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Olga could not get pregnant in any way, often visited doctors and really wanted her to finally be lucky. Otherwise, and she understood it, Kolya’s beloved husband would simply leave her for another. To the one who will be able to give him the happiness of fatherhood.

But Nikolai, no matter how much he wanted children, loved Olga and was not going to leave. He supported her in everything, but lately his wife has become simply unbearable and demanded that Kolya leave her, because one day he will leave anyway. But then it will be much more painful for her.

Nikolai calmed his wife as best he could and then she decided to make sure that he did not forgive her. The chance turned up very soon – at a party of friends Olga began to flirt with a young handsome man and at the end of the evening Kolya saw them in one of the rooms, secluded on the sofa.

It was a big blow for Nikolai. He did not make a scandal and spoil the holiday for the others, but left the house that night. Now Kolya lived with his mother and did not want to return to Olga at all. Only now Olga realized what she had done, but full realization came when she realized that she was pregnant.

– Kolya, dear, dear, I’m sorry! – Olga cried into the phone, – I’m so sorry to you. But I have news, and you will forgive me, I know! Just let’s meet and talk!

– I don’t want to talk to you and I don’t want to see you either!

– Kolya, Kolya, don’t hang up the phone… But the answer was only beeps.

The next time his mother answered the phone:

– Listen, Olya. Nikolai has left and will not return. I won’t tell you where he is now. You couldn’t keep my son, look for another one. He’s already spent five whole years on you. You got him with your tantrums.

– Did Kolya complain to you? – You don’t know your husband well, my dear! He never complains about anything. He carries everything in himself. But I’m not blind. And I know you very well. Yes, here’s another one. He left the apartment to you. Live and rejoice. And you’ll get the divorce papers by mail. And also, don’t call here anymore. However, I will also go to him, maybe I will have to babysit my grandchildren.

Olga slowly lowered the phone, sat down and began to cry. How stupid she is! She ruined everything herself! And all because of this child! Which no one needs now! Olga decided to have an abortion, but the time was lost and now she was hatefully carrying an unwanted child under her heart.

When the time came, Olga gave birth to a boy and leaving him in the hospital, she left, not sparing the baby, whom she deprived of maternal love and affection.

Six years have passed. Olga left her town, moving to the regional center. She had been married for a long time and was raising a little daughter.

Her husband Peter knew that he was her second, but he was not interested in details and believed that he was very lucky with his wife. They lived well and did not complain about prosperity: Peter worked as a deputy chief of police, and Olga was engaged in housekeeping and daughter.

She did not remember her past life, her son and ex-husband at all, believing that everything that is done is done for the better. Olga did not know that Nikolai lived in the same city and worked in a regional clinic.

His mother recently died and before her death she asked to be buried next to her husband, Nikolai’s father. And the son fulfilled her request, briefly returning to his hometown. He came to visit her on her parents’ day.

He was sitting thoughtfully looking at the gray hillock, when suddenly he heard a thin voice behind him:

– Uncle, do you have any sweets? Nikolai turned around sharply and saw a boy of about six years old in front of him. He was dirty and all kind of disheveled. But even through the layer of dirt, Nikolai could see shiny black eyes and a thin nose.

– Do you need candy? – he asked the child. He nodded.

– You know, brother, I don’t have any sweets, and if you’re hungry, come on, I’ll buy you something to eat. What do you like?

The boy swallowed, but shook his head.:

– I have to bring candy or money. Otherwise Vaska will kick my ears again.

– And who is this, Vaska?

– Our main one. He’s already big and that’s why everyone is afraid of him. And me too. And at Easter,” the boy suddenly boasted, “I brought the most sweets and cookies. There were so many people here and they all gave me food. The whole package turned out.

Nikolai closed his eyes and thought about how this child lives if he has to beg.

“What’s your name?”

– Grishka. And you?

– And my name is Nikolai.

Suddenly Grishka swayed and coughed violently, involuntarily clutching his chest.

– Uh, Brother Gregory, I see you’re sick. Give me your forehead. Yeah, the temperature. Come, my friend, with me.

– What about Vaska?

– Well, we’ll deal with him later, but for now let’s take care of you.

Nikolai took him by the small thin hand and led him to his car. He brought the boy home, bathed him, fed him, gave him medicine and put him to bed. And in the morning he took me to his clinic, where Grisha had all the tests taken.

The result was quite expected – pneumonia. Doctors started immediate treatment. Nikolai spent all his free time with the little patient and became very friendly with him. Now he was so touching, and the pallor of his face emphasized the bottomlessness of deep black eyes. Nurse Sonya raised her eyebrows when she saw them together:

– Nikolai Vasilyevich, you and Grisha are so similar, as if he were your son.

