left alone, Oleg became sad. On the table was a teddy bear that Dasha had forgotten. The girl is with her mother now. Well, that’s the way it should be. But Lyudmila is seriously ill, an expensive operation is required. It is unlikely that an unhappy woman will be able to pay for it. He can’t stay away. I feel sorry for both the child and the mother.
Gloomy thoughts were interrupted by a call. They brought the results of the analysis. With trembling hands, the man tore open the envelope and saw the cherished figures – the probability of paternity is 99.9999%. Oleg didn’t think any more. It’s time to act.

Rushing to the train station, the man frantically rushed in search of Lyudmila and his daughter. No, they couldn’t have left so quickly! Suddenly, a sonorous child ‘s voice was heard behind him:

– Dad! Dad!

He turned around, and his heart jumped with joy – Dashenka was running towards him. Lifting the baby in his arms, the man smiled and said:

– Why did you forget the bear? He is sitting alone now and is very bored.

–A bowl, my bowl,– the girl chirped excitedly.

– Now let’s go to your bear, and don’t leave him anymore!

It was not easy to find the amount necessary for Lyudmila, but Oleg succeeded. The operation was successful, the doctors’ forecasts were encouraging. Treatment in the hospital has not yet ended, and Dasha stayed with Oleg. The father arranged for the girl to go to kindergarten, and he went to work, continuing to pay for expensive medical procedures. After work, I picked up the baby from kindergarten and went to Lyudmila in the hospital. There they chatted a lot and made plans for the future.


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