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My husband’s adult son moved to live with us

He lives with us like in a free hotel… And I just go and clean up after him…

When you get married at an age, it rarely happens that your half did not have children in a previous marriage. How to find a common language with these new relatives? And what if this child moves to live with you?

My husband, Vyacheslav, has an adult son Andrey from his first marriage.

He is 18 years old, but behaves like a spoiled teenager.

Two years ago, after the divorce of his parents, he stayed to live with his mother

But she decided that her personal life was more important to her than her son. Then one “groom” will bring home, then another. It is clear that such an example cannot end well. With grief in half, Andrei graduated from school last year and was “admitted” to the institute, since there could be no question of a budget. My husband had to take on these expenses.

But, as they say, “the humpback grave will fix.” It’s hard for a “baby” to study at a university. He was expelled for omissions.

It seems to me that his “maman” was even happy with this outcome. She quickly sent this blockhead to us for re-education to her father.

I think that she was not worried about her son at that moment, but about the fact that the two-room apartment would be at her disposal.

To put it mildly, I was not happy about this development

But where to go? After all, if you get married, you take not only one man, but all his relatives. And you can’t say anything against your son for sure.

Fortunately, we live in our own house. There is a lot of space. There is a spare room.

From that moment, my personal “hell” began

I don’t know if he’s doing everything to spite me, or if that’s how he was brought up.

As soon as Andrey moved in with us, I tried to find a common language with my stepson. A bad peace is better than a good war.

But it was not there.

When he comes into the house, he doesn’t take off his shoes. So what if we have a private house? The house is not a pigsty. And there are all the amenities.

– You don’t take off your shoes in your mom’s apartment either? I ask.

He is silent in response, but continues to do it in his own way.

A couple of days later I decided to clean up his room – there are candy papers and cans of coke lying around in all corners.

“Well, how is it possible? I grumble to myself. “Make such a mess in your room!”

Whatever he does, he’ll either ruin it or screw it up.

I’m already like a servant – I just go after him, I clean up.

What I cook doesn’t eat. “My mom cooks it like this…” – I hear from him all the time.

– I don’t like what I cook, – I answer, – cook for yourself. Not small anymore.

And a little later I regretted this phrase. I go into the kitchen in the evening, and there… How Mamai passed. The whole floor is dirty, there are crumbs on the table. Everything he took out of the refrigerator, he didn’t put anything back. The dishes that I used, I didn’t even bother to put them in the dishwasher.

I cleaned up the kitchen.

– Well, how long will Andrey live with us? – I ask my husband. – I took on education – educate.

Slava just shrugs it off. But he listened to me, sent his son to work so that he understood that money is not so easy to get.

And Andrey seems to have taken this step favorably. I’m tired of sitting under supervision all day long. Got a job as a courier. And immediately the “ex” of her husband appeared on the threshold. You see, we are “exploiting her boy, forcing him to work. And working as a courier is hard, bad people can meet. And her boy will be hurt.”

And this “boy”, feeling the support, immediately ran away from work. I didn’t even get my first salary.

Now he spends all day sitting in his room and playing “toys” on his computer.

Only to go to the toilet and eat and go out.

Good stepson settled in
He lives like in a free hotel. They feed him, clean up after him. And he never said “thank you”. And there is no question of helping to do something around the house or remove snow in the yard!

Now I can’t wait for the spring draft. Maybe at least the army will make a man out of him.


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