Beautiful woman 35 years old in an apartment

I have good news for you, I have filed for divorce

She came into the room joyful, red-cheeked and exclaimed:

– And it’s so nice outside! It’s freezing!

– It’s cold again, isn’t it? – he wrinkled his face, and without even making an attempt to get out of bed, looked longingly towards the window. – When will this winter end?

“Never,” she said. – I want it to be always so frosty outside, and the bright February sun shone!

– Well, if only the sun … – He looked at her suspiciously. – Why are you so happy in the morning?

“It’s not morning,” she said. – It’s daytime now.

– What day? Ten in the morning.

– Ten days.

“You’re arguing with your husband again,” he said with displeasure. – And yet, why are you so joyful?

“Because I did it,” she said in a mysterious tone.

– What happened? Where have you been?

– Get out of bed first, please.

– Why? I’m comfortable as it is. I’m going to lie around for an hour. And then we’ll have breakfast. Is breakfast even ready?

“I know the bed is your favorite place,” she chuckled, ignoring his question. – But still, get up. I can’t talk to you while you’re lying down.

“Hello, please,” he said with disdain. – What kind of news is this? Why can’t you talk?

“Because I know you won’t like my happy news. But if that’s what you want, lie down. She waved her hand and unhurriedly took a suitcase on wheels out of the closet.

– Oh-pa… – he was surprised. – A suitcase? Why do we need a suitcase?

– Not to us, but to me…

– And why do you need a suitcase?

– It is necessary.

– Are you going somewhere?

– When you get out of bed, then I’ll tell you.

– But why do I have to get up? Tell me already, don’t piss me off! Again, we have quarrels starting in the morning. Speak.

– I can’t.

– Why can’t you?!

– Because they don’t beat the bedridden, dear.

– What? – he was taken aback.

– There is a saying: “Lying people are not beaten.” Have you forgotten?

– So… – he finally took a sitting position in the bed. – Even more interesting. So your news is bad, right? Are you going on a business trip? It seems like you haven’t been sent anywhere from work before.

“I’m leaving for good,” she said, almost in a singsong voice. – Forever!

– How? He froze. “Forever?” Why – forever?

– Because. She smiled happily again. – While you were basking in bed, I went to an interesting institution and filed for divorce. Here is such a joyful news for me. For me, it’s joyful. Probably for you too, but you haven’t figured it out yet. Now you can go back to bed, I won’t bother you.

– Are you crazy?

He didn’t want to believe his ears and his eyes. He wanted to immediately crawl under the covers, fall asleep and wake up again, but in another reality, not this one.

– You’re crazy! – he repeated again, already assertively. – You’re crazy, that’s who you are! I’ve suspected this for a long time.

“That’s right,” she nodded. – You suspected correctly.

She wanted to sing out of happiness, which, after all, happened to her, but she was afraid that this song would sound like a mockery of her husband.

– You still explain to me, – he almost shouted, – what kind of fly bit you!?

– An ordinary winter fly that slept, slept, and then suddenly once, and suddenly woke up. Honey, we’ve been strangers for a long time. Can’t you see?

– Well, let’s say? – he suddenly agreed. – Yes, something has been strained between us lately… We are constantly shouting at each other… something must have happened, but it can pass! Many couples do this! Why did you file for divorce today?! We have to wait.

“And I don’t want it to go away,” she said cheerfully. – What was strained between us – as you put it – suddenly broke off tonight. My heart sank. And it became easy for me. Easy and joyful. And I ran to file for divorce with a light heart.

– But why is it so unexpected?

– It always breaks unexpectedly.

“But it’s unpleasant for me,” he suddenly whined like a child. – It hurts me!

– And you rub the sore spot with your palm, and it will pass. She smiled. – And even better, if you immediately get out from under the covers, go outside and smile at the sun. And everything will be different. Everything will be fine.

He, making an unhappy face, remained silent, watching her, quickly but carefully, pack her things into a suitcase.

– And where will you go? – finally, he guessed to ask.

She just shrugged her shoulders in response.

– Have you got someone? “What is it?” he asked again.

She shrugged again.

– Why don’t you answer me? – he asked sternly.

– And why? She sat down on the closed suitcase. – We’ll sit in front of the path… and more… I want to say thank you, dear.

– For what? – he was surprised.

– For rare moments of happiness, and for your ruthless lessons. If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be wearing sunglasses. Well, I’m off…

She got up, took the suitcase by the handle and casually rolled it into the hallway, as if she was leaving for a short time. In the hallway, she calmly put on her light fur coat and … lightly closed the door behind her.

And he remained sitting in his bed, thinking that everything that was here now was just an unpleasant dream…


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