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She enchanted her husband, but there is no happiness. How to remove the spell now?

Oksana loved Pasha since high school. They lived and studied in the same village. When Oksana was 15 years old, she went to the pump for water. It was December. When she was getting water, she slipped and fell, knocking over buckets of water. I got my clothes very wet, and it’s -25 degrees outside. It’s not close to home. And at that time, Pasha was walking with a sledge for water. He saw Oksana, quickly put her on a sled and ran to her house.

Since then, Oksana has fallen in love with him poshi. She dreamed of him, and was ready to do anything to make him fall in love with her too.

Pasha liked another girl. As the years passed, the love grew stronger.

As soon as Oksana did not try to attract Pashino’s attention, but he loved another. Oksana suffered.

One day, at the age of 23, Oksana heard about a grandmother from a neighboring village who could enchant a loved one. At first, Oksana was afraid to get involved with witchcraft, but when rumors began to circulate in the village that Pasha was preparing for a wedding, Oksana decided to go to this grandmother.

At the meeting, grandma said that she makes a love spell only for life, and only she can take it off, but it’s very difficult. Grandma sent Oksana home and told her to think carefully. Does she really love Pasha so much to be with him all her life? After all, years go by and people can change a lot.

Oksana was sure that Pasha was a man with whom she dreamed of being together forever.

Three days later, Oksana brought everything that her grandmother asked for and agreed to a love spell.

Grandma performed the necessary ritual, and said that he would start acting gradually.

Two months have passed, but Oksana did not notice the difference.

Oksana worked as an assistant at a local veterinarian. And one day, the cow of Pasha’s mother, could not give birth on her own. Oksana and the doctor spent the whole night in the cowshed with Pasha and this cow.

After that, Pasha began to show signs of attention to Oksana.

A month later, he canceled the wedding. Oksana was happy. Walking along the bank of the river, talking and compliments, made her happy. My head was spinning with happiness.

One day Pasha’s mother said that he had changed a lot. He used to be cheerful and sociable, and always helped her with the housework, and now he walks around the house like a shadow, helps only if you make him. It seemed that he was tormented by some sorrows or doubts. But next to Oksana, he glows with happiness.

Oksana and Pasha had been dating for half a year and Oksana was looking forward to getting married.

Oksana’s mother was a very believer in God, a person, she always went to church on Sundays and began her day with prayer.

When Oksana had not yet met Pasha, her mother liked him, she listened to her daughter’s enthusiastic stories about him and also praised him. But now she gradually began to change her opinion about Pasha for the worse. Moreover, his mother complained that he had changed a lot since he started dating Oksana.

Oksana’s mother tried to be happy for her daughter, but she didn’t do it well, because she was a simple sincere woman.

Oksana didn’t tell anyone about the secret spell, not even her mother. Since Mom would definitely not approve of this.

Once, in the evening Oksana came home in a very happy mood. In the kitchen, her mother was talking to Pasha’s mother. Oksana immediately decided to please everyone and told them that Pasha had invited her to marry. But despite the good news, both mothers were not happy. Oksana did not attach any importance to this and went to her room.

Both mothers were just discussing that they don’t want a wedding between their children. They felt that it would not lead to good. Pasha’s mother said that at home he does not like to talk about Oksana, and this is strange, because he is very sociable, but as soon as it comes to her, he immediately changes the subject.

The girl with whom Pasha broke off the relationship also did not understand for what reason, because they had been dating for two years. She was very hard going through the breakup of the relationship.

The mothers decided not to interfere, so as not to be extreme later. Preparations for the wedding have begun. Oksana was happy. Her friends envied her.

The young couple got married and started living in the house that remained from Pasha’s grandmother, after her death, 4 years ago.

Oksana studied to be a veterinarian and worked in a local veterinary clinic, and Pasha worked as a tractor driver.

A year after the wedding, they had a daughter. Oksana took care of the child alone, Pasha did not show any interest in his daughter at all. He was always hanging around Oksana and pestering her with tenderness at the most inopportune moment. Oksana eventually began to get annoyed.

It seemed that Pasha did not feel love for his daughter at all and tried to avoid her. He demanded love for himself and attention, which with the advent of the child, he got less and less. Once he even offered to take his one-year-old daughter to her mother for a week to relax and deal with their relationship with Oksana.

Oksana, of course, loved her daughter very much, but this behavior of her husband began to disappoint her. He demanded love and attention more and more. But Oksana’s feelings were beginning to fade.

Scandals began. Oksana even kicked Pasha out of the house several times. And he began to go on a binge.

One day Oksana took her daughter, who was already 4 years old, to her mother, and heard screams in the house.

Oksana and Pasha’s mothers were swearing in the house. Pasha’s mother claimed that Oksana had bewitched Pasha, which is why he is so unhappy. But Oksana’s mother defended her daughter and claimed that Oksana was brought up according to the laws of God, and would never do such a thing, because she knows that it is a sin and that her mother would not forgive her. And in general, any witchcraft has its own terrible price. Pasha’s mother told how he suffers without Oksana, but she doesn’t say anything good about her either. That this is not normal. She promised to sort everything out, because Pasha has changed a lot not from a simple one.

After these words, Oksana became scared. Suddenly they find out about the spell and her own mother will stop communicating with her. Oksana returned home and seriously thought about it. She realized that she no longer felt love for Pasha and she was even disgusted by his being around.

She decided to go to her grandmother again and remove the spell. She understood that then she would most likely have to raise her daughter alone.

The whole next night, Oksana, could not sleep, she was afraid to go to the witch, but decided that it could not be delayed until it got even worse.

Early in the morning, she took her daughter to kindergarten and went to a neighboring village to shoot a love spell.

When I approached my grandmother’s house, I noticed that the house looked as if no one had lived in it for a long time. She knocked, but no one answered.

The neighbor said that the grandmother died two years ago from cancer.

Oksana didn’t know what to do now.

I started looking for other grandmothers who could remove the spell. But almost everyone refused.

Only one agreed, but she immediately warned that if she canceled the spell, no man would ever love Oksana again.

Oksana decided to think, because staying alone for the rest of her life is a very long time, she is still 29 years old.

Arriving home, she saw the door open, a drunken Pasha was sleeping on the veranda. He woke up and started molesting her. Oksana realized that she was disgusted to see him drunk.

The next day she went to shoot a love spell.

The grandmother performed the necessary ritual and warned that there might be some other bad consequences.

Over time, Pasha’s love for Oksana began to disappear. He kicked her and her daughter out of the house and they moved in with Oksana’s mom. Pasha continued to drink and bring all sorts of drunks into the house.

For several years, Oksana has been living with a sense of guilt that she ruined Pasha’s life. After all, he could have been happy if he hadn’t canceled the wedding with another girl he really loved. And with a feeling of constant fear that something bad will happen.

Witchcraft has not made anyone happy yet, all witchcraft has its own terrible price.


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