girl on the beach

Found myself a lover

Anna noticed this young man right away, even when checking into the hotel. He stood next to her at the check-in and smiled affably, showing off his snow-white teeth.

Oh, he was a real handsome man- a tall, muscular, burning brunette- the dream of all women. And what eyes he has! Funny, perky and so bottomless that it seems you can drown in them, forever in the abyss of passion. Now, sitting comfortably on a beach lounger, Anna saw him again.

The man was frolicking in the waves of the warm, gentle sea. When he came out of the water, the woman was able to appreciate him in all his glory. A shiver ran through her entire body, she had never seen such impeccably built young men, much less spend time with them.

Yes, Anya came to rest, including to search for adventures. She didn’t care at all that she had been married for 10 years, and that her husband Sergei was plowing like hell at that moment so that upon arrival she could buy herself a new fur coat, boots, a ring and something else for change. When he bought her this tour to Zanzibar, she already knew perfectly well that she was going there for pleasure, because all her friends did it and there was nothing shameful about it. A woman has the right to relax sometimes.

That’s why Anya chose this wonderful island for a trip, because she heard from a friend who has already been here that local beauties for every taste are already waiting for all single women on the beaches, who really like lonely beauties, with whom they do everything they want.

But meeting this Apollo turned her life upside down, he immediately eclipsed all the guys in the world. She desperately wanted to get to know him and start a pleasant conversation as soon as possible, but still she was prudent to climb bare-chested, so to speak, into the embrasure and therefore did not give up hope that the handsome man would notice her, and yet he would take the first step, because she herself was not a simple lady, not for nothing she attended a modeling school for many years, her photo is even on the covers of several glossy magazines.

Now, thanks to her husband, she didn’t have to work much, only for a couple of hours a day she came to a small beauty salon, where she worked as a manicure master, more for her pleasure than for earnings. Stepan, sitting a couple of dozen meters from Anna, sipping a soft drink from a glass, brazenly examined the woman. He liked her chiseled figure. And then, he noticed her greedy glances, which she occasionally stole at him. Such an experienced ladies’ man, as he immediately determined that the woman was not averse to having fun.

“Well, I’ll give you such an opportunity,” Stepan grinned to himself, heading for the woman’s lounger.

Approaching her and smiling as charmingly as possible, he said:

– Good morning! That’s the meeting, it seems yesterday we already saw you?

Anya was insanely happy- he finally noticed her. The woman simply shone like a copper penny. Now she will not miss this macho man and will spend 7 wonderful days with him.

– Yes, indeed, I remembered you. Are you really resting in such a wonderful place alone?- she answered kindly.

The man laughed merrily and sat down on the edge of the sunbed, as if casually touched her leg. Immediately, the woman was pierced as if by an electric discharge. She was even confused for a moment, like a girl blushing, but she didn’t show it.

– And you know, I always have to rest alone. I am not burdened with a wife and children, I earn enough money, so I can afford to relax a little in pleasant company,” he looked significantly at her at the same time. – By the way, my name is Stepan.

– Anna. Well, I’m not as lucky as you. I’m not that free in life. I have a husband, but to be honest, I don’t like him at all, and he seems to like me too, we even sleep in different rooms. But I can’t stand children, these little spinogryzov, who have been sucking all the juices and funds out of you all your life,” she suddenly opened up.

“Great baby, you’ve taken the bait, it remains only to pull the prey ashore,” the man thought gloatingly.

They spent the whole day together. It turned out that they were even from the same city. The woman laid out to her new friend literally all the information about herself, up to her place of work, and gave her phone number. They were so good together, by the evening they were already walking arm in arm with each other, and closer to night their lips were entwined in a passionate kiss under the rustle of waves and light breaths of fresh wind.

These were amazing vacation days, it’s been a long time since Anya was so happy. Stepan gave her what her husband did not give her. Affection and love.

“Yes, let this oaf at least live at his job, but how can he compare with such an amazing lover as Stepa!- But he also seems to be rich.”

It was a woman’s dream to find a wealthy and hot man, so that next to him she would burn with pleasure, and let Sergei stay for reporting on marriage and sometimes for the soul, after all, where else would she find such a devoted husband who listens to her, and literally carries her on her hands fulfilling all her whims.

But unfortunately, the wonderful candy-bouquet period tends to end quickly…

The vacation was just lightning fast and now it’s time to break up. Stepa lived only 20 km away from her, but there was no question of further relations. It was a holiday romance and it was time to break up. Before flying home, they sat for a long time in an embrace at the airport, the woman’s heart was torn, she did not want to let go of these warm hands that gave her so much pleasure and hope, but Sergei will be waiting for her on arrival, so this moment will be the last time they see each other. Anya was sad on the strong chest of her beau, saying goodbye to him forever, and Stepan smiled mysteriously at the same time, an evil and not kind light sparkled in his eyes.

The man knew that everything interesting was still ahead…

So ended the magical vacation. It was time to return to reality.

A week passed, Sergey was cooking dinner in the kitchen for his beloved, the man was very glad that his wife had a good rest and returned so happy and happy, and Anya was watching TV in the bedroom and putting her nails in order.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, her phone rang lying on the coffee table, when Anna looked at the caller’s number, she was stunned – it was Stepan. Grabbing the phone, she answered in a hushed voice:

– Hello, darling! Are you crazy? Why are you calling me? My husband is nearby, God forbid he will hear!

– Hello, my kitten, I’ve missed you so much! Maybe we can meet?- there was a voice on the other end of the line.

