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Tasia, worked in an audit firm and considered herself an independent and wealthy woman, earned an apartment, there was already a beautiful foreign car on the way, there was just a little bit left before this dream, but before that Tasia, like all wealthy women, had to go abroad, her plans for the near future ended, except for one for this the plan was impossible to earn money, this is a personal female happiness that Tasia dreamed of so much.

She is already 30, but she has not met a man with whom she would like to share the rest of her life. She often wondered why her even plain-looking friends, colleagues had long had families, had men who took care of them, and Tasia was alone. She certainly had a short-lived relationship, but she did not feel love in some, always some kind of indifference. And Tasia often wondered why no one could really love her so beautiful, tastefully dressed and well-groomed, once and for the rest of her life, what was wrong with her, she thought and did not find an answer.

They were going on vacation to Dubai with their friend Lenka, she was very depressed after the breakup of the relationship and agreed to go with Tasya to heal her mental wounds.

The vouchers were bought, the suitcases were packed, the flight was in two days. Tasia was looking forward to a holiday abroad, fell asleep and woke up with this thought, how many new things she would see, for the first time in her life.

Lenka had already been there where they were going to fly, with her boyfriend, so Tasia was not afraid to fly with an already experienced friend.

Tasia’s vacation started and she could sleep off before a long journey, but early in the morning she was woken up by a call. It was Lenka.

– Tas, I’m sorry, did I wake you up? Lenka said softly.

– Yes, I woke you up, well, now, tell me already why did you need me at such an early hour? Tasia jokingly replied.

– You know, I made up with my Lenka yesterday, I came with flowers, he says I can’t do without you, he was a fool to leave. In general, I can’t go, Lenka just got a job who will let him go, and I won’t pull the rest for two to pay, and he won’t let me go alone. You know I love him, you saw how worried I was, and now I can’t push him away myself, in general, I can’t.

Tasia’s insides tightened, tears rolled up. Well, she thought, why doesn’t she have the same person with whom she would have common plans and a common life.

– Okay, Len bye, – said Tasia and disconnected.

All her plans and dreams went to hell, what to do now, what to do, she doesn’t know who to go with now, no one will get together in two days, and she can’t go to a foreign country alone, and what will she do there alone. The mood was spoiled, she was lying down and didn’t want to do anything, although yesterday the plans were painted for the whole day. Upset, she fell asleep again.

She woke up closer to lunch, thought about Lenka’s morning call, she began to feel more confident, because she’s not a little girl, well, she won’t go on vacation alone, she’s not stupid, she’ll figure it out.

She flew normally, the taxi took her to the right hotel, and now she was already sitting on the balcony of her room and drinking a cocktail brought to her room, looking at the sea and thinking how unlucky Lenka was because she is now in Russia, and she is Tasia here in beautiful Dubai, sitting and looking at the sea.

After a little rest, she went down to the cafe ordered a cocktail and looked at the vacationing foreigners with interest.

– Hello, beautiful, – someone said in not bad Russian with a strong accent.

She turned around. There was a handsome, tall, young Arab standing next to him.

“Hello,” she replied.

“My name is Azim,” the Arab said.

– Very nice, I’m Taisiya.”

– You have a very beautiful name and in general you are very beautiful, I noticed you from afar, I immediately thought that you were Russian. Russian girls are very beautiful, but you are something special, I have not met such, you are like a goddess!

Russian russians were pleased with the words of the Arab, but she knew about the unsuccessful novels of Russian girls that there are Arab guys who like to profit at the expense of Russian women, so she decided that she would just talk to him, especially since she is alone and communication is just necessary for her.

Azim ordered two more Pina Coladas and, with her permission, sat down next to her and began to talk about himself. Azim was 25, he graduated from university in Russia, so he knows Russian so well, he works at his father’s factory and can only afford walks on the beach twice a month, and today is the very day when he had a chance to leave work and he met Tasya. They then walked on the beach for a long time, drank cocktails, ran on the water, he circled her in his arms. It seemed to Tasia that she had known him all her life, because she had never met such a caring and intelligent man. Ours are nothing compared to foreigners, she thought, Russia has lagged behind in development and intelligence. He walked her to the hotel and left.

Tasia went into the room and fell on the bed happy and tired. She fell into dreams about Azim and fell asleep with these thoughts.

In the morning she went out on the balcony and saw Azim, he was standing with a bouquet of flowers.

The vacation flew by unnoticed, they met with Azim every evening and spent nights on the beach. She fell in love. Here he is a real man, that’s where my fate turned out to be, Tasia thought.

And now the sad day of departure has come, the fairy tale is over. They agreed with Azim that she would return in a month and they would get married. Azim said that he talked to his father and told him that he fell in love with a Russian girl, his father understood him and agreed to his marriage with Tasya. Tasia told him that she would not be able to stay at home like Arab women , that she was used to working and communicating with people . Azim said that he had talked to his father and he promised to take Tasya as an accountant at the factory, because she is Russian and she will not obey Arab laws concerning the rights of Arab women.

Azim escorted Tasia to the airport and, hoping for an early meeting, Tasia flew away.

Arriving home, Tasia immediately wrote an ad for the sale of an apartment and wrote an application for settlement, because the vacation is almost over, and she still has so much to do before leaving.

