lonely grandmother

An unnecessary mother.

Lyudmila Gennadievna has worked as a teacher all her life. She liked to teach, liked to explain a difficult subject to children. Together with them, she rejoiced when the children learned something new, solved difficult tasks. They came to the teacher with problems with their studies, and then not only because of school troubles.

Lyudmila Gennadievna was a very kind and affectionate woman, which was very appreciated by children. Lyudmila also had her own children, two daughters – Lena and Olya. The girls grew up in love and care. It became, of course, harder for everyone to provide for them after the death of Lyudmila’s husband, but the woman somehow coped.

The husband was not a modest income person, so he managed to save enough money and bought a separate apartment for his daughters, which they later planned to exchange for two smaller ones. In the meantime, it was possible to rent an apartment so that there would be something to do extra. In a word, they somehow got out of it. And at the same time they lived quite decently; they were not posh, of course, but they had enough for food.

Of course, over time, the daughters grew up, entered the institute, and Lyudmila Gennadievna realized that it would soon be possible to retire. In general, she had a good life until her daughters suddenly got married.

Lyudmila somehow missed getting to know their guys. She wasn’t even aware that Olya and Lena were dating someone. Of course, this fact saddened Lyudmila Gennadievna, but she consoled herself with the fact that the girls are in a big city, there is a different rhythm of life there. In general, the acquaintance happened on the phone, when a joyful Lena called her mother.

– Hello, Mom!.. You have no idea what happened! – the girl chirped. – I’ve just been proposed to! And I agreed!..

– Oho … – Lyudmila Gennadyevna could only squeeze out. – Daughter, I congratulate you, of course!.. Such joy… But who to marry? You didn’t even say you were dating anyone.

– Oh, Mommy, I’m completely screwed up, you know. I was finally able to get a job in my specialty. No more troubles in life, everything is getting better!.. And the guy, the groom, is a very nice and attractive young man,” Lena giggled. Apparently, this sweetest and most attractive young man was nearby. – His name is Pasha, he works in the same place where I just got a job. And so, we had an affair, and somehow I completely forgot to tell you about it.

– Well, it’s a young thing, – Lyudmila Gennadyevna smiled. – Is it at least possible to get acquainted with him before your wedding?

– Well, of course you can! Elena laughed. – You know how to turn on a video on your phone, right?

Lyudmila Gennadyevna knew how to do this. But she meant something else. Although, maybe all the young people are doing this now? After all, she has found a common language with children all her life, why now be surprised by some new trends? The woman turned on the camera and looked at the screen with interest. Next to her daughter was far from the most attractive, but at least not the most unattractive young man. Ordinary, in general. He was smiling and hugging Lena by the shoulders.

– Hello, Lyudmila Gennadievna! I am the same Pavel, whom your daughter has just made the happiest person on the planet! – he announced happily.

– Well, although our acquaintance is somewhat non-trivial, but I’m glad for you! Lyudmila smiled. – I wish you both happiness!

– Thank you! Lena and Pasha answered in unison.

A little later, just a couple of months later, Olga also stunned her mother with a similar news about marriage. And also completely without warning. Well, what to do?

Lyudmila Gennadievna congratulated her daughters and began to prepare for weddings with them. Of course, the gift must be appropriate. It is unlikely that their grooms managed to get their own housing by the age of thirty. Lyudmila Gennadievna knew that it was time to sell the apartment bought by her husband. She didn’t waste any time and rented out her apartment. Over the past years, a good amount has accumulated. Lyudmila Gennadievna decided to consult with a realtor.

Choosing a day, the woman slowly drank her morning coffee, then got ready, dressed and went out for a newspaper with ads. She liked such an old and romantic way to find a realtor. Young people will certainly try to deceive her, and those who submit ads to print publications are unlikely to be younger than 30.

