Boy and puppy

Jump over the rainbow

Little Sasha stood in the door and whined.

– Mom, I want to go for a walk.

– Son, it’s cold and windy outside. Look how the trees outside the window bend to the ground. In such weather, a good owner will let the dog out into the street. And especially now I’m working, I can’t go with you,” Mom said.

– I’m already an adult, I can go alone. You know I’m just going to take a walk in the yard. I promise not to take a step away from him,” Sasha whined.

“All right,” Mom relented. – Just please don’t forget to wear a scarf. You don’t want to get sore throat like last year, do you?

– Already dressed, I ran, – the boy waved his hand.

The elevator didn’t work, Sasha had to run down the stairs from the 11th floor. The howling of the wind could be heard in the entrance. The boy ran to the next house to a childhood friend – Andrey. But no one was home. Sashka remembered that Andrey and his parents were going to visit on the weekend. Another friend Maxim fell ill with the flu, and Leshka was visiting his grandmother.

Sasha felt sad, all his friends had left somewhere. He was loitering around the yard alone. I went to the playground, went for a little ride on the swing, froze and slowly trudged to the house.

A car drove slowly into the yard, a tall man came out and threw a package into the trash can. Sashka did not pay attention to this and was about to pass by, when suddenly a squeak sounded from the trash. At first the boy thought it was his imagination, but the squeak intensified. A curious boy approached the trash can, opened the lid and saw something moving in one of the bags. Without hesitation, he reached out and pulled out a “live” package.

There was a small frozen puppy inside. He was completely frozen and whining softly. Apparently someone had a dog, and in such a brutal way the owners decided to get rid of the puppy.

Sasha unbuttoned his jacket and put the puppy in his bosom. And quickly ran home. The boy understood perfectly well that his mother would not approve of the dog’s appearance in the apartment, but he felt sorry for the puppy.

Mom was on the phone in the kitchen. Sasha quickly slipped into his room, put an old sweater behind the sofa and hid the puppy there. The dog immediately settled in a new place, looking pityingly into the eyes of his savior.

– Baby, just don’t make any noise, otherwise Mom will kick you out into the street. I’ll bring you something to eat now,” Sashka said quietly to the puppy.

– Sasha, have you returned from your walk yet? Why so early? Mom’s surprised voice came from the kitchen.

– Yes, the guys have all left. It’s boring to walk alone and it’s cold.

As soon as mom went to the bathroom, the boy quietly made his way to the kitchen, poured a glass of milk, took a cutlet from the frying pan and stealthily went to his room.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Mom came out with a towel on her head.

“So,” Mom frowned. – This, where are you going with all this stuff?

Out of surprise, Sashka spilled milk on the parquet.

– Yes, I wanted to eat. I decided to watch a cartoon and have a snack at the same time,” the boy began to explain to his mother in a trembling voice.

– Come on, don’t lie. Let’s go to your room. I can already guess that something is wrong here.

Sasha obediently followed his mother. The sweater was lying on the floor, the puppy was not visible. There was a squeak, the boy saw a trembling dog at the battery. There was a shiny puddle nearby.

The woman sighed. Her son was very kind, he could not pass by an abandoned kitten or puppy. The boy brought all the foundlings home. Then they put up ads together, put the animals in good hands.

– Oh, Sanka. Have you brought animals again? – Mom silently looked from the frightened puppy to her son.

– Mommy, it’s so cold outside right now. I saw my uncle get out of the car and throw the puppy out in a cellophane bag. Can you imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t taken it? I promise to take care of him and walk. Let him stay with us until the summer,” Sasha tearfully begged to leave the dog. He had already put the rest of the milk and a plate on the table, intending to go for a floor rag.

– Well, what can I do, don’t kick the poor guy out into the street, – mom waved her hand and went to wash the dishes.

– Thank you, I love you, Mommy, -shouted a joyful Sasha and ran for a rag.

This is how the friendship between Sasha and Ricky was born. The dog quickly recognized the owner in the boy, joyfully greeted him from school. Hearing familiar footsteps on the stairs, the dog began to whine and rush at the door.

