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Ungrateful daughter, declared war on her mother

Lera was the only child in the family. Mom and Dad loved her very much. Unfortunately, her father died when she was 14 years old. After her husband’s death, her mother, with the money set aside during her father’s lifetime, opened first one small store, and three years later a second one.

Lera worked in a beauty salon, and she didn’t help with shopping at all. She had never delved into her mother’s affairs at all.

Until the age of 30, she still could not get married, apparently because she was not a beauty. She always had a good, trusting relationship with her mother.

At the age of 31, Lera finally started dating a guy. He was pretty cute. Her mother didn’t like him right away, but she didn’t show it.

When Lera got pregnant, she and Vadim decided to get married. And they began to live in Vadim’s one-room apartment.

Lera’s mother, Tatiana Andreevna, was glad for the imminent birth of a grandson or granddaughter. Previously, she was very worried that after her death, her daughter might be left all alone, but now her daughter will have her own family.

Lera went on maternity leave, and they began to live only on Vadim’s salary. Tatiana Andreevna, always happy to help her daughter financially and they did not need anything.

Everything necessary for the unborn child was also bought by Lera’s mother.

In the sixth month of pregnancy, Lera started to make repairs, which also had to be paid for by her mother. Tatiana Andreevna gladly paid for the repairs, as she also wanted her future heir to live in good conditions.

But next time, Lera wanted to give her husband a car, but not a Russian one, but necessarily a foreign car with an automatic transmission. She decided to thank him for the child in this way.

Tatiana Andreevna did not like this idea, because usually women are thanked for having children, because they are the ones who bear and give birth in agony, and Vadim did not make any special efforts to give birth to a child.

But then, after thinking about it, the mother still agreed to buy a car.

Tatiana Andreevna was a pensioner and the owner of two small shops, but she could not master such a purchase and part of the cost of the car, she issued a loan for three years.

Finally, Angelina’s granddaughter was born. Tatiana Andreevna was very happy.

Once Tatiana Andreevna helped her daughter to hang clothes on the balcony. And I heard a familiar voice at the entrance. Vadim was standing there with his friend and they were talking about some shops. From the second floor, the conversation was clearly audible and Tatiana Andreevna realized that Vadim was discussing her stores, passing them off as his own.

Since then, she has become distrustful of Vadim. And once I decided to tell my daughter about what I heard.

But Lera was not surprised, but on the contrary said that her mother was so worried in vain that sooner or later, she and Vadim would still get these stores. So why pull the cat by the tail. It would be better if the mother had already given them her shops and Vadim would be engaged in them, and let her live on a pension, which she has been receiving for two years.

Tatiana Andreevna was in shock. She owned stores for more than 15 years, and her daughter was not going to do them, and now her son-in-law has appeared, and wants to take away her small business by cunning.

Of course she was outraged. She was always ready to help her daughter’s family, but she did not expect such meanness. And I absolutely did not agree. To which Lera replied that in this case she would no longer allow her mother to see her granddaughter.

It was cruel and not grateful, because Tatiana Andreevna still continued to pay the loan for the car that Vadim drives.

She hoped that her daughter would calm down and change her mind, but apparently Vadim was setting her up. Sometimes Tatiana Andreevna missed her granddaughter so much that she seriously wondered if she could really give away the shops. But then after thinking better, I realized that Vadim would not be able to do them well, or maybe he would sell them altogether and wash away with the money.

She decided to stand her ground. After all, when her daughter forbade her to see her granddaughter, she apparently did not think that it would be difficult for them without constant financial support. And so it was.

Scandals began in the daughter’s family. She immediately called her mother and blamed her for everything. I took out all my anger on her.

For a whole year, Tatiana Andreevna, did not hold her granddaughter in her arms, she missed her very much. Despite the quarrel with her daughter, she always waited for her call. The daughter called only to quarrel once again, but the mother was glad of such a call, because sometimes she managed to hear the voice of her beloved granddaughter.

One day, returning home from the store, Tatiana Andreevna saw her daughter with a stroller near her entrance. She was very happy and hoped that her daughter had come to her senses and decided to make peace.

But when I got closer, my daughter immediately started swearing. It turned out that Vadim had an accident. He was not injured, but the car needs repair. They don’t have money for repairs. Lera started blaming her mother again, claiming that she was angry to buy a car for them, so there was an accident. And now she is obliged to give them 60 thousand rubles for repairs, since they will not be able to do it without a car.

Tatiana Andreevna, without any resistance, gave the necessary amount, hoping that it would help them measure up with their daughter. But it didn’t help.

After meeting with her granddaughter, Tatiana Andreevna seriously thought about giving her daughter and son-in-law at least one store. She even began to learn how to do it correctly according to the documents.

She called her daughter and said she was ready to give her one store, and the daughter seemed happy and started talking to her mother normally. And in the evening Lera called and said that they needed both stores. Vadim wants to be the owner of a chain of stores, and this will be a small start for him.

Tatiana Andreevna did not expect such impudence. Vadim worked in a home appliance store, an ordinary salesman, and for some reason decided that he could manage two stores at once.

Tatiana Andreevna was not an arrogant prig, and treated people of any profession well. She did not trust Vadim, and refused to give up two stores. Then the daughter stopped answering calls again. I just sent a text message “you’ll give it back anyway.”

Another half a year has passed. Tatiana Andreevna never saw her granddaughter, but she passed all sorts of gifts through her daughter’s friend. It was hard for her, but she understood that she and her daughter could lose everything if she agreed to the conditions of her daughter and her husband.

One day, at 6 o’clock in the morning, someone knocked hard on the door to Tatiana Andreevna. She opened the door and saw that her daughter was standing in front of her with her granddaughter in her arms. The daughter had a bruise on her cheek and a split lip. My daughter asked me not to expel her.

It turned out that another quarrel drove Vadim out of himself, and he told Lera everything he thinks about her. And kicked out of the house.

Tatiana Andreevna was very sorry for her daughter, but she was glad that Vadim finally showed his real face. He needed two stores so that at least one would remain to him during the divorce. Apparently Tatiana Andreevna immediately felt that he could not be trusted. And I was very glad that I stood up and defended my business.

Vadim told Lera that he got married only for the sake of shops, and he doesn’t need her and he doesn’t need a child either.

Lera was very disappointed and offended. She asked her mother for forgiveness and thanked her for the fact that her mother never gave up on her cruel blackmail.

Now Tatiana Andreevna lives with her daughter and granddaughter. Lera and Vadim divorced.


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