– Oh, Sonya, I would be glad. But, unfortunately, this is not possible.

– And yet, you are very similar. Look, he even purses his lips the same way you do.

Nikolai looked at the boy and thought. And in the evening I began to sort through my childhood photos and was stunned: Grisha was looking at him from the pictures.

In the morning, Nikolai passed his and Grisha’s tests for examination, and when the results came, he just grabbed his head and said to Sonya:

– How so? Why didn’t he know he had a son growing up? And this son was not needed by anyone for six years? Begging and crying out of resentment for this life? But after all, Olga could not give birth and leave a child! So something happened to her? Maybe she needs help too?

– If you want, we can find out everything. My cousin works in the police. It will be very easy for him to find out what happened, especially since not much time has passed.

– Yes, please help!

– Come to visit me, I will invite him too. That’s where we’ll find out everything.

The next day, Nikolai came to Sonya. He was with her for the first time and immediately appreciated the taste of the young hostess. She was very cozy, and delicious smells came from the kitchen. Sonya herself was in a house dress and it was very strange to see her without a white coat.

– Sonya, you are great, – said Nikolai, – and, apparently, an excellent hostess.

– I’m trying. Maybe someone will decide to marry me after all.

She smiled and looked at Nikolai so slyly that he was embarrassed, but quickly recovered:

– Here I would love to, but here’s the bad luck – I’m 10 years older than you. Or maybe for a lifetime. After all, I was already married and thought it was once and for all. Yes, I was wrong.

– You know, and I had an affair with a peer. Such love, like in the movies. Flowers, moon and all that. And then I found out that he has a fiancee. And pregnant. So much for love.

– Well, Sonya, life is a complicated thing in general. But you will definitely meet your prince. And he will love you madly. And I’m jealous of him.

– Well, what are you! now a blush of embarrassment flooded the girl’s cheeks, and she waved her hand:

– Come in, make yourself comfortable.

Soon Sonya’s brother, Peter, came. He was not alone, but with his family – with his wife and little daughter. Sonya came out to meet them, gently reproaching them that they had completely forgotten about her. The guests, justifying themselves, entered the room, and Nikolai froze in place – Olga was in front of him.

– You? she exclaimed. – What are you doing here?

– Do you know each other? Peter and Sonya exclaimed in unison.

– Yes. Nikolai replied. – This is my ex-wife, who first cheated on me right in front of my eyes, then gave birth to my son and left him in the hospital to beg on the streets.

– Olya, is it true? Peter asked her, but she did not hear him and only repeated:

“Did you find him?” Did you find it? So it was from you after all! – She burst out laughing, then began to cry: – Where is he now?

– In the hospital. A little more and he would have died of pneumonia. You don’t understand what you’ve done at all.

– I want to see him.

– Don’t. You’ve been fine all this time without him. I will educate Grisha myself.

– So his name is Grisha?! – Suddenly she turned to Nikolai and said with hatred:

– I hate you! Why did you come back into my life? Who asked you to? You’ve already broken everything once! It’s you! It’s all your fault! Nikolai apologized to Sonya and left.

He could no longer see the woman he once loved. The very next day he came to Grisha and sat down next to him, taking his hand:

– Grisha, I found out that I am your father. And I really want you to live with me. I love you very much, son, and I will do everything to make you the happiest in the world.

– Are you Dad? My dad?! The real one?! Daddy, I’ve been waiting for you so much! And everyone was laughing and teasing! And I knew, I knew that you would come!

– Here I am: – Nikolai hardly held back tears, hugging his son.

– Now everything is going to be fine with us! Do you hear?

Grisha wiped his tears and suddenly asked:

– Will my mom be there too? Will she come to us? I have a mom, right?! My mom?

Nikolai’s heart was treacherously pricked by a needle, but he did not have time to answer the child, because a woman’s voice rang out behind him:

– Of course there is, son. And I’ve already come.

Nikolai slowly turned around and saw Sonya, who was crying, looking at them. Grisha jumped up and hugged Nikolai and Sonya at the same time, pressing them to each other.

– Mom and Dad…dad and mom,” the sobbing baby repeated. And Nikolai hugged him to himself, and then hugged and kissed Sonya.

– Well, – he smiled. – So the wedding? Sonya and Grisha laughed – they were happy.

Three years have passed. Grisha went to school and studied well, Nikolai still worked at the clinic, and Sonya was waiting for them at home with little Angelina, their daughter and Kolya.

And they were all waiting for the evening when they could all get together, because none of them could be happy separately. And they knew it for sure.


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