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She achieved everything by herself

Olga’s childhood was terrible. He and his mother and brother lived in the same dorm room. The brother was three years younger than Olga, their fathers were different, but they did not need children. Olga’s mother was a flighty and not serious woman, loved to drink and have fun, often the children stayed alone at night. Money was tight in the family, Olga’s mother often changed jobs, and sometimes traded seeds at the bazaar. Olga loved her mother, but she was always ashamed of her.

The children always studied poorly, they often had to change schools, because the mother was in a hurry to move to her new boyfriends, but her relationship with men did not last, and she had to return to her dorm room again.

Olga’s mother did not like to work, but liked to drink, and often met her daughter from school in a state of intoxication.

Olga somehow graduated from school and went to college to study as a hairdresser, but she could not finish her studies.

At the age of twenty, she met Denis, with whom she lived for two years and gave birth to his eldest daughter, but the relationship did not work out, he began to cheat on her during pregnancy and immediately said that he did not need a child. Olga and her little daughter returned to the dorm.

Olga’s mother’s sister helped Olga as much as she could, and often took her little daughter to herself so that Olga could earn money for a living. When her daughter was three years old, Olga started dating Alexander, by that time he had already served two terms in prison. When he was put in prison for the third time, Olga found out that she was pregnant again.

Konda Alexander found out that he was going to have a child, began to persuade Olga not to have an abortion, promised that his relatives would help her raise the child. But then it turned out that there was no help and there will be no help.

Olga’s mother went to work in Moscow with another boyfriend, and Olga stayed in the dorm with two children. Alexander was given 6 years for robbery.

Alexander’s lawyer advised Olga to apply for better housing conditions, because five people were registered in their dorm room, and the room was small.

Her mother returned from Moscow with a new boyfriend and asked Olga to vacate her room. But her aunt rented a small house with no amenities for Olga and her children. So they lived for three years. Olga, with a baby in her arms, ran through all sorts of instances trying to get a living space for herself and children, practically lived in queues for various certificates. But she achieved her goal.

The city administration decided to allocate a one-room apartment for Olga’s family. The eldest daughter was already 5 years old by that time and she lived with Olga’s aunt.

Having achieved an apartment, Olga graduated from paid manicure courses, and began to do manicures for money in her new apartment.

Gradually, there were a lot of customers and she began to earn normally.

Then I graduated from cosmetology and bought a device for skin rejuvenation and various procedures on credit.

Her youngest daughter, who was almost four years old by that time, lived with her. Olga got acquainted with various men in the hope of getting married officially at least once.

Arranging her personal life, she often left her younger daughter with a cousin or a neighbor. But all relationships with men were not long-term.

One day Olga got a call from the kindergarten and was asked to pick up her daughter, because of the high temperature.

Arriving home with her daughter, Olga immediately called an ambulance.

The doctor who arrived said that it was most likely a breakdown of the pancreas. As soon as the ambulance left, the little daughter started convulsing and foaming at the mouth. When the daughter was taken away by ambulance, she was already unconscious, in the hospital the daughter fell into a coma. The doctors said it was meningitis, but there is a chance of recovery.

For a whole week, the daughter was in a coma, and Olga did not leave her crib.

On the seventh day, the doctors advised to call a priest to the daughter. Olga realized that this was the end, she would never hear the laughter of her beloved laughter again.

After the priest’s visit, the baby’s heart stopped beating. Olga was hysterical, she tried so hard to create a comfortable life for her children, and she did not even imagine that just like that, in one week, the life in her beloved baby would fade away.

Olga felt the loss of her daughter very hard. The eldest daughter was used to living with her aunt and did not want to return to her mother. Olga was left alone in the apartment, which she had been trying so hard to achieve.

Olga had a crisis, she began to drink, it made it easier for her. People began to look askance at her and condemn her for having missed her daughter in pursuit of men.

On the eve of forty days since the death of Olga’s little daughter, she got very drunk and fell asleep during the day.

While she was sleeping, she dreamed of her dead daughter. Alice asked her mother to pull herself together, stop drinking and said that Olga still had a chance to save her life. She asked me to help her father raise money for an operation that needs to be paid urgently. She promised that they would live together with Dad again and become a happy family. In a dream, Olga was so glad to see her daughter that she did not immediately notice that her daughter had dreamed about two years older than the age at which she died, and Olga had not cut her daughter’s hair since birth, and in a dream the hair length was shoulder-length.

Waking up, Olga burst into tears from longing for her baby. I tried not to forget a single detail of my dream. But she could not understand the meaning of this dream, how she could help her daughter’s father to raise money for her operation if he was in prison, and her daughter was buried almost forty days ago. It was some kind of meaningless dream, but Olga was glad to see her baby again, because she dreamed about her for the first time.

Olga’s mother and her aunt came for forty days. They remembered Alice and Olga told them about her dream. Olga’s mother laughed and said that it was more like drunken nonsense, because drunken people don’t dream. But my aunt suggested that we take this dream seriously, and it’s better to tell the priest.

When the family left, Olga drank some wine and went to bed, hoping that Alice would dream about her again.

At three o’clock in the morning Olga woke up from an insistent ring at the door. When she opened the door, she saw her aunt with a laptop in her hands.

Having opened a charity website on her laptop, her aunt showed Olga a photo of a six-year-old girl who looked very much like Olga’s deceased daughter.

Olga sobered up immediately from what she saw. The resemblance was parasitic, only the girl in the photo was two years older.

It turns out that after returning home, Olga’s aunt remembered that Alice had asked in a dream to help raise money for the operation, so she decided to look among the children in need of surgery, although she did not know why, because Alice was definitely dead. But perhaps the little girl’s last wish was to save another child’s life.

That ad had the contact number of the girl’s father and the charity foundation. They decided to call their father.

The man on the phone explained to them that in five days it was necessary to pay for the last operation of his daughter and two funds were collecting money, but one of the funds disappeared with the collected money, and now 350 thousand rubles are not enough for the operation, and without this operation all previous operations will be useless and his daughter will soon die. He and his relatives have already sold everything they could, and they have collected loans to pay for operations that they did earlier, and now they cannot help.

Olga has long since repaid the loan she took to buy a skin rejuvenation device and she decided to immediately apply for a loan of 400 thousand rubles directly on the bank’s website. The bank made a positive decision and the next day Olga received the necessary amount. On the same day, she called the girl’s father again and said she wanted to see his daughter. To which he replied that she was in the hospital and only close relatives were allowed to see her, but if she wanted to help, they would come up with something.

Olga flew to the city where the dying girl was lying in the hospital and met her father, told him about her dead daughter and showed her photos. The girl’s father Stas was struck by such a similarity.

When Olga went into the ward with the girl, tears began to appear in her eyes by themselves. It seemed to her that she was seeing her daughter again, but only she was still breathing.

The girl managed to have an operation. After the operation, Father and Olga were constantly on duty at the hospital.

For a moment, the girl Vika came to her senses and whispered: “I love you, I knew that you would help me.” It is unknown to whom she said this, Olga or her father. But at that moment, this whisper seemed so familiar to Olga. Her daughter often whispered before going to bed that she loved her.

After a couple of months, Vika could already talk and walk. It was decided to discharge her from the hospital. But they had practically nowhere to go, because their father sold their apartment and lived with a friend.

Olga did not hesitate to offer Vika and her