Lyudmila Gennadievna bought a newspaper and returned home, grabbing fresh pastries on the way. The woman settled into her favorite chair and began to look through the ads. Someone was too aggressive, promising to sell an apartment in any condition for any money, someone was too indecisive, announcing several meetings and a step-by-step consultation, but finally Lyudmila Gennadievna found a suitable candidate. She dialed the number listed at the bottom of the ad.

-hello! This is Alexander, how can I help you? – there was a cheerful and cheerful voice on the phone.

– Hello. My name is Lyudmila, I would like to consult about the apartment.

– Oh, you’ve come to the right place, Lyudmila. Are you interested in a personal meeting or will we discuss everything over the phone?

Lyudmila Gennadievna was pleased with her choice. You can see right away that he is a business man.

“I think a face-to-face meeting would be a good option,” the woman replied.

– I like your approach to business! – Well, then let’s discuss the time and place. Check-out and initial consultation, by the way, are completely free.

Lyudmila Gennadievna was pleasantly surprised by such a bonus. She dictated the address of the apartment and said that she could meet the next day. Alexander approved of this idea. The apartment had been empty for a couple of weeks, the last tenants had just moved out. Therefore, there could be no difficulties with visiting and inspecting the housing.

Alexander turned out to be a man with a pleasant and well-groomed appearance, dressed discreetly, but with taste. With all his appearance, he gave the impression of a very responsible and honest person.

– Hello, Lyudmila! It’s very nice to meet you personally,” Alexander smiled.

– Hello. And me too, Alexander,” the woman also replied with a smile. – Shall we go to the apartment?

– Yes, yes. By the way, what is the deal? What do you want to do with this housing? Sell, rent, exchange? – the man asked while Lyudmila Gennadievna was opening the door to the apartment.

“That’s why I doubt it,” the woman sighed. – You see, I have two daughters. And they suddenly, quite unexpectedly for me, decided to get married. This apartment was bought by my now deceased husband. He kept it just for the girls. We planned to exchange it for two smaller ones so that they could live independently. We even rented out this housing, so there is some additional payment. But I am not sure that in the current realities it is possible to exchange one apartment for two…

– Yes… well, first of all, congratulations. After all, weddings of two daughters at once are wonderful, – Alexander smiled. – Well, secondly, frankly speaking, you are right. It will be hard to exchange one apartment for two. More often they make an exchange for a smaller area with an additional payment from the buyer or vice versa. Well, you know. So, to change one apartment for two… I don’t even know, I have to think about it. Can I look around?

– Yes, yes, of course, – Lyudmila Gennadievna made an inviting gesture with her hand.

Alexander walked around the rooms, checked the plumbing and wiring, marked something in his notebook, then took out his phone and typed something diligently for a couple of minutes. Then, after waiting for an answer, he put the phone in his pocket and turned to Lyudmila.

– Well, well, Lyudmila. I have a few suggestions for you. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to exchange one apartment for two. At least, there are no such clients in our database. And we have the most extensive database in the city. So it would be better to sell it. And then we will immediately have buyers to whom we will be able to show housing. What is the urgency of the transaction?

– Wow… To be honest, I didn’t think that everything would be so fast,” the woman admitted a little embarrassed. – Well, the girls decided to celebrate on one day, and this date is in another six months.

– Six months is not such a long time, – Alexander shook his head. – Some apartments can be sold for several years. But, fortunately, this is not our situation. The apartment is in perfect order, so, general cleaning is done and everything is ready for sale. By the way, we have a related agency engaged in cleaning, in other words, cleaning. I can give you a business card. And in connection with the contract concluded with me, they will give you a good discount there.

Lyudmila Gennadievna’s head was spinning from the abundance of information that Alexander poured out on her. She only had time to wonder how people could live in such a fast, modern world?

– Okay, okay… yes, let’s sell this apartment. And I will use the services of your, uh, cleaners…” Lyudmila Gennadievna said uncertainly.

– That’s nice! Alexander beamed and clapped his hands. – Then we’ll start selling. You can leave me a duplicate of the keys after the conclusion of the contract, and then you will not have to attend the show every time. But this is completely optional.

