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She kicked her little daughter out of the house so that she would not interfere with her young lover

On this day, Olya came home from school earlier, but already from the threshold she heard that they had guests in their apartment. For the sake of interest, she looked into the kitchen, but there was no one there. The noise and voices came from my mother’s bedroom. Realizing that this should not be done, Olya still opened the door. From surprise, the young man quickly jumped out of bed and began to get dressed, mom was lying under the blanket and grumbling with displeasure:

– What a child, as if they didn’t teach you to knock. Vitya, don’t be offended next time everything will work out, I will definitely make sure of it. Then we’ll call you be in touch.

All this time Olya was standing in the doorway and did not leave. She realized that she was going to have a serious conversation.

When the young man left, Mom burst out screaming:

– What are you doing?! What kind of person are you?! You walk like a ghost, I need to arrange my personal life and you’re in the way!!! Why is it so early from school? Skipping classes?

The daughter shook her head negatively:

– No, it’s just that the geography teacher got sick, so they let us go. I’m sorry Mom, it won’t happen again…

Olya even started crying and Marina, to calm her down, said:

– Okay, I’m not mad at you, but from now on, knock or don’t come in at all if there are no important questions!

Olya nodded and she went out, sighed with relief, because everything went without a scandal.

She still remembers that terrible day when she found her mother with a man at the most interesting moment. The girl then had a hard time from her mother, she had a lot of trouble for breaking into the room. Olya will never forget this, because her mother punished her with lunch and dinner. It’s all right now, but who knows what will happen if a man comes to the house again.

She hadn’t seen her dad for a long time. Two years ago he went missing. Olenka missed her father very much, and after all, he loved her more than life. I was always interested in how her day went and was very worried when I heard Marina scolding the baby for every little thing. He tried to talk to his wife, but the woman made a scandal accusing her husband and daughter. She screamed that they were not grateful and everything was based on her, and no one appreciated that. Despite the fact that Marina’s husband was officially listed as alive, she had already started breaking bad. From the moment Olga’s father disappeared, her mother took men to the house and each time a new one.

Olya does not believe in her father’s death, she waits every day for her dad to appear and life in their house will change. He will play with her again, love and regret at least and will no longer have to be afraid of mom’s reproaches and punches. Marina allowed herself to do this, so to speak, for the purposes of prevention. My daughter endured because there was virtually no one to intercede for her. The grandmother on the father’s side lived in another city and she was not allowed to come here. The woman longed for her granddaughter, but the daughter-in-law strictly ordered not to appear in her house, that she would not let her on the threshold anyway, and Olenka almost did not know the second grandmother.

The mother always scared her daughter that if she did not obey her mother, she would immediately send her to grandma Nina, and she would teach her how to behave in a moment. Olenka lived with the hope of seeing her father again, and Olya also thought about her grandmother that it would be nice to go to her, and the girl did not know what address. But my mother should have letters that my grandmother wrote regularly, but my mother never allowed Olga to read them herself and hid them securely.

When Olya came home and her mother was not at home there was a note on the table:

“My daughter, I will come soon. I went to see a friend for a while.”

In fact, Marina went on dates and didn’t even have time to cook dinner. Olya had to make sandwiches for herself, because she didn’t know how to cook yet. After a little snack, the girl went to her mother’s bedroom and took out a folder with documents from the bedside table. Among the many papers there were no cherished letters with the address of her grandmother. Olya was so carried away by the search that she did not hear the front door open. Marina went into the bedroom and found Olya near the bedside table:

– What are you doing and who allowed you to rummage through my papers?

The girl shook, but found something to answer:

– I wanted to see my childhood photos and show them to my friend.

Marina took the folder with the documents from her:

“What you’re looking for isn’t here. All the pictures are in the album. I’ll let you see later, but why did your friend need them?

And then Ole had to lie:

– She wants to make history out of them. It’s fashionable now. Okay, I’ll go do my homework.

It seems that the daughter managed to overshadow her mother’s vigilance. In any case, she didn’t guess anything, and she didn’t swear, which meant that the date turned out to be successful with her mother.

On this day, Marina cooked not only the first and second, but even baked a pie, but it turned out to be somehow tasteless, it is immediately clear that mom cooked without a soul. Olya ate without much appetite, but before her mother entered the room, Olya just saw a piece of paper with the phone number of Nina’s grandmother among the papers.

…She had something in her pocket for which she had to risk and lie to her mother, from this mood the girl became much more cheerful. The mother looked sternly at her daughter:

– Olga, why are you smiling like a half-wit? I see you’re in a good mood, go out and clean up the room better, don’t annoy me.

