Blonde village woman

Women’s destiny

Mom always taught me how to live properly. And Alyonka lived with her under the same roof for many years. But now she was tired of everything, she wanted freedom again. It wasn’t that hard to get away from the domineering mother. They had a spacious four-room apartment. So why not change it? Three rooms for Alyonka, and a small one–room apartment for an elderly woman.

Do you think this section is unfair? In fact, it should be exactly like this. After all, Alyonka has two children.

Once she lived separately. But one day she succumbed to her mother’s persuasions, and they exchanged their two dvushki for one large dwelling. It happened after the mother caught Alyonka’s ex-husband Kolya with the scoundrel Yanka. But Yanka was considered the best friend. That’s it!

In general, there are a lot of exes in Alenka’s life: ex-husband, ex-best friend, ex-good friends, ex-lover and ex-jobs. And she keeps walking through life and changes do not frighten her. Recently turned 54 – it’s time to start all over again!

– Mom, I can’t do this anymore! You’re a dear person to me, but it’s hard to get along with you. Too, we, Mommy, are different. I’m cramped with you, it’s already hard to breathe.

Hearing such words, Mom pursed her lips resentfully and silently went to her room. “Probably, she will cry,” Alyonka thought guiltily and became sad. The elderly mother, it was over, it was a pity. What a beauty she used to be! And now what? Flabby sagging chin, wrinkles, thinning gray hair. Quite an old woman already!

When Alyonka was born, she was 20 years old. But there was no happiness in the young family. Unable to withstand her husband’s constant infidelities, the woman packed his clothes in a suitcase, put a guitar next to it and resolutely pointed to the exit. Therefore, Alyonka does not remember his father. He only knows that he was a musician.

Mother had a hard time. She loved the cheater too much. And in an attempt to forget him as soon as possible, she tore up all the photos. So Alyona didn’t even know her face.

At first, an incomplete family lived in an old uncomfortable barrack, in difficult living conditions. At the age of seven, little Alyonka had already learned how to melt the stove, and at ten she dragged water from the pump.

The neighborhood grannies just shook their heads. “What is this dissolute Svetka doing! She got lost somewhere, but left the little girl on the farm.” And, indeed, from morning to evening, the mother was not at home. That’s just she didn’t have fun, but worked in a sewing workshop, often stayed overtime so that her daughter didn’t need anything.

Alenka’s peers did not like her. Of course! She was dressed the best, didn’t hang around in bad companies, didn’t learn to smoke and didn’t kiss in the corners. A white crow, in general. That’s why they teased. And there will always be a reason – the girl did not have a dad.

Once the scoundrel Vitka disgraced the poor little girl for the whole class.

– If I see my father going to your mom again, I’ll set fire to your door! Understand?

Vitka’s dad did come, but only once. And they called him on business. The wiring needed to be repaired. That day his mother gave him tea and paid him three rubles. But the man did not want to leave. He winked and said something to Svetlana. And then the irritated woman turned to threats:

– Look, or I’ll scream! All the neighbors will come running!

Alyonka started crying in fright, and the man jumped out the door. And, fortunately, he never appeared at their house again.

A little later, a real miracle happened. That beautiful spring day was remembered by Alyonka for the rest of her life. It was too early to put on an autumn coat, and the fur coat was already tired. Ringing drops were heard everywhere, the sun warmed gently, the birds were bustling around. The girl stood in the yard and sadly watched the peers playing on the sidelines. Of course, she was not invited to the company.

Suddenly, a bright yellow car came around the corner. Alyonka was expecting her mother, but she did not think that she would come by taxi. Svetlana got out of the car not alone, but with some elegant stranger. The man was dressed in a snow-white uniform, and in his hands he was holding a huge teddy bear.

– Daughter, Alyonushka, just look who came to us. This is your new dad! No one else has such a dad. He’s our captain!

Forgetting about the exciting game, the neighborhood kids froze. The women whispered meaningfully. The sparrows sitting on the branches turned their heads in surprise.

– Wow, we waited, our husband returned to Svetka, – the old crow croaked.

And no one remembered what her real husband, a musician, looked like.
Smiling dad came up to Alyonka, handed the bear, picked it up in his arms and kissed it. “What a turn! Well, what do you say now? See how Daddy loves me! Just try to offend me!”.

Both at school and in the yard Alyonka became a star. Soon the couple Boris will take them and their mother to Sevastopol, to the sea, the sun and new dreams. From pride, the little girl walked important, like a turkey. She gorged on delicious goodies and believed in a happy fairy tale. A couple of months later, Borya’s dad left, so that later he could call his mother and Alyonka to him.

Svetlana did not grieve for long. Soon Alyonka had the next dad – a cheerful policeman Lyosha. He gave the child several toy pistols and promised to teach him how to shoot real weapons. But later, when he grows up.
Then the girl was brought up by her father Zhenya for a short time – he taught her to go hiking and survive in the forest. Dad Volodya explained that you need to be able to stand up for yourself. And Seryozha’s dad got very lazy. I didn’t want to deal with the child, I just lay on the couch.