– I am a free woman, – Lyudmila Gennadievna smiled. – Almost a pensioner. So I think it will be possible to attend the screenings.

“That’s even better,” Alexander nodded. – And then, you know, God forbid dishonest people will get caught, steal a spoon, and it will turn out to be a family heirloom. I’ve had such cases in my youth, uh… barely found a relic. It turned out that the child of the buyers took to play and forgot to return, can you imagine how it happens?

– Yes, – Lyudmila Gennadyevna grinned.

The woman’s soul was calm. They discussed the sale amount with the realtor, the man said that it was better to set a little more so that they could offer a bargain. Lyudmila was once again pleased with the efficiency of her assistant and entrusted this matter to him.


Several months have passed. Some buyers liked the apartment, and it was already possible to make a deal. However, there was some bad news. Lyudmila Gennadievna was forced to switch to work online. And for her, it was the worst nightmare. The woman did not like working with a computer, something constantly failed. Although she was quite progressive, she even sat on social networks, but Lyudmila Gennadyevna was not able to deal with all platforms with video lessons and presentations. And for such employees, the bosses have one road – retirement. The teacher was not too upset by this news. She herself was going to do so in the near future. It’s a pity, of course, she didn’t have time to finish her graduation class, but anyway, the children there are smart, they can cope without her. Moreover, at any moment they can turn to Lyudmila Gennadievna directly with a request to explain a particular topic.

In a word, the teacher said goodbye to her students and went on a well-deserved rest. Meanwhile, the apartment was sold, the deal was made, and the money safely got into Lyudmila Gennadievna’s account. Everything was going fine.

– Well, Lyudmila! I congratulate you on a big deal! – Alexander smiled and shook the pensioner’s hand. – It turned out to be a great deal.

– Yes, you did your best, – Lyudmila smiled. – Can we now proceed to the second part of the plan?

– What is the second part of the plan? Alexander was genuinely surprised.

– How – to what?.. To buy two apartments for my daughters … – Lyudmila Gennadievna was confused.

– Oh, do you want me to do that too? Alexander grinned. – We had a little misunderstanding. I thought you already had something in mind. Well, that’s okay. Let’s search through our database, and we’ll find everything.

“Please don’t scare an elderly woman like that,” Lyudmila Gennadievna breathed.

– But what kind of old woman are you? Alexander laughed. – In any case, don’t worry. Everything is under control.

However, there was no call from Alexander for a couple of days. Lyudmila Gennadievna decided that it was more difficult to look for two apartments under certain conditions than to sell one with a favorable bargain, so she did not worry so much.

But finally, almost a week later, Alexander called. His voice was no longer so cheerful.

– Lyudmila Gennadyevna, I’m afraid I don’t have the best news for you, – he immediately began.

– What is it?.. – the woman even sat down with excitement.

– You see, apartments are somehow possible to find… But those that are bigger are completely “killed”, and small-sized odnushki are hardly interested in newlyweds.

– Oh, my God… and what should I do now?.. Lyudmila Gennadyevna was confused.

– The main thing is not to panic, – Alexander said confidently. – There are also normal, quite decent twos. But they cost a little more than we have money.

– So, and the savings from the lease? Lyudmila Gennadyevna asked, anxiously pressing her hand to her heart.

– This is taking into account your savings from the lease, – Alexander repeated. Lyudmila Gennadievna gasped.

It was quite a decent amount of money.

– What to do… I do not know where else to get money… and I want to make a gift to my daughters so much…” the woman babbled.

– Well, Lyudmila Gennadievna, I’m not rushing you in any way. Think about everything. Maybe a one-night stand will do for the daughters?

“No, no, it won’t do at all,” Lyudmila answered decisively, rubbing her aching temple.

– Unfortunately, these are all our options, – Alexander sighed.

– Understood… Well, thank you. I’ll think about where I can get money, and if I don’t come up with it, then we’ll have time to buy at least one for the girls?.. Lyudmila Gennadyevna asked with resignation.