Sasha quickly threw the backpack and began to caress his pet. The dog jumped up and down, squealing, trying to lick the boy’s nose.

Time flies fast.

Sasha graduated from high school and entered the institute. Ricky has grown from a clumsy puppy into a large dog, with intelligent eyes and a chocolate-colored coat.

Now Sasha was returning home late, but the dog was patiently waiting for the owner. I lay down in the corridor and listened to the sounds. Marina offered Ricky a walk, took the leash in her hands, but the dog continued to lie down. He walked only with Sasha.

Unfortunately, the years are taking their toll. Sasha got a job, managed to work at the same time, and Ricky was getting old… The dog began to suffer from insomnia, at night he walked around the room, clicking his claws on the parquet.

March has come. Thin streams run along the asphalt, birds sing. The smell of spring awakened forgotten feelings, even in old Ricky.

Sasha was returning home happy. There was the taste of a kiss on his lips. He accompanied his classmate Lena home, near her house they hugged for a long time and gave each other kisses. Lena was Sasha’s first love. They decided to graduate from university, get married and never part with each other again. Sasha specially got a part-time job, saved up money. The young wanted to live together, apart from their parents.

One day Sasha came home late. He was in a good mood. Today Lena introduced him to his parents. And he finally asked them for her hand in marriage. The guy was hurrying home to tell his mom the good news. When he reached the fork, he decided to shorten the path and went through a dark alley.

Meanwhile, three drunk guys quietly appeared from around the corner, they were arguing loudly about something. The guy looked warily in their direction. The drunken company passed by him. Sighing with relief, Sasha continued on his way, but suddenly received a blunt blow in the back. Everything flashed in his eyes, the guy fell face down on the dirty asphalt. The pain in my back was growing by the second. Sasha came to his senses, wanted to get up and saw the drunken grin of one of the guys, who hit him in the stomach with all his might. Followed by a blow to the head. Sasha lost consciousness from the pain.

And at home, quietly dozing while waiting for the owner, Ricky suddenly jumped up and barked loudly. The dog was furiously throwing himself at the door handle. Sasha’s mother was surprised. The old man had never behaved like this before.

– What’s wrong, old man? Do you want to go for a walk? – she turned affectionately to the dog.

Ricky continued to whine and lick the mistress’s hands. Marina was already aged, she sat down on the ottoman and slowly began to put on her boots. Ricky was nervous, hovering around her, as if hurrying her. With his whole appearance, he made it clear that some kind of trouble had happened.

– Yes, be patient, by God, I can’t cope with shoes. You see the lock is stuck,” the woman said sternly.

No sooner had Marina unlocked the door than Ricky rushed outside. She heard him barking in the yard. The dog stood as if listening to the sounds of the street. And suddenly I smelled something, rushed and ran.

– Wait, Ricky, where are you going? – the woman shouted, but he was already gone.

Three scoundrels beat Sasha. All the asphalt was soaked with his blood. The guy was lying, covering his face and stomach with his hands. He had no strength to stand up and fight back against the attackers, he was too weak.

The dog raced forward, pounced on one of the guys from the fly. I grabbed his arm. The guy screamed in pain, trying to pull his hand away, but Ricky did not let go, his fangs penetrated deeper into the skin. The dog held his hand in a death grip. A cry of pain was heard, the attacker howled and began to ask for help.
Two scumbags stopped beating the lifeless body and rushed to help their comrade.

Ricky let go of the guy’s bloody hand and turned around. He was ready to fight. The dog was ready to give his life for the owner. His tense body was boiling with anger, he opened his mouth, baring his fangs and growled menacingly.

“No, Ricky, no, come to me,” Sasha croaked with the last of his strength. He tried to stand up, but couldn’t even move his arm. The guys beat Sasha badly.
One of the attackers slowly pulled a knife out of his pocket. The dog didn’t take his eyes off him. He understood that danger was coming from this man. Ricky growled and lunged at the man with the knife. Everything happened quickly. The dog whined plaintively and fell to the asphalt next to the owner. Thick blood was pouring from his side. The dog twitched and whined in pain. With the last of his strength, he crawled up to the owner and licked his hand.