When a new dad came to their house, Svetlana flew on wings. She sang songs, laughed loudly, cooked delicious pancakes for her daughter, bought a lot of gifts. But as soon as Dad disappeared, a black streak came in Alyonka’s life. As soon as Mom called her names! A reptile, a disease, a beast, a scoundrel – these are far from the most terrible words.

– Oh, you worthless creature! – every now and then a woman screamed, falling into a rage, – she went all over her geek dad. I hate this worthless musician! I spent the best years on him!

Since then, Alyonka has learned that music is a meaningless occupation, and all men are goats, ungrateful brutes and vile traitors.

In search of moral support, Svetlana often visited her cousins. The girl didn’t like going to them. They were much older than their mother, they lived in prosperity. Therefore, they loved to teach, especially when they were drinking. Their fat, shaking cheeks, short fingers in rings and golden teeth were remembered by Alyonka forever.

– Don’t be a fool, Svetka! This is your chance,” Aunt Olya said convincingly, putting more salad on her plate, “this Dimka is just what you need. With money, man! He will dress you and Alyonka and put on shoes. You’ll be rolling like cheese in butter.

– Why are you grimacing? Olka is telling you the business,” Aunt Tanya readily joined in, “you listen to us, your sisters. We will not advise you badly. Yes, he’s old, this Dimka, so what? And where are your young goats now?

–Oh, I don’t know, girls, I have to think about it,” mom answered uncertainly and drained her glass in one gulp.

Then the singing began. The women’s voices were beautiful, clear, they hit the notes well. But Alyonka didn’t like it. They will drag out one pitiful song, another, a third. And then everyone will cry together. I’d rather go home!

– Do you hear, Svetka is really a fool! The young ones are on her mind. The woman will finish playing, oh, she will finish playing. My daughter is already growing up, she’s about to step on her heels. And she drags young people into the house.

The drunken aunts exchanged meaningful glances, and then threatened Alyonka with their fingers and began to laugh loudly. The mother waved her hand in annoyance, poured more wine and lamented the bitter fate.
When Mom got home, she started asking questions. How’s it going with Alyonka and the men? Was there something or not? She warned me, God forbid, “not to bring it in the hem.” She threatened, if anything, to throw her out into the street, “along with the puppy.” The frightened little girl huddled in the corner of the sofa and waited for her mother to sober up. Then Alyona was 12, and she learned for the rest of her life that all men are scoundrels.

Soon Alyonka’s mother moved to a new home – a comfortable two-room apartment. Now you can forget about stove heating and water from the column, like a terrible dream. At the new school, Alyonka was treated well. The girl finally had friends, and life went differently.

The girl saw the same Dimka only once. He looked unpleasant – long as a stick, dry, wrinkled, with a sticky gaze. He looked at Alyonka for a long time, then he murmured something and they left with their mother. In the evening Svetlana did not return empty-handed. She brought a fluffy white sheepskin coat, a flirty crimson beret and long leather gloves.

– Come on, try it on, daughter! All the girlfriends are the envy!

In the new outfit, Alyonka felt like a princess, and her mother admiringly said, “A real beauty, just like me in my youth.”
Alyonka not only looked like a royal, but also lived as if in a palace. I slept on silk sheets, and in the evenings I basked in the bathroom, adding all sorts of fragrant salts that my mother brought from her travels with Dmitry.

In general, not life, but a fairy tale. Thanks to the mysterious Uncle Dima! And thanks to the nasty aunts for introducing Mom to him.

But, unfortunately, everything ends sometime. One day the generous elderly uncle was gone. Well, at least Svetlana is not a blunder. I managed to stock up on both money and gold. And there, you see, there will be a new patron.

Alyona got her name in honor of her grandmother, who died in childbirth. Poor Alyonka’s mother was orphaned as soon as she was born. At first, the girl was raised by a young wayward father. And then I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore. So those cousins took her away for upbringing. They were just old enough to be her mother. So the little girl lived in two families in turn – then with Aunt Olya, then with Aunt Tanya.
Sometimes my father’s conscience woke up. Then he took Svetlana home. But the child still ran away to the aunts. They loved Svetlana, tried not to refuse anything, dreamed of getting married successfully. But the wayward beauty fell in love with the musician. We lived for a couple of years, and goodbye!

– What are you thinking, Alyonka? – Svetlana said gently, don’t be sad, I have a surprise for you. Dmitry managed to give us a ticket. And not somewhere, but in the GDR!
That’s how Alyona visited abroad for the first time at the age of fifteen and a half. And then it went, and went… Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria, a girl persuaded an instructor to take them to a local bar. Although it wasn’t supposed to, but for some reason the guy agreed. The evening was amazing! Dancing, fun, music! There, one of the local beauties drew attention to Alyonka. And they corresponded for a long time afterwards, for which Alyonka was constantly praised at Komsomol meetings. Friendship with Bulgarian citizens was then encouraged.

