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Young, beautiful, $100 per hour

A friend of mine arranged for me to work as a bartender in a nightclub. At first, everything was great: the salary, the shift schedule were fine. But then I realized that the money I was being paid wasn’t that big. Especially in comparison with the wages of the girls who danced with us on weekends. Customers generously thanked them – gifts, flowers, bills in panties…

– I live in a rented apartment, no new clothes, not life, but a miserable vegetating, – I complained one evening to one of the strippers.

– And you work on the side, – she advised. – A lot of girls do that.

– How is it – on the side? I asked naively.

The friend looked at me in surprise.

– Chris, I didn’t think you were so dark in these matters. Have fun with your clients- that’s a pay raise for you.

– Sleep with them?!

“Well, honey, they’re unlikely to fork out for you to read them a bedtime story,” she giggled.

– Oh, Kriska, you can’t be such a naive fool. Use it while you are young, in a couple of years you will go into circulation,” said Anka, and then philosophically added: “Beauty and youth are temporary qualities.

– Well, no! Such earnings are definitely not for me!

I had no desire to become a prostitute, but a few weeks passed, and that notorious black streak came. I managed to borrow the entire stash to a friend who tearfully begged her to help out. But now this beauty is gone. Her phone didn’t answer, she didn’t show up at home, or at work either.

It’s time to pay for the apartment, and there’s nothing. Plus, the seal fell out, it was necessary to go to the dentist urgently, and this “pleasure” is not cheap. Involuntarily, Anya’s words came to mind. I thought for a couple of days and decided to try to “earn” on my dentist. The peasant had his eye on me for a long time, although he was not the first freshness. Arriving at the reception, she hinted that she was not averse to paying in kind, not in cash, and three hours later she was already leaving his apartment, located above the dental office, with a crisp hundred-dollar bill in her purse and a new filling in her tooth.
In the evening, I began to look more closely at the customers at the bar. I stopped at one. A nice suit, an expensive watch on his hand, and not so very nasty. In general, you can try…

“Can I pour you something else?” – I turned to him, leaning on the counter so as to demonstrate my beautiful breasts as much as possible.

“No thanks,” he muttered, finishing his whiskey.

– I can offer you something besides a drink… — whispered and I seductively licked my lips.

The man looked at me appraisingly, then gave me his business card:

– Call me tomorrow at eleven in the morning.

I called, they gave me the address and told me to come by three o’clock.
That evening, large bills rustled in my wallet. Now it was possible not to worry about how to pay for housing. But I didn’t want to hang out at the bar anymore. A waste of time…

There weren’t many customers that night, I was frankly bored. And then an elderly man came into the hall. He looks about sixty-five years old, or even more. He sat down at the bar and stared at me. Smoked one cigarette after another.

– What’s your name? “What is it?” he asked as I passed by.

“Kristina,” she nodded at the badge pinned to her chest.

– Christina… – he repeated, without taking his eyes off my cleavage. – Would you like to earn some money? I will pay very well.

– At least a thousand, – I immediately named the amount.

He laughed and said that for some reason I rate myself too low.

– I’ll pay, just agree.

“Okay,” I purred and slipped a business card with my mobile number into his hand.

– Call tomorrow around two o’clock in the afternoon, but not before, I need a good night’s sleep.

The man promised that he would call, and again stared at me. Up close, he looked even older than I first thought-at least seventy. I realized that I would need a drink before going to him. Grandpa, that’s what I called him, called in the afternoon and invited me to a restaurant, which pleasantly surprised me. We had a big lunch, drank some wine: he had a little, I had a good one, and then we went to his house.

Grandpa lived in an elite high-rise, and I was very upset that I called such a small amount yesterday.

“You didn’t even ask my name,” he said.

I wanted to argue that it doesn’t matter, but I decided not to spoil the relationship until the moment of payment for my services.

– I’m Igor. – said Grandpa and hurriedly went to the bathroom.

I took advantage of the moment and looked around the apartment. A rich hut, repair at the highest level…

“I wonder what role is best to play in order to get here again? Touchy-feely? Or on the contrary, an experienced priestess, experienced in love games?” she racked her head.

