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Mom, why did you give birth to me as a girl, I didn’t ask you about it

– Mom, why did you give birth to me as a girl? Lena exclaimed indignantly, entering her parents’ room.

– what? – Tatiana looked up from ironing clothes and looked at her daughter with a grin. – Is it starting again?

– Well, really, Mom, why did you have to do this?

Tatiana shook her head ruefully.

– How I’m already tired of you with these transparent hints of yours. Get out of here, don’t interfere with my business. Or better yet, take a vacuum cleaner and do the cleaning.

– Mom, I have a very serious conversation with you. Or don’t you understand me?

– I really understand you. – Tatiana chuckled and continued to do her job.

– Well, really, I didn’t ask you to give birth to a girl, did I, Mom? – the daughter did not lag behind her mother.

– Isn’t it a little late for you to miss this? At the age of twenty?

The daughter pouted her cheeks resentfully, stood in front of a huge mirror that was on the door of her mother’s wardrobe, and began to look at herself as if she saw her reflection for the first time.

– And why am I all like this? Eh, Mom? Look at me. I have to do something with myself.

– I say again, leave me alone, – my mother calmly retorted.

– So you and Dad, when you were thinking of having a baby, decided that I should be a girl, right? Did you think about me before you gave birth to me?

– Lenka, don’t make me angry! There was a threat in Tatiana’s voice.

– Why, a little something, immediately – don’t get angry? Why do all parents always have this? And my girlfriends also say about their parents that they are the same. – Lenka made a stern face and showed her tongue to her reflection in the mirror. – Do I have no right to show you my displeasure? What about freedom of speech? Freedom of expression of feelings? Or do the inviolable rights of humanity not apply to our family?

Tatiana looked at her daughter with a grin.

– Do not show your discontent about your gender to me. Do you understand?

– And to whom? – my daughter was surprised. – What about Dad? He, I know, is not interested in my opinion on this issue at all.

– Complain to the Lord God – only to him!

– Do I have to go to church? Surprised, Lena looked up from the mirror and looked at her mother.

“You can go,– his mother nodded. – It’s about time. Go and have fun with your father and me there. Just make sure that the parishioners don’t accidentally beat you up there.

– Mom, don’t make fun of me. There was a pleading tone in her daughter’s voice. “You know what I’m talking about. And all you know is that you’re kidding.

– You’re making fun of me.

– Mom, you don’t understand me, do you? But why? You’re a woman yourself, you know our problems. And you’re also my mom. And I’m your… forced daughter… It’s your fault, by the way…

– Okay, – finally, Tatiana nodded.

– Okay what? Lena was surprised.

– My father will come, I will ask him for money for you.

– Hurrah!!! – Lena even jumped up and clapped her hands like a little one. – Mommy, I love you!

– You rejoice early, Lenusik. I’m not going to ask Dad for money for what you’re hoping for.

– And for what?

– To change your gender.

– What? – Lena was confused.

– That. I’m tired of you with your whining. As soon as there’s a holiday coming up, that’s how you wind up your record.

– Mom, don’t joke like that. Not necessary…

“I’m not kidding. We’ll make a man out of you. Now it’s easy, one or two and done. Moreover, in other countries it is even welcome, they say. Very welcome.

– Mom! Are you kidding me again? – Lenka didn’t know whether to cry or laugh at such a strange joke of her mother.

– No! That’s it! Tatiana said firmly. – How long can you whine that you don’t like being a girl because you have nothing to wear again? And when you become a guy, we’ll buy you a pair of pants and a pair of T-shirts, and that’s it. By the way, you and your father are about the same height, you will be carrying his things for him. Yes… it’s a pity that you’re a girl and not a boy. In fact, you and I would have had less fuss. And about the expenses for your dresses – I’m not talking at all.

– Mom, it’s not good to joke about your daughter like that, – Lena said resentfully. – I’m just asking you for a little something…

– And I’m asking you, don’t bother me with your problems. Go to your closet, open it wider and take a good look at how much you have there in total. And if you really want new things, find yourself a better job.

“Is that your last word?” Lena asked, upset.

– The last one.

– Mom, can I, then, dig in your closet?

“You can,” Mom said with relief.

– Thanks for that, too…

Lena sighed heavily and opened the doors of her mother’s closet.


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