“We’ll make it,” Alexander said confidently.

– Okay, thanks. I’ll call you.

Lyudmila Gennadievna hung up the phone. No, well, how did it happen?.. Everything was going so well– without a hitch, without a hitch! And here you are!..

It turns out that Alexander did not understand that he also had to buy apartments, so he calculated the amount incorrectly or did not immediately look at the options. Oh, well, how could she, a teacher who has to explain everything, miss this moment? Lyudmila Gennadievna’s mood completely dropped. To give girls a one–night stand for a wedding – so they will laugh. They will say that they could not provide for their daughters. And where do the newlyweds need a one-room apartment? And the children? And the guests? They will not sit opposite each other and read books!.. Young people need space, and now, it turns out, there is no money for it. However, Lyudmila Gennadievna had one idea. Oh, what you won’t do just for the sake of your beloved daughters!.. But I had to talk to them anyway. Lyudmila wanted to make a surprise, but, apparently, it won’t work anymore.

The woman called her daughters and asked them to come for an important conversation. Of course, the girls were busy and reluctantly agreed to come to their mother. Lyudmila Gennadyevna didn’t like their attitude too much, but on the other hand, they could also be understood. A wedding is a lot of stress.

– Mom, what’s going on in the 21st century? I hope your very important conversation was worth my wedding dress? – Olga began to be indignant from the threshold.

– What about your wedding dress? Lyudmila Gennadievna was surprised.

– I’m just choosing it.

– So you’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now…

– And in all this time I haven’t found anything suitable!.. the girl sighed. – You can’t take Misha with you, you know, it’s a bad sign.

– Well, yes, – Lyudmila Gennadyevna grinned. – When did you start believing in omens?

Okay, Mom, I’m sorry, but I’m so exhausted because of this wedding. I don’t know whether to be happy or not anymore,” Olga admitted.

– That’s it! Elena agreed. – Total stress. At first, it’s so great, you fly in the seventh heaven, and then how the whole background will be revealed – brr!..

– Girls, this is not a reason to be so sad, – their mother smiled. – Moreover, I have more pleasant news for you than the background of the wedding ceremony.

“What’s that?” Elena asked.

– I want to discuss a gift from me, – sighed Lyudmila Gennadievna. – I wanted it to be a surprise, but something went wrong. Excuse me, girls.

– Mom, what are you … – Elena stroked the worried woman on the shoulder. – It’s all right. Actually, we have already discussed all the gifts with Pasha’s parents. And even chose. They give us a car, can you imagine?

– Wow!.. That’s great! – Lyudmila Gennadievna was sincerely happy for her daughter.

– Yeah, and they give us a vacation in Hawaii, – Olga also boasted. – Misha already had a car.

– Girls, it’s wonderful, – Lyudmila Gennadievna smiled.

– Yes, it’s a pity that no one thought to fork out for housing, – Olga muttered.

– And here you are not quite right, – Lyudmila smiled slyly. – That’s what I wanted to talk about. You hardly have your own place, right? And Dad left you that apartment as a legacy, remember? And so. I sold it.

– Why?! Elena rolled her eyes.

– To buy you both an apartment, – Lyudmila Gennadyevna shrugged her shoulders.

– What?! – the girls asked in chorus. – Yes, but something went wrong… – what a sense of pride Lyudmila could have experienced if she had taken care to double-check everything!..

But she made a mistake. And now I had to tell my daughters the whole story that happened to her.

– Oh-oh-oh… what a pity,” Elena clicked her tongue after listening to her mother.

– Yes… well, how so?.. Olga echoed her mournfully.

– Well, girls, it’s too early to hang up your nose. I thought you were young, and you should live in the city. And I could move to the village. The houses there aren’t that expensive. In general, I think it is possible to sell my apartment. Then you will definitely have enough for housing, and I will also have enough for a small house.

– Mom, that would be so wonderful!.. Elena said dreamily.

“But are you sure?” After all, moving is a difficult matter, and your age is already such …” Olga added doubtfully.