Realizing that jokes are bad, Olya flew out of the kitchen without words, so as not to anger her mother with her presence. Shifting the books on the shelf from place to place, the girl dreamed about the upcoming meeting with her grandmother. It remained to call and arrange a meeting with a loved one.

Olya could not and did not want to endure her mother’s reproaches any more, and after all, it’s not even an hour at all that she will drive her out of the house, as she promises.

..Olya’s vacation has started. After thinking a little, Marina decided to send Olga to her mother. This news upset the girl very much, but she did not dare to contradict, and after all, the mother would still do as she decided. I had to comply so as not to provoke a new scandal.

Olya thought that visiting Baba Vali would feel lonely, and she was afraid of granny like fire. My mother said that Grandma can’t stand children. The mother sowed a lot of fear in her daughter’s soul, with anxiety in her heart, Olya set off, but everything turned out differently.

Having met her granddaughter, an elderly woman thanked her with warm hospitality, it turned out that all the judgments about her tough character were nothing more than a mother’s horror story. Her mother seems to have been talking about her specifically so that Olya would be afraid.

In one of the conversations, the girl confessed to her grandmother that she wanted to find her father. Valentina Petrovna looked at her granddaughter and sighed sadly.

– I myself don’t know what happened to him, like he went to the construction site, so your mother told me. At first I called and wrote a message on the phone, and then everything stopped abruptly.

Noticing a piece of paper in Olya’s hands, Grandma asked:

“What are you hiding there?” Not as a love confession from a classmate,” Grandma smiled good-naturedly.

The girl handed her a crumpled piece of paper.

– I found this in my mother’s documents, – Olya began to cry and wanted to go into the room, but her grandmother stopped her:

– So wait, the name Nina is written here, so it’s your father’s mom. Why do you need her number?

Olya had to confess:

– I thought that grandma knew where my dad was. I’m sorry, but it’s hard to live with mom, she constantly brings some uncles into the house. Scolds me constantly just like that. Grandma, I want to go to Dad,” Olenka cried.

Valentina Petrovna hugged the baby, and then said:

– You know, and I think that we will call Baba Nina, even though we are at odds with her after one incident, but for your sake she will agree to reconciliation.

What was discussed and what kind of case it was, Grandma Valya did not say. She dialed the number herself and immediately handed the phone to her granddaughter.

– Hi Grandma! It’s me, Olya.

A joyful voice was immediately heard:

– My God, what happiness! My dear granddaughter, how are you, dear? I miss you very much! Are you all right?

There are so many questions that Olya was a little confused.

– Yes, everything is almost fine, except that my mother completely tortured me with her quibbles. He often brings his uncles home, and they make me walk so that I don’t get in the way.

Grandma Nina started crying. She was upset for her granddaughter, but she didn’t show it.

“Olenka, honey, don’t worry, everything will be fine,” she soothed the girl.

They agreed that Grandma Nina would come to visit. But since Marina would not let her into the apartment, they decided that she would stay with Valentina Petrovna for a while. By the way, she suggested it herself.

– And that I like this idea, so at least it’s not boring. But you granddaughter shouldn’t say anything to your mom!

Olya promised that she would keep her mouth shut:

– I didn’t say a word that Grandma Nina was coming, but I’m afraid what would happen if Mom found out everything.

The fears of the baby were confirmed and a week later, when the holidays were over and the girl returned home, her mother was waiting for her with a clear desire to scold. Marina was sitting in the kitchen, and some uncle was standing next to her.

– What did you like visiting your grandmother? But I’ll ask you now, you’ll know how to climb other people’s things,” Marina poured her daughter in full.

The uncle sat quietly and looked at what was happening with a grin on his face. Olya couldn’t stand it and screamed:

– You’re a bad mom!!! Because you’re dating just anyone, and you’ve completely forgotten about Dad! Why don’t you love me so much, what have I done to you!

Distraught Marina shouted in response:

– Get out of my house!

And threw her documents at her daughter. Olya started crying, and my mother’s boyfriend was laughing and saying:

– Why are you messing with her? She lived with her grandmother, let her go there.

The mother called a taxi, put her daughter in and said:

“You’ll be better off there.” I’ll call, they’ll meet you.

Bad or good, but in her heart Olya was very glad that she would not be at home and finally this nightmare would end in her life.

When her taxi driver brought her grandmother Valya hugged her granddaughter, and Olya hugged her so tightly with her arms around her neck, as if she was afraid that she would disappear now.