Tasia found buyers quickly by making an impressive discount. She didn’t tell anyone that she was leaving for Azim in Dubai, she knew that everyone would start telling stories from the Internet and television at a break. Tasia told her mother that she was going on a long business trip for work. She decided that when they arrived in Russia with Azim, she would then introduce her mother to her son-in-law. Azim called her every day, asked how things were going and talked about love and how bad it was for him without her, Tasia’s heart was breaking from the desire to see Azim.

And here is the airport again, the plane, the airport again and here he is Azim standing in the crowd of greeters. She runs to meet him in impatience to hug her beloved and never part again.

They got into a taxi and drove through a big beautiful city with a bunch of skyscrapers and beautiful alleys. But soon they left the countryside and drove along an uneven dusty sandy road , they drove for another 40 minutes, a village with high fences appeared on the horizon, from behind which the tops of buildings could be seen. The car stopped at one of these fences, Tasia looked questioningly at Azim.

“Come out, we’ve arrived,” he said in a rough voice that was not his own.

Tasia’s heart sank, but she reassured herself that he was probably tired. They got out of the car, Tasia stopped, Azim abruptly pushed her to the gate and they entered the courtyard. In front of them stood a low house, rooted in the ground up to the windows, there were cattle pens and chicken coops nearby, the smell was disgusting.

They went into the house along a narrow, long corridor, one corridor was replaced by another, also the same narrow and long from which there were several doors to the rooms. Azim opened one of them and Tasia entered a shabby dark room, there was a wide bed made with old sackcloth, shelves of boards on the wall, the plank floor was not made. Azim took a black wide hoodie and wide white trousers and a handkerchief covering his face from the shelf and threw it to Tasya.

– Get dressed, let’s go to lunch, I’ll introduce you to the family, sit in silence and don’t say anything, just nod if they turn to you.

Tasia changed into the clothes that Azim gave her and followed him. They walked down the corridor, it seemed to Tasya that she was not walking next to her beloved and caring Azim, but with some strange and evil person.

They walked down the corridor and found themselves in a large and equally shabby room, men and women were sitting in a circle on the floor in the middle of the circle there were large plates with something similar to pilaf. They were talking noisily about something. When Tasia and Azim entered the room, they fell silent and looked at them. A woman came out of a dark corner from somewhere and handed them two small pillows, they sat down in a common circle. An elderly man said something to Tasa in Arabic, she nodded. Everyone started eating what looked like pilaf. They ate with their hands from a large tray, each licked his fingers and again took a pinch of rice with them, nausea came to his throat. Azim pushed her shoulder painfully and whispered angrily in her ear:

– Eat, if you don’t eat, it’s not respect for my family.

Tasia swallowed two pinches of rice with difficulty, restraining her gag reflex. Hardly waiting for the end of the meal, they went back down the corridor to the room. Tasia threw up right at the entrance, she couldn’t hold on anymore.

– Where did you take me, why am I in some kind of shed, because you said that your father is a rich man, that you run a large factory, did you deceive me? Tasia shouted almost hysterically.

Azim hit Tasya painfully in the face.

– Now you will do what I tell you, and don’t you dare insult my relatives, you obey me and won’t take a step without my permission, – Azim said angrily.

– I’m leaving here tomorrow, I can’t live like this, why did you deceive me?

Tasia took her purse, there were no bank cards or documents in it, there was no phone either. Tasia felt scared, she felt like a hostage, not even a person, but someone faceless and humiliated. Azim went out and locked the door, she lay down on the bed, there were no tears, she was shackled by fear and indifference.

In the morning, Azim came, without saying anything, he approached the still sleeping Tasia and began to tear off her clothes, everything happened quickly and rudely, not at all like long nights on the beach.

– Get dressed, you have to go clean up after the cattle, in the morning you will clean up after the cows and chickens, I will show you where the pens are where you will clean up when you’re done, help in the kitchen and you can rest, just don’t try to run away from here, you don’t have any documents, the police will arrest you and you will go to jail for a long time.

Tasia and Azim went into the cowshed, it was very huge.

“I can’t clean up here until the evening,” Tasia said.

– You have to get out before the herd arrives, if the herd comes and is not cleaned, I will lock you here for the night, – Azim shouted. – I spent a whole month on you, I gave you a month of love while I was trying to persuade you to come here again, now you have to work off the time spent on you.

– Why did you waste time on me if you didn’t need me and called me to come to you? Tasia said, crying.

– I immediately realized that you have money and just wanted to divorce you, but you told me that you have your own apartment in Russia and you’re going to buy a good car, then I decided that you could take a lot more, so I played love with you, and you fell for it like all your Russian Russian women, I would never marry a Russian! And now do what I said or it will be worse! Azim said and left.

Now Tasia has finally realized that she is completely alone in a distant foreign country and is being held hostage by a man whom she loved so madly until recently, and now she is afraid.

Tasia cleaned the cowshed by late evening. My hands hurt, my calluses were bleeding, and I was very hungry. She just now remembered that today she had not eaten at all and no one offered her.

Tasia went into the room, collapsed on the bed and felt like a slave…


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