While I was looking around, Igor came out of the bathroom.

– Come to me. – he said, putting his arm around my waist.

I involuntarily recoiled. After all, I haven’t had anything to do with such old men yet.

“Dance for me,” he asked suddenly.

Igor sat down on the sofa and turned on the music. The wine I drank helped me to relax. I hoped that my striptease would turn a man on so that there would be little work with him later. I danced slowly, gradually undressing…

Igor looked motionless for a while, then took off his tie and wiped the sweat from his forehead with a convulsive movement.

“Are you feeling unwell?” I asked, interrupting the dance.

“It’s a little hot in here,” he whispered, leaning back on the couch. – Bring me some water, please…

I brought him some mineral water. He gulped it down and unbuttoned his shirt collar.

“You look gorgeous,” Igor said, and I realized that I was standing in front of him almost naked, in only panties and shoes.

He began greedily and hurriedly kissing my chest, stomach.
I closed my eyes and tried to imagine George Clooney instead of the old grandfather. And at that moment, the man sobbed strangely and … fell on his side.

– Igor?! I called out to him. – Hey, what’s the joke?

A muffled groan answered me.

Oh, my God! I ran around the room in a panic. I tried to remember how to do artificial respiration, but then I realized that I couldn’t bring myself to touch Igor. While these thoughts flashed through his head, the man completely quieted down. As I got closer, I saw that no one could help him now…

“Call an ambulance?” Or immediately to the police? What am I going to tell them? Like, I decided to make easy money, but the client decided not to pay me in such an unusual way? No, we need to escape from here…”

I hurriedly began to pull on my dress, but the zipper, as luck would have it, stuck, I had to throw Igor’s jacket on top. I felt his wallet in my pocket. I opened it automatically and saw that it was literally stuffed with money. There, in addition to hryvnia, there were dollars and euros…

Yeah, so my services will still be paid for. I ran through the apartment again: apparently, he lives (that is, he lived) alone – no feminine tricks in the bathroom or in the bedroom. That one of his children or grandchildren lives with him is also unlikely. Who will get all this good? Strangers? To the ambulance doctors and policemen who will surely want to profit? And how are they better than me?

With these thoughts, I began to purposefully scour the apartment, carefully searching every nook and cranny. All valuable finds were immediately put in her purse. In one of the drawers of the dresser I found a velvet box, and in it – a gold necklace with sapphires. I even caught my breath when I put this beauty around my neck. I wonder who it was originally intended for? Although what’s the difference?

I left the apartment long after midnight. I decided not to risk the elevator (its noise could wake up the neighbors), went down the stairs. I immediately managed to catch a taxi on the street, and in fifteen minutes I was already at home.

I returned to my apartment in a state of mild euphoria. Of course, one evening – and such a prey. True, the joy was overshadowed by Igor’s death, but after thinking a little, I decided not to bother about it. And the old man lived decently, after all, the younger ones die.

The next day I went to work in a great mood. I decided to finish off the rest of the employees with my appearance. She put on a new dress of bright blue color, and a necklace with sapphires on her neck. The police came to us at twelve o’clock in the morning…
– Kristina A.? – the man in civilian clothes specified. – You’re under arrest.

– What?! I asked him in horror, not understanding how they could get to me. Am I going to jail?

“You’re under arrest,” he repeated again, a little louder.

– For what?

– Are you familiar with Igor K.?

– Do you know how many customers there are? – I began to evade a direct answer. – You won’t remember them all.

– But you definitely remember him, since you spent the evening with him yesterday. And when an elderly person became ill, you… Yes, you already know everything… And what do we have as a result? Failure to provide assistance, theft… – listed operas.

– But how…

– How did we get on your trail? It was simple.

The housekeeper found the dead owner in the morning. She called us. Your business card was found during the search. In addition, we checked the surveillance camera records in the front, and there you are in all its glory. And in vain they decided to decorate their neck.

I was handcuffed and put in a car. What will happen now? Do I really have to sit? Don’t want.


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