And the mother successfully carried out her plan – she met a rich patron. The beautiful life continued! From a young timid girl, Alyona turned into an adult spoiled predator.

Once, having got to a good concert, the girl met Vitaly. It was he who spent them with his mother by invitation. Alyonka found him vaguely familiar. Perhaps he was once among her constantly changing dads. But, apparently, for a very short time.
Vitaly immediately set his eyes on the young beauty. So Alyonka became the mistress of a person influential in certain circles. He carried his beloved princess in his arms. The Iron Curtain had already collapsed by that time. Therefore, Alyona visited Paris, Rome, Milan and many other cities.

And Vitaly also bought and decorated a comfortable two-room apartment for Alena, made a chic renovation, furnished with beautiful furniture. But the man did not marry Alyona. I’ve been married for a long time. He never loved his wife, but his future father-in-law promised to help with his career. That’s why I got married. Well, now you can’t go anywhere – common property, children.

So time passed. Alyonka turned thirty. All the girlfriends have had their own families for a long time, the kids are being prepared for school. But Alyonka firmly remembered – all men are goats, they can only be tolerated because of money.

However, Vital has already become so disgusted in ten years that you don’t want any money. I would have left him a long time ago. But a wealthy man paid for her trips to Italy, her favorite country. Without these trips, life would not be a joy.
Although she did not love Vitaly, she often cried at night. Women’s self-esteem suffered. She spent her young years, and what will she get in return? She’s not a legitimate wife. That’s the kind of men they are – all, as one, scoundrels.
And even the young people have grown up, they are stepping on their heels with might and main. Men have one thing on their mind now – cheeky model girls. Their eyelashes are false, their lips are blown up like a duck, they agree to anything.

That’s how the interest in life disappeared, Alyonka did not build plans. But suddenly I met Nikolai. I fell in love at first sight. I didn’t expect it myself. Without hesitation, I offered Kolya to move in with her. And even though he was married, he quickly agreed. He left his wife and son.

Soon Vladik was born. During pregnancy, the gynecologist warned the woman that the first late delivery is very dangerous. But, fortunately, everything went without complications. The child was born healthy, grew up smart and smart. And then Verka, Daddy’s long-awaited princess, was born.

Several years have passed in pleasant family troubles. Vladik turned five, and Veronika turned three. On that fateful day, the little grandchildren were at their grandmother’s, Alyonka went shopping. Seeing that the grandchildren were acting up, Svetlana decided to take them home.

– Come on, kids, let’s go for a walk, buy something delicious and prepare a surprise for mom and dad.
Entering the room, I found the scene – Nikolai on the couch with Yanka, Alyonka’s best friend. That’s right, the bastard! Well, it doesn’t happen in life. At least she was the first to come in, and not the children.

The cowardly Kolka tried to blame everything on his mistress.

– I didn’t mean anything, honestly, I swear. I came back from work, and then Janka came to visit. I stayed to wait for Alyonka. And then she climbed up herself, frowned. What kind of obsession it was, I don’t understand myself now.

Yanka also said that Nikolai has been harassing, persecuting, giving expensive gifts for a long time. And in her ears gleamed brand-new gold earrings.

After the divorce, Alyonka and her mother exchanged their two apartments for one large one and began to live together. Nikolai regularly paid alimony, Svetlana looked after her grandchildren, Alyona got a job. First on one, then on the other. I didn’t stay anywhere for a long time. Flew from place to place.

At first, everything seemed good. But with age, the character of an elderly woman has changed for the worse. Alyonka’s children are already big, students, and her mother controls her! He says that there is where to go, how to dress, constantly scolds for the mess.

Grandchildren also had a hard time. They studied well, always helped around the house, tried not to make grandma nervous. But you won’t please her anyway.
One day, after drinking some wine, Svetlana got into a conversation and frankly confessed:

– You know, I’m even glad that it happened. It’s good that we got rid of your Kolka. You should have been with him again, with this handsome guy.
Alyonka didn’t care anymore, she didn’t argue. Let him say what he wants. What is the demand from her? An elderly man. The main thing is to settle the matter with the apartment.

– I feel there will be problems. She won’t let you change the apartment. She’s been nagging me all day, and she seems to like it,” Alyona told her friend Irina one evening.

At this time, the phone rang.
– Yes, I’m listening, Mom.
And then it came out of the tube:
– Why aren’t you at home yet? It’s almost nine o’clock! I’m waiting, the kids are waiting, and she’s out walking somewhere. Let’s go home, quickly!
– Well, Irina, I’ll probably go! And then she will have a tantrum,” Alyonka said with a sigh, threw on her raincoat and sadly went to the door. – She thinks that my life has turned out fine. And all thanks to her. She says that without her I would have been lost, like my scoundrel father. He tells my children the same thing.

Such is a woman’s fate! Many at her age are thinking about future retirement. That is, they do not live, but live. And she still hopes for something, dreams of great changes. Only 54. What age is that? “As soon as I change the apartment, I will immediately get a dog. And we will travel with her together. Then, finally, I will live!”.


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