– Stepa, I think it’s better not to! What we had was a fleeting infatuation at the resort, because we discussed everything with you,” she said uncertainly.

But the man continued to insist on a meeting, after talking a little more, they did not come to anything. Hastily saying goodbye, Anya hung up the phone because she heard her husband’s approaching footsteps.

– Darling, have you been talking to someone? he asked her.

– Yes, so with a friend dear, – she lied, – and could you give me some more money, otherwise I already spent everything you gave yesterday?

– Okay, but only tomorrow – I will have a salary and I will give it to you, you know, my sunshine, that I can’t refuse you anything!

Falling asleep in her cozy warm bed in the evening, Anna thought about Stepan, about his call today. So he remembers her, too. The woman was very proud that such a man does not forget her. So day after day went by, Styopa was now calling and calling her several times a day. Anna almost revealed herself to her husband. She had already asked her lover many times not to call her, she said that she would call herself when it was possible, but all in vain, the stubborn man did not seem to hear her. The situation was becoming dangerous, so you could easily ruin yourself and disgrace yourself in front of your parents, what would happen if they found out what their beloved and modest daughter was doing on vacation, she was afraid of this perhaps even more than the fact that everything could turn out for her husband.

One day, when Anna was working in a beauty salon and was already finishing serving the last client, she was informed that someone was waiting for her. When the woman came out into the foyer, she was just stunned – Stepan was standing there as if nothing had happened.

– Hi, cutie, why did you miss me? And then I’m calling, calling! Or don’t you love me anymore?- he said very loudly.

– Oh, my God, be quiet! Why are you yelling like that!- she said fearfully, looking around.

She realized that their relationship with Styopa had gone too far. It was time to end this. It became obvious to Anna that a calm, measured life with her husband was dear to her, she no longer needed these stupid intrigues, so she decided to have a serious talk with Stepan. Soon they were sitting on a bench in a secluded corner of the park and talking.

– Listen, Anna said to him angrily and even nervously, – everything that was between us should remain in the past, I don’t want to meet you anymore. Our relationship was a mistake. I love my husband!

Stepan literally laughed in her face:

– That’s how you started talking! What were you thinking when you dragged me to bed? Why didn’t you love your beautiful husband then? And what will happen if he finds out about our cute pranks in the South?

The woman was simply taken aback by such a statement. She sat stunned, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“But you won’t tell him, will you?” she literally begged.

– I’ll think about it later! And now goodbye, goodbye for today!

Stepan was just choking with laughter, he enjoyed the fact that he left Anna in the dark and now she is terribly worried about her future. And he will certainly break it, destroy the vile woman to the nines. His own wife, whom he loved to distraction, once did the same mean and low thing to him, and she betrayed him with her best friend, while he was working hard, the faithful indulged in pleasures in their apartment on the marital bed, where he found the scoundrels, unexpectedly returning from work.

Then he vowed to take revenge on all married women who have little husband and break their hearts, crippling the future, just as they, in turn, betrayed their husbands.

Anna was now afraid of her own shadow, she had already shied away from it several times. Everywhere she saw Styopa now. And he didn’t stop calling, she even had to blacklist his number, but he called from others. The cheater now had to wait even for the postman to have time to pick up correspondence before her husband, because Stepan began to send her love letters. She trembled at every rustle. Anna was very scared to lose her husband and she was very sorry for what she had done.

Soon her former lover decided to bring the matter to an end and save the unhappy husband from the traitor, Stepa decided to talk to her husband, as he was already tired of these games with his wife.

“Perhaps she has already received in full, it’s time to finish.”

The men met when Sergey brought a bag full of groceries and flowers for his beloved wife. Stepan was waiting for him at the entrance…

He told the whole truth about what his dear wife was really doing while he was earning money for her. He even provided a couple of photos for evidence. He told me why he did it himself. Strange as it may seem, but Sergei was not angry at his wife’s lover, the man remembered a well-known phrase about the one who would not want and the dog would not jump up. He felt only deep disappointment in his wife. His soul was torn by unbearable pain.

– I’m sorry, Serega. I just wanted to open your eyes to who your wife is, because once she betrayed, she would have done it again and again, and then it could have been even more painful if you, like me, caught her in the act of adultery, you won’t hear about me anymore, and it’s up to you to decide what to do,” he said Stepan said goodbye to him and walked away.

After waiting for Anna from work, Sergey talked to her very seriously. The unfaithful confessed to treason, asked for forgiveness on her knees, assured that it would never happen again. But is it possible to forgive such a thing when you hunch like a damned day and night, if only everything was with your beloved wife, and she twists her tail.

– I had to work so hard to earn this money to send you to rest, and you so meanly betrayed all the feelings that I had for you. I loved you so much, and you trampled me into the dirt,” was the last thing Sergei said to the vile traitor before kicking her out of the house.

She had to bow to her parents, they did not refuse her daughter a shelter, but she never married or fell in love again, it was her punishment from above, for the pain that she, driven by lust, inflicted on a loved one. For long nights, she sobbed into her pillow, realizing what she had lost, but it was too late. The past can’t be brought back…

Sergey still found the one who really loved him. It was a teacher who was visiting her students and rang his doorbell by mistake.

After talking, the young people realized that they liked each other, so gradually their happy family life began, and soon the spouse pleased her husband with the long-awaited firstborn. Seryozha was so happy about the birth of his daughter, because Anna never wanted to have children. Stepan also soon found his love. A lonely widow managed to melt a man’s heart. Only Anna cruelly paid for what she had done, well, it served the greedy, lustful woman right – she suffered the deserved punishment.


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