Married on the third attempt

Olga Petrovna looked attentively at her son-in-law, who was repairing a broken stool.

Finally, the son-in-law could not stand the overseer’s gaze, and politely asked:

– And why are you looking at me like that? Am I doing everything wrong again?

– You fix it, Tolya, fix it, – the woman also answered suspiciously politely.

– Tolik grinned heavily. – Only I’ve already learned your views by heart. Are you dissatisfied with something again, perhaps?

– What makes you think that?

– From that… After all, until I appeared in your house, I did not even suspect that milk in the refrigerator should be put only on a certain shelf… In your opinion, I even brush my teeth incorrectly, I start from the wrong side.

The son-in-law deliberately slammed the hammer on the stool, and the mother-in-law shuddered. She shuddered, but did not leave.

“I see…” the son-in-law muttered. – Have you read something on your stupid psychological website again?

– And I read it out, – Olga Petrovna immediately agreed. – Only you, son-in-law, don’t be indignant right away. Maybe it’s not about you and my Tonka. But here’s what psychologists write. It turns out that women in marriage are happy only after they have been married twice before. Here.

– Even so? Tolik looked suspiciously at his mother–in-law.

– Yeah… And I’m wondering why I wasn’t completely happy with my Vasya. It seems that there was happiness, but somehow it was half all the time … something, I was constantly missing. And here’s that. It was necessary to stay married two more times before that.

– Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes… – the son-in-law squinted and scratched with a hammer under his shoulder blade. – So, on two men, women first rehearse, learn, so to speak, how to behave correctly in the family, how to spend money so that the husband does not swear, and only then do you understand what the secret of this family idyll is. So what is it?

– But no! – The mother-in-law shook her head funny. – It turns out that a woman always gets married for the first time out of stupidity. Here. The second time she marries only in order to soothe her emotional wounds after the divorce. It wasn’t my idea, it’s psychologists who think so. He read smart books. But for the third time we choose our husband correctly, because we now have experience.

– Only the third time, so you hit the target?

— yeah.

– And why, Olga Petrovna, did you tell me all this? Tolya frowned at his mother–in-law. – For what?

– Well, I thought… Tony has my first marriage with you. And she probably wants real happiness… – The mother-in-law was suddenly frightened by what was said and repeated again: – That’s what psychologists say. It’s not me…

– Tolya, for some reason, looked at the hammer, which he still held in his hands. – So you want your daughter to be happy?

– Of course I want … – nodded mother-in-law.

– And she’s not happy… She told you that herself, didn’t she? It means that she is afraid to admit to me, she decided through you…

– Hey, son-in-law … – Tesha, seeing her son-in-law’s eyes, was scared. – You are this… Togo… Calm down… She didn’t tell me anything like that… It’s me… More precisely, psychologists… On the Internet they write…

– No… Tolik shook the hammer in his hand. – You said it clearly. Tonka married me stupidly, and now she’s struggling…

– Maybe, stupidly, – the mother-in-law backed away from her son-in-law. – So what? After all, I also foolishly went out. And nothing… My husband and I lived for a long time and… lived well…

– You, Olga Petrovna, don’t fool around. – The son-in-law shook his head badly.- I’m already confused by your words in my head. Tell me straight out, Tonka, is she thinking of divorcing me?

– Why? – the mother-in-law was scared.

– Then! To heal the wounds with the second man, and jump out for the third. Or maybe she has already chosen both the second and the third? Eh?

– What are you, son-in-law, completely wrong? – The mother-in-law even gasped in surprise. – I told you that maybe it’s not about you and Tonya!

– And about whom?

– Well, it’s just their theory. Like – in general.

– And why should I know this theory, eh?

– For general education.

– Oh, for education? – Tolik finally threw the hammer on the floor. – Come on, tell me, what are these psychologists writing about men?

– What about men?

– What kind of wife is it better for a man to live with? You find it for me right now, and tell me!

– Why would you do that?

– What for? Olga Petrovna, I also really want happiness. I’m also, by the way, a human being! Also an individual! So let’s see which of us will find happiness faster – me or your Antonina!

– Tolya, what are you doing?… – The mother-in-law even turned pale with fear. “Don’t even think that way. No need.

– It is necessary- it is necessary… Tolik kicked the stool with his foot. – And now I’m not interested in your furniture at all. Now I will only think about new happiness!

– What new happiness?! – The mother-in-law sat down on an unfinished stool. He staggered under her, but she didn’t even pay attention to it. – You already have happiness, Tolya. And all these psychologists write is nonsense! I don’t believe them myself.

– Nonsense?

– Of course nonsense… Even this stool is smarter than those psychologists. Because there is no furniture in the house, and we somehow managed without these psychologists before. Yes, son-in-law? So, you forget about them, and get busy…

The mother-in-law left the room, and Tolik looked at the stool for a long time…


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