– My age is just right for a summer cottage, – Lyudmila Gennadyevna smiled.

– I will rest, do nature, grow my own vegetables… I already wanted to move to a village in my old age.

– Well, if you are sure of your decision, then, of course, we will help you with moving and in general, with what you ask, – Olga said and hugged her mother. – I love you so much…

– And I love you, Mommy, – Elena hugged the touched Lyudmila from the other side.

It’s decided. Lyudmila Gennadievna again appealed to Alexander with a request to sell her apartment and deposit the missing money for the girls’ apartments. And she needed a certain amount to have left for her own housing.

– All right, Lyudmila, I understand you! – the realtor answered cheerfully as always. – After the sale, there will be two weeks to move, will you have time during this time?

“Yes, I will,” the woman replied confidently.

– Unfortunately, I will not be able to find you a house, I work only in the city, – Alexander warned.

– I’ll find a house myself and tell you how much money I need, – this time Lyudmila decided to act for sure.

– I see. Well, good luck to you! I’m going to look for a buyer,” Alexander said goodbye and hung up.

Lyudmila went to the hated laptop. Well, okay, she was more or less able to search for information on the Internet. After spending a couple of days searching, Lyudmila still found a house in a village 140 km from the city. The house was old, but solid. The toilet outside in winter, of course, made me a little nervous, but what can you not do for the sake of your beloved daughters? Lyudmila Gennadievna decided. She called Alexander and warned him about the amount that was supposed to remain after the purchase of apartments. The realtor replied that he would meet the specified limit without any problems. The sale of the apartment was timed a week and a half before the wedding, so that you could have time to buy a gift for your daughters and not be in a hurry to move.

Lyudmila Gennadievna had already collected all the necessary things and was waiting only for the rest of the money to buy a house for herself. But, of course, everything went awry. On the day of the wedding, the rental of a large limousine broke down. And the girls really wanted to ride in a limo.

– Mom, there will be no car!.. What are we going to drive? – Olya almost cried.

– We’ll walk or take the bus. From the wedding!.. – only makeup for five thousand rubles kept Elena from crying.

– Mom, well, help!.. Did you have any money left from the sale of the apartment? Olga asked hopefully.

– My daughter, I would love to, but it’s money for me for a country house and for moving, – Lyudmila Gennadievna was surprised.

– Yes, we will help you with the move! We’ll take everything! Besides, they will give money for the wedding, not everyone will bring toasters and waffle irons,” Elena wailed. – And we don’t rent a new limo anymore!.. There will be no more weddings!

– Well, all right, – sighed Lyudmila Gennadievna.

Immediately, the joyful screeching of the daughters almost deafened the poor woman.


The wedding went great, apart from the trouble with the limo. The guests were happy, the newlyweds were happy, and Lyudmila Gennadyevna was happy for her girls. Immediately after the holiday, Olga and Mikhail went on a honeymoon, the trip to Hawaii was the day after the wedding. Lyudmila called Elena the next day with a question about the house. It was necessary to move out of the apartment in three days.

– Mom… Well, today is only my first day of marriage… After all, you still have time before moving. And we were so tired after the wedding, we haven’t even opened the presents yet,” the daughter replied in a sleepy voice. – Let’s do it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, okay?

– Well, okay, but not later!.. Lena, this is not a joke. You’ll leave your mother on the street like that,” Lyudmila Gennadyevna said worriedly.

– Mom, what nonsense is this!.. That’s it, let’s see you tomorrow,” Elena muttered discontentedly.

But the next day there was silence. And only a day later Elena called her mother, when Lyudmila Gennadievna was already seriously worried. Customers have already called and were interested in whether the former owner had moved out by chance.

– Len, well, finally!.. Lyudmila Gennadievna breathed out.

– Mom… my God, I don’t even know how to tell you … – Elena sighed. Her voice was sad and anxious.

– what? – Lyudmila Gennadievna died.