– What have you done! Damn the scum! Sasha cried out in despair.

He gathered his strength into a fist, got up, found a backpack lying in the mud. The smartphone was broken, the screen showed nothing. The guy automatically dialed the taxi number, wrapped the dog in a blood-soaked jacket and waited for the car to arrive.

The unknown guys disappeared as soon as the knife of one of the scumbags entered the dog’s body. What they needed remained a mystery. They didn’t touch the wallet from the backpack.

Finally, a taxi pulled up. Sasha opened the back door, gritting his teeth in pain, climbed inside with the dog and said: “Hurry up, I beg you, to the veterinary clinic on Turgenev.”

– I’m sorry, of course, you’re a guy, but no. Now the whole salon will be covered in blood. And who will launder it?

An elderly man was about to step on the gas and drive away.

– I don’t mind the money, I’ll pay as much as I need. Help us! Sasha shouted.

– Okay, but please be careful. The taxi driver handed Sasha a rag and asked him to put it on the seats so as not to get dirty.

Less than 20 minutes later, Sasha was standing in the hospital. The air was saturated with the smell of medicines, animal hair and antiseptics. The guy was shaking, he kept his fingers crossed and prayed that the faithful childhood friend would survive.

Finally, voices were heard, a tired doctor came out of the operating unit, slowly removed the mask from his face and wiped his sweaty forehead.

– Well, what about the doctor? Tell me that everything is fine,” Sasha jumped up from the couch. But a sharp pain pierced his back and forced him to sit back down.

– I’m sorry, but you need to see a doctor urgently. And the dog… I did everything I could. He lost too much blood, he could have survived. But age…the heart could not withstand such a load. Do you want to take one last look at him? If necessary, you can be cremated right today.

Sasha covered his face with his hands.

– Don’t get upset, man. The dog gave his life for you. He’s a hero. So what did you decide about cremation?

– I’ll pick him up tomorrow, okay? I can’t watch right now. By the way, thank you very much for everything,” Sasha said quietly.

– Yes, come back tomorrow, – the doctor looked sympathetically after the limping guy.

Sasha did not remember how he got home, he was met by a pale mother, asking for something. But Sasha just waved his hand, said:
Marina immediately realized that something had happened to Ricky. She silently went to the kitchen, dripped a sedative into her son’s glass. The guy drank and fell asleep instantly.

Morning came.

Sasha woke up and immediately remembered that he no longer had a dog. He wanted to cry, but he held on, went to the bathroom, washed his face with cold water and started packing. It was time to go to the veterinary clinic.

There he took one last look at his friend, the doctor carefully wrapped the dog’s body in a special bag. Sasha called a taxi.

The young driver looked suspiciously at the beaten kid coming out of the veterinary clinic, with a shovel and a huge bag in his hands. The guy explained everything to the taxi driver and asked him to take him to the forest. They carefully put the dog’s body in the trunk, put a shovel next to it and slowly drove off.

Sasha headed deeper into the forest. It was hard to dig the ground. Each of his movements was accompanied by excruciating pain in his back and other crippled places. Finally the grave was dug. Sasha carefully pulled Ricky’s body out of the bag, wrapped in a bag. Before burying his friend, he sat down on a log and began to remember all the moments that were associated with him.
Here he saved a puppy from a trash can, here Ricky meets him after school, happily wagging his tail. My eyes filled with tears, a lump rose in my throat. So many good memories were associated with the dog, with his faithful friend who sacrificed his life.

It is not known what could have happened that damned evening if the dog had not come to the rescue. Perhaps Sasha would no longer be alive, drunk scumbags would beat him to death.

They say that dogs don’t die, their soul falls on the rainbow. Sasha sighed and looked at the sky, somewhere up there is now the soul of his dog. He put the bundle with the body in the grave.

– Goodbye my friend, thank you for saving me. I hope the time will come and we will meet,” Sasha said quietly.


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