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An unexpected turn of events

My friend and I suddenly met at a party, I was immediately able to take him aside.

– Sasha, that’s what I need! Help me find someone.

He immediately choked on a cocktail:
“Am I a private detective or something?”

“I know you work for the police. I need to find a girl very urgently…

– Yes, tell me in detail already!

– Anya and I have always done everything together. We walked, studied, cooked together, hugged each other and kissed passionately. The happiness was indescribable, it seemed that it would all last forever. True, she did not like unexpected surprises and practical jokes at all, but I really liked it. But such nonsense did not prevent us from being together. Until the time we had our first fight. She just ran away, slammed the door behind her, and just disappeared. That’s how our whole love ended…

– Why do you need it now? – suddenly he asked. – There was one love, there will be another

– You just won’t understand. I really ask you to help me find her! Well, please! You’ve been in love before, too.

He just shrugged his shoulders in disbelief:

– Maybe she just went to another country. Or simply already married for a long time, and she has many children.

– In a year and a half? Yes, even so. If you find it, then I’ll tell you everything, why I need it.

– Okay, I’ll try. Dictate all the information.

Time has passed. Sometimes I called him, found out if there were any successes, and he just said vaguely:

– It’s going very slowly, have more patience

I kept waiting. Four months had already passed, and I had no hope at all, when suddenly Pavel called me:

– I found your girlfriend. Where will we meet?

– Oh, thank you so much!

“I’m not entirely sure you’ll be grateful to me,” he said in a very somber tone.

And he didn’t say anything else…

I invited them to my house, hardly waited for the evening, I was very worried.

– Are you playing pranks again? – my ex-love asked angrily when they met.

– Hi, Anya, – I said, looking at her. I haven’t changed at all… – But I have a case for you.

“What’s the deal?”

We can say that Silom sat them down on the sofa. Sasha wasn’t exactly friendly either, but I didn’t want to stop and started a conversation.:

– Do you remember what we promised each other? Well??? Ehhh! About honesty! Do you remember? You see,” he turned to Sasha, “we made a promise to each other: if we suddenly fall out of love, we will not hide it, but immediately tell about it. So that once and for all, so as not to torment each other, pulling out the whole soul.

– And what is it? My friend blinked nervously.

– And that’s it. I had to find Anya in order to tell her that I had fallen in love with another girl and we wanted to get married. But the wedding had to be postponed because my promise had not yet been fulfilled. Now my conscience is completely clear! Well, forgive me for that quarrel, okay?

They both looked at each other strangely

– What are you doing? – I asked. – Maybe what’s wrong?

– Yes, it’s like that, – Anya bit her lip.

Sasha replied:

– Why couldn’t you tell me everything right away?
I asked in surprise

It turned out that Sasha was able to find Anya very quickly, came to her house and immediately realized that she was the girl of his whole life, but he could not explain to himself why. It’s unclear how it all turned out, but they met the next day. And then again. And again. Conscience, initially outraged, could not resist strong feelings. Waking up in the morning, he immediately caught himself in the fact that his first thought was about her. I left for work in the morning, sat at my desk all day, but I couldn’t work. He even looked at himself through her eyes. What was to be done? So he just stole the girl from a friend? Very ugly! It turns out that happiness also has its own price to pay. He hesitated for a long time, but finally called me.

– I’m afraid for Yura. How can I tell him everything? – Sasha was afraid. – How can you explain about love? Eh, goodbye, friend… He won’t be able to forgive…

– And maybe he can. – Anya said mysteriously.

And then they came to me…

“I’m very happy for you guys,” I replied. – Will you even come to my wedding?

They were smiling sweetly.

“Of course,” Sasha said. – Only with the bride. You don’t mind, do you? He took Anya’s hand.

– I don’t mind, I even bless you! I replied.

Now we were all laughing together.


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