– In general, from our gifts: both from mine and from Olga… In short, there will be only half of the amount that you need.

– How?.. – the woman even stopped breathing for a while. – How only half? She won’t buy anything for herself with these pennies!.. And move out tomorrow!..

– Mom, just don’t worry. We’ll find you an option.… Well, as a last resort, we’ll rent a hotel room for a while…

– What are you? And then what? Money will appear out of nowhere? No, Len, we don’t need any hotels, – Lyudmila Gennadyevna’s head hurt terribly, she was frantically trying to figure out what to do. – So. I have to move out tomorrow anyway.… I’ll have to stay with you girls until I save up for a house from retirement.

– Um, Mom… Well, where are you going to live with us?.. – Lyudmila Gennadyevna thought she had misheard.

“I mean, where?” I bought you an apartment!..

– Well, did you see how tiny she is? Even half of your things won’t fit there, and after all, Pavlik and I have to bring our things.

– Are you seriously suggesting that I live on the street? Homeless? Me, your mother? tears immediately sprang from her eyes.

Lyudmila Gennadievna did not expect such gratitude from her daughter.

– Mom, well, of course not… It’s just that you’ll be uncomfortable here yourself. We’re young, like you said, we need to mind our own business. Yes, and we are already planning a child … – Lena tried to get out of it.

“I see,” Lyudmila Gennadyevna said coldly. – Thank you, daughter. And she hung up. Such resentment and anger overwhelmed the woman that she just howled from the emotions that overwhelmed her. Yes, how can you do this with your own mother?!

After crying for a couple of hours and feeling completely exhausted, Lyudmila Gennadievna took a deep breath, drank green tea. And then I tried to call Olga. But Olya didn’t pick up the phone at all. Lyudmila Gennadievna left her daughter a message in the hope that she would still look at the phone. And went to bed. Last night in the apartment.

The next morning, of course, there was no answer from Olga. But the people who bought the apartment already demanded Lyudmila’s congress. And they were absolutely right. They were not obliged to enter into her situation and allow her to live in their apartment for another year or two. There was nothing to do. Lyudmila Gennadievna, without ceasing to cry, gathered everything she needed, loaded it into her old car and drove to the outskirts of the city. This is her home now. The old station wagon is not exactly a suitable home for a 60-year-old woman, but what else could she do? Lyudmila Gennadievna lived like this for two weeks. She didn’t get an answer from Olga. The phone had spent the entire charge, and Lyudmila did not know where to find electricity for it. She spent all the money from her pension on gasoline and modest food.

Every day the woman thought she wouldn’t last any longer, but the next morning she still woke up.

One day she got sick and went to the pharmacy. Of course, it’s a cold autumn in the yard, and Lyudmila Gennadievna, an honored teacher, lives in a “station wagon” and turns on the stove when absolutely necessary.

– Hello, – the woman said in a hoarse voice, leaning towards the pharmacy window. – I would like something for fever and cough. I think I’m a little sick. Only, please, inexpensive.

– Lyudmila Gennadievna? – a young pharmacist girl said with surprise.

The woman looked at her, narrowed her eyes.

– Diana?.. Diana from the “b” class! Lyudmila Gennadyevna laughed. – Wow, wow! Have you already graduated from medical school?

“No, not at all,” Diana grinned. – Only in the 4th year. – But I can already earn extra money.

– What a good fellow you are!.. Your parents are probably very proud of you,” remembering her own daughters, who easily put her mother out of the door as unnecessary, Lyudmila Gennadievna barely held back tears.

– Oh, Lyudmila Gennadievna, what’s wrong with you?.. You look really upset somehow,” Diana was worried.

– Yes, there is something to worry about, – Lyudmila chuckled.

And she briefly told her former student her story. It won’t get any worse anyway.

– Do you live in your old car?.. Diana was horrified. – My God, how is that?..

– And that’s it. They have their own life, mine does not concern them anymore,” the woman smiled sadly.

– Yes, and this realtor has brazenly deceived you! the girl exclaimed.

