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Dear, why do I need a soul if I have a beautiful body, – said the wife and froze in a model pose

Denis came home from work tired, so he immediately hurried to lie down on the sofa.

– Are you lying down? his surprised wife asked.

– I’m very tired today, Olya. I’ll lie down for a while. If you’re very hungry, have dinner without me.

– What kind of dinner? – my wife was even more surprised. – We’ll have dinner somewhere else. Have you forgotten where we were going today?

– Oh, my God!.. – the husband groaned, remembering what his wife was talking about, and made a pained face. – You know what, honey, I don’t want to go anywhere today. I don’t want to and I can’t. I don’t have the strength.

– Are you crazy?! – Olga even caught her breath from such impudence. – By the way, you and I were invited to visit not by anyone, but by the people we need. And anyway, I’ve been waiting for this day for a whole month. I bought a new dress, shoes, and you tell me I don’t want to go. Quickly change into a formal suit and let’s go.

Denis looked at his wife pleadingly. – I can’t. I’m tired, and… To be honest, I don’t want to see these people! I don’t want to sit at the same table, smile at them…

– Why is that? Olga was surprised again. – Quite normal people. What happened to you, my dear husband?

– I don’t know. But as soon as I see this married couple, who diligently pretends that she loves everyone terribly, my soul immediately groans for some reason. It hurts all over. My soul can’t stand such obvious pretense…

– Why are you telling me all this?! – Olga drilled Denis with a stern look. – Why? Do you want to spoil my mood?

– Then! They don’t love anyone but themselves, you know? They don’t like it. And they invited guests only to show off what repairs they had done.

– Big deal… – the wife grinned. – Well, what’s the big deal? Everyone is such a pretender now. Get up, stop whining.

– But not everyone is like that, – Denis protested. – I, for example, am not like that. And now, you and I have just started talking about them, and again my soul is cramped with an unpleasant premonition…

– Big deal, his soul was cramped. Olga curled her lips. – You’ll catch your breath in the fresh air, and you’ll feel better immediately.

– It won’t get better. Soul, these are not your lungs. And not even a heart. This is the soul. It is necessary to obey her.

– Get up, I say. What kind of person are you?! – Olga tried to lift Denis by force, but in vain.- You carry your soul around like an antique suitcase. A modern person should live not with his soul, but with his head. Brains. Think about what will happen if we don’t go to these people. They might think something bad about us. And they will never help us again. And we sometimes borrowed money from them. Remember? And not a small amount of money.

– You borrowed it. And I did. And in general, now I earn well, we will do without such friends in quotes.

– This is the case with us now. And tomorrow? What if everything changes tomorrow? Remember, we need to live with calculation.

– I don’t want to live like this! Denis repeated stubbornly. – My soul does not allow me to live like this.

– The soul again?! – Olya almost growled with anger. – Listen, your soul is already starting to infuriate me! Stop talking about her all the time!

– why? Denis stared at his wife with sincere bewilderment. “Don’t you ever have a heartache yourself?”

– It doesn’t hurt!

– But how can it be?!

– I don’t know. And in general, why do I need a soul if I have a beautiful body? Olga suddenly grinned and struck a pose, as if she was going to be photographed for a glossy magazine. “Look at how well my new dress fits on him. Well, isn’t it cool?

– what?

Denis didn’t want to believe his ears. What his wife said just now in passing was a real revelation for him. A terrible revelation, one might say – catastrophic…

But Olga did not even notice his frightened eyes. She continued to admire her dress, not realizing that she had imperceptibly crossed the line beyond which it was not worth crossing.

– I’m saying, Denis, that you didn’t even notice what dress I’m wearing today. You don’t notice anything! And you’re also talking about some kind of soul. For the last time, will you come with me to visit, or should I go alone?

– Go alone… Denis said in a whisper and slowly closed his eyes.

Denis suddenly found her high-pitched squeaky voice unpleasant. “My God, why didn’t I notice before what a nasty voice she has,” he thought. How have I been living with her all this time?”

– Well, okay… Olga shrugged her shoulders, and hurried into the hallway. – I’ll lie that you’re very ill. I think they’ll be glad to see me alone.

And she left, unaware that she had destroyed family happiness with just one phrase…


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