– Your mother screamed into the phone so much that I didn’t really understand anything. Well, that’s it, honey, wipe your tears, let’s go to the kitchen, you’ll tell everything there.

The granddaughter told her that she had told her mother everything they thought and only then she noticed that Nina’s grandmother was not there.

– What happened? Why did Grandma leave? After all, I was so glad that I would live with you together.

Valentina Petrovna took her by the hand and calmly replied:

– Your grandmother got a call from a neighbor and said that some stranger was hanging around her house. So I went to see, worried that something bad might happen.

Olya has a smile on her face, you can’t deceive a child’s heart. In her mind, she already imagined meeting her father.

– Grandma, so this folder is probably back!

Olya jumped up and down with joy.

“God grant, dear, God grant,” Valentina said sadly.

There was no news from Nina’s grandmother for several days, and then she called and said that she would be coming soon.

During this time, Marina did not even try to find out how her daughter was. The mother was busy with her personal affairs, finally the apartment is free and no one bothers or annoys.

Olya was waiting for Grandma Nina, but most of all she hoped that her cherished dream would come true, that Dad would be found. After school, she immediately went to her grandmother, but already stopped at the entrance, because some uncle was standing there. She could see him from behind, but there was something familiar about him. She came closer and looked at his face. Olya screamed:

– Dear Dad, you’re back!

Boris grabbed her in his arms and began to circle:

– My daughter, how much I had to endure, it’s incomprehensible to the mind, you can’t tell everything. But I am glad that I have finally found freedom and now my dear one will not let anyone offend you!

Already at home at his mother-in-law’s tea party, Boris said that he had to work in a closed area. Their passports were taken away from them, and with them their phones. That’s why he couldn’t get in touch, and recently managed to escape from there and get to the first police station. Now these employers are engaged in law enforcement agencies.

When it was Olya’s turn to speak, she could not restrain herself and began to cry. Boris hugged her and asked:

– Why are you my little angel? You have absolutely no one to be afraid of, Dad is next to you.

Understanding her stressful state, Valentina Petrovna told the whole truth.

– That’s how son-in-law Marina went crazy with your disappearance. I didn’t even go to her because it’s useless.

A month has passed since Olenka visited her grandmother. Boris recovered from what he had to go through and the man made a decision. Calling a taxi, Boris took his daughter with him.

– Let’s go get your stuff. And with the transfer to another school, the issue needs to be resolved.

At the entrance of the once beloved house, Boris stopped for a moment, looked at his terrified daughter, smiled:

– Well, you’re a princess, cheer up.

He winked at his daughter and took her by the hand and went to Marina.

At this time, the wife was having fun with another man, when the doorbell rang, she opened it and was overcome with shock. Because a husband and daughter were standing on the threshold. Boris did not swear, just went into the bedroom and literally pushed his wife’s lover by the collar. Then he began to put children’s things in a bag.

– Olya will live with me, I’ll take care of her. I’ll file for divorce tomorrow.

Marina shed bitter tears, because she did not expect to see her husband alive and well. The woman realized that she had missed her happiness. Boris will never be able to forgive her.

A month later they were officially divorced. Boris took his daughter’s documents with the school and took her daughter to her mother. There the baby quickly got used to life and changed dramatically. Grandmother Valya was a frequent guest at the house of her former son-in-law. Boris treated his mother-in-law with respect and gratitude. Olya made a lot of friends, the girl did not feel lonely. After all, instead of her mother, who never loved her, as it turned out, she had two beloved and most importantly loving grandmothers.

Olya grew up in kindness and love, the child was really happy. And she never thought about her mother, only on New Year’s Eve she wrote a letter to Santa Claus. In it, she asked that her mother never find her and take her back.

As for Marina, she sank to the bottom, the woman led a wild lifestyle and never asked how her daughter was living.

After a while, Boris got a job at a sawmill, which was built by a city businessman near the village. And soon he met a good woman. Vera raised her son alone. Olenka at first reacted with caution and apprehension to a strange woman in the house, but fortunately these were far-fetched fears. vera turned out to be a wonderful person, a wonderful hostess and a faithful wife. one managed to gain Olenka’s trust and fully replaced the girl’s own mother. Mishenka’s half-brother turned out to be a real friend for Olenka. He always protected her, shared everything and never offended her.

Vera created a real comfort in the house, she loved the children, protected them and never shared them. Boris was grateful to God for his family, and Olenka finally felt and learned what a real happy family was and knew for sure that now no one would offend or betray her, and even more so would not drive her out of the house.


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