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I hate my parents

The situation in my family is terrible, so I want to ask readers for help.

I am now 22 years old, but I have experienced so much that it would be enough for several lifetimes. For every person, parents are the closest people on earth who can always help and come to the rescue in difficult times. And I was unlucky.

My relationship with my parents was always strained, if not disgusting. My mother was only 19 years old when she gave birth to me.

My appearance was not included in the plans of my wayward parents, therefore, I was fused to my grandparents. They were studying themselves, so they didn’t want to babysit a baby. We got married after I was born. Before the time came for me to go to school, I lived and was brought up by my grandmother, and then my parents and I moved to another city. That’s when my happy life ended.

My father didn’t need a family or a child. He spent all his free time with friends and a bottle. He worked in a good place, got a decent salary, but I hardly saw him. I often heard stories of my friends that they went on vacation with their parents, and I couldn’t brag about it. Mom also worked all the time. I had to spend time outside.

It happened that I didn’t eat anything all day. And at best, she ate some kind of fast food or cold food. This lifestyle, and especially the wrong diet, led to the fact that I earned stomach problems. I had severe pains, and then, an insidious disease was discovered – gastritis. Mom had to spend a lot of time with me in the hospital. As a result, she lost a good job. All my life I’ve been hearing reproaches from her that she did everything for me, and I’m so ungrateful.

And besides, I was guilty of one more thing. After giving birth, she began to have complications, as a result of health problems. And then it turned out that she would never be able to have children again. Who do you think is to blame for all this. Of course I am! She reminded me of it anyway. And then there was another incident that was forever etched in my head.

One day we had guests, and my mother told me to take pictures of them all on the street. It was at night, besides, it was cold. I refused, so she beat me so badly that my father had to separate us. And then, right in front of strangers, they accused me of all mortal sins. As it turned out, they really want to have a child, but they can’t.

I have no right to anything. If I express my opinion, I will definitely provoke a scandal. It was very difficult for me to live in a family, but no one ever asked what was happening to me. My father held a good position, but I never saw anything good. Life was hard for me at school, too. What just didn’t happen to me! I do not know why, but my relationship with my classmates did not work out. I was locked in the classroom, the toilet, beaten. And it happened that they boycotted me.

For my parents, I was superfluous, and they did not forget to remind me about it. I rarely asked them for anything, but even then I didn’t get much. After graduating from school, I went where they told me in the hope that they would be proud of their daughter. But no. After graduating from university, it was difficult for me to find a job. So they blamed me for that, too. And they also reminded me that they paid for me during my studies.

And then I met a young man with whom everything worked out. Before the wedding, I was told that they had spent too much money on me. It turns out that I ruined all the plans.

Then they accused me of spending money on our wedding. I didn’t ask them to. We didn’t want any wedding at all, but in response we heard that they would be ashamed in front of their friends. So what does that have to do with me?

I dreamed that I would get married and live a new life. No! Now they’re bothering my husband and me. We have to resort to them for any reason. My husband doesn’t like it, we start fighting with him. I love my husband very much and I’m afraid of losing him. And I just can’t stand my parents. I want to never see them.

I’m asking you not to judge me. I don’t want anyone to be in my place.


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