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Mother-in-law borrowed money and does not want to give it back

There is a very interesting man in our team named Volodya. He is the only one left, so the girls and I cherish and cherish him.

I usually come to work the very first. And today Volodya came before me, I was very surprised, but I did not ask why he decided to work early in the morning. I was busy with my urgent work chores, and Volodya was sitting and looking at one point.

– Volodya, are you all right? You sit as if under hypnosis and look at an empty wall. The second day is not his own. Maybe you need some help?

Vova started up, it’s clear I lowered him to the ground with my speech.

– Yes, no, I’m sitting, thinking, what should I do with a Dragonfly?

I was very surprised, I thought: “Well, everyone has lost a guy, he’s fighting dragonflies in March.”

At that time, another colleague came into the office, she heard a fragment of Volodya’s speech and said:

– What’s stopping you from living again, Volodya the Dragonfly? Hello everyone

It seems that everyone in the office except me already knew about a certain mythical dragonfly:

– What kind of dragonfly? Is this your collective insanity or what?

– Or how. And you ask Volodya, he will tell you everything in detail,” Yulia said, smiling.

I turned to the man and looked at him questioningly.

– Yes, my mother-in-law is! Volodya muttered.

– Mother-in-law? And why “dragonfly”?

– Have you read Krylov’s fable “The Dragonfly and the Ant”?

– I read it.

– “The dragonfly sang the red summer, she didn’t have time to look back,” so my mother-in-law “skips and sings the whole pension” and then runs to me like an ant: “Don’t leave me.” She has been married 4 times and has not got along with anyone, now lives for her own pleasure, does not think about anything at all. It’s not like living so carefree for 20 years: then her boots will break, then the lock on her jacket will break, then the microwave will burn, then the TV won’t turn on, and everything breaks on the 15th, the day my salary is received. Of course I don’t mind helping my mother-in-law, but I don’t give my parents as much money as she does.

I was saving up for a rubber boat, and my mother-in-law’s laptop “flew” in early January. She came, asked for a loan for a new computer, I said, “Why a new one? Let’s fix the old one for you.” But no, she looked for a new one, small and light, to take with her on trips. She asked for loans, I gave from the accumulated money, said: “Vladimir, I will give parts from each pension!”. It’s already been March, and not a single payment has been received from her. The day before yesterday, my wife said to me: “Mom has an anniversary in May, she told her to give money to her, she wants to fly to Turkey. How much will we give?”. Opanki, she does not plan to pay my debt anymore. That’s what I asked my wife: “Which Turkey? She owes me money. Will you talk to her when she plans to give it away?”. It means I have to be without a boat in the summer, and a dragonfly will fly to the south for my blood money to have fun.

Volodya exhaled, drank some water and continued:

– And my wife says to me: “She’s actually my mother, I would personally forgive her the debt. In general, she borrowed from you, out of the money from your part-time job, so deal with her yourself.” Well done, she threw a problem at me. For the second day I’ve been thinking how to talk to a Dragonfly! I called her yesterday, and she said to me: “Vova, I don’t have time to chat. I’m going to start yoga now, and then we’re going to the sauna with the girls, we’ll call one of these days.” Well, isn’t it a dragonfly? Again, all the money is fudged, and then he will come to the ant.

– No, Volodya, talk to your mother-in-law, otherwise she will pump money from you. Someone’s wife is a spender, and you have a mother-in-law. I don’t even know who was more lucky,” Yulia said, giggling in the corner.

Volodya, of course, will not wait for his money, his mother-in-law is still a madam. But I think he will take the lesson into account for the future.

Do you lend money to your relatives or friends?

I personally don’t like to lend, but if I have to lend, then I give exactly as much as I can forgive a person and not fight with him because of money.


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