– Well, now I understand that too. As competently divorced for several services … – Lyudmila said even more sadly.

“It’s not going to work that way,” Diana said decisively. – So, you come to my back room, lie down, I’ll bring you the pills you need. You will rest here. I have lunch in the fridge, Mom always gives me much more than I can eat in a day, so help yourself. And I’m going to do something now.

– Diana, I can’t… suddenly someone will see?

– Yes, and what? This pharmacy chain belongs to my dad,” the girl shrugged. – Come in.

– Thank you… – tears appeared in the woman’s eyes.

Lyudmila Gennadyevna followed Diana and lay down on a soft couch. The girl quickly gave her some pills, and then poured hot tea and brought cookies. Lyudmila Gennadievna gratefully accepted everything. She felt good and warm. The woman herself did not notice how she fell asleep. Sleeping in a warm and soft place was much more comfortable and calmer.

– Lyudmila Gennadievna … – a quiet voice broke into the mind. – Lyudmila Gennadievna…

– Eh? What? – the woman opened her eyes.

– It’s already evening, my shift is over, – Diana smiled.

Lyudmila hurriedly sat down on the couch and rubbed her eyes.

– Oh, thank you, Diana. I slept so well!..

– Come on, you won’t get much sleep on the couch. You should go to bed, of course,” Diana squinted.

– Yes, I would not refuse myself, – the woman grinned. – Yes, but I don’t have it.

“And that’s where you’re wrong,” the girl suddenly declared. – Daddy! Lyudmila Gennadievna has woken up!

Lyudmila did not have time to be surprised by the girl’s words, as a handsome man in a white coat came into the back room. She recognized him, it was Diana’s father, Sergei Konstantinovich. He came to all the class meetings, by the way.

– Hello, Lyudmila Gennadievna, – the man smiled.

– Oh, I’m sorry that I was here … – the woman began to justify herself, but Sergei Konstantinovich only shook his head.

– Diana told me everything. You know, you are undeservedly in this position. But, by the way, and not by chance. I’ve been thinking how to thank you… After all, you made such a nice girl out of a robber Diana!.. He looked at his grinning daughter with a smile. – And so, the opportunity presented itself. You see, I didn’t know exactly where you wanted to buy a house, but I hope this one will suit you.

With these words, Sergei Konstantinovich handed Lyudmila Gennadyevna the keys and a bunch of papers, among which was the contract of sale. The woman looked at all this with huge eyes, not believing in the reality of what was happening. However, both the documents and the keys were real.

“I can’t-” she began, but Diana’s father cut her off abruptly. – You can, you can. I insist. Otherwise I will feel like the most worthless person in the world. After all, can I help a person?

Lyudmila Gennadievna burst into tears and thanked Sergey Konstantinovich and Diana for a long time. They also helped the woman to move the next day. The donated house turned out to be much better than what Lyudmila planned to buy for herself. It was not a village, but a private sector, respectively, all the amenities were inside the house, but there was a small bathhouse on the street. There was a beautiful garden and a small plot for beds.

Lyudmila was grateful for this beautiful house until the end of her life. It is worth mentioning about the daughters. When they found out about Mom’s new house, of course, they made an attempt to make peace with her. After all, how nice it would be to meet on my mother’s plot, in the private sector in the summer!.. To fry a barbecue, to steam in the bathhouse … but this time Lyudmila Gennadievna was harsh.

– You know, dear girls, you were right. You are young, and I am old. You will be uncomfortable with me yourself. You are planning children there, but I need to sleep, and get up early in the morning. So go to the resorts, and please don’t bother me anymore. I bequeathed this plot to Diana.

– What kind of Diana?! Elena exclaimed.

– The one who became much closer to me in a difficult moment than my own daughters, – Lyudmila Gennadievna answered and dropped the call.


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Daughter is ashamed of us

Every Thursday, when I go shopping in the city, I quietly stand outside the school and wait for a meeting...

Every Thursday, when I go shopping in the city, I...