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I can’t live with my mother-in-law anymore

I got married a few years ago. My future husband immediately set a condition for me – to live with his mother. They have a small apartment, there is no father and she has my husband alone.

I didn’t particularly resist, thinking that an experienced woman would help me. At the very beginning it was. If we didn’t become friends with her, then at least we treated each other normally. And then I got pregnant. When I had a terrible toxicosis, my mother-in-law, instead of support and help, kept saying some nasty things. I was even surprised, because she is also a woman.

Then our baby was born, and the situation gradually began to escalate. I don’t want to be at home at all. When my husband is at work, I also try to go somewhere. Sometimes he stays late and I walk down the street. When she’s at home and I haven’t had time to leave, I pretend to sleep with the baby.

Someone might ask: what makes me so mad? I will answer: the fact that she always climbs where she is not asked. She made it a condition for us that there were no locks on the doors of our room. The husband, of course, agreed. And I don’t like it. I can’t feel free being at home. She can come into our room without permission and without knocking, and she doesn’t care what we are doing there at this time.

One day she opened the door while I was changing. When she saw me almost undressed, she was not embarrassed, did not come out, but came in and sat down on our bed. She behaves like a hostess. Of course, I understand that this is how it is. This is her house, she has the right to dispose of it at her discretion. But not in my room!

And recently I noticed something that completely unsettled me. When we’re not at home, she’s like a bloodhound, sniffing around all corners. She eavesdrops when I talk on the phone, and even inserts her clever word. If I don’t want to listen to it and try to go somewhere, it won’t let me. Just some kind of horror.

She climbs into literally everything and everywhere. When my husband and I talk, she’s right there. He always inserts his opinion, which no one is interested in. When we first got married, it didn’t infuriate me so much. I understood that she was bored, that’s why she behaves like this. And then it only got worse. With the birth of the child, she just went crazy. He tries to teach me all the time how to treat his own son. And not just gives some good advice, but just gets bored and criticizes everything that I would not do.

I don’t want to brag, but I am a good mother, wife and hostess. My men are shod, dressed, always fed. They never wear dirty or rumpled clothes. And I have no desire to stand at the stove for a very long time and cook pickles. One time I wanted to bake pancakes, so she got so tired of me that I dropped everything and went to my room.

I recently talked to my husband about this situation. He sees it all, too, and asks me to be patient. He says that it will soon be possible to take an apartment on a mortgage, but it is not working yet. He and his mother are also fighting, but it’s no use. Those who are not familiar with her will never believe that she is a real vampire who sucks our blood. She can be so sweet, treats everyone and helps everyone, but in fact just does not let you live. It got to the point where she complained to my parents about us. So they believed her, not their own daughter.

And recently she told me about our wedding. Can you imagine, several years have passed, and she remembered. She began to demand that my family give her half of the money spent. Of course, our wedding was just gorgeous, but no one asked her about it. She really wanted to show her luxury to everyone she knew. And now I or my relatives have to take the rap?

I do not know how to live with her anymore. I just can’t stand her. Honestly, I try not to go into conflict, I try not to leave the room, so she breaks into me herself. I just can’t stand her. I consider myself guilty that I treat my spouse’s mother this way, but I can’t do anything about it. My husband and I also began to swear on this ground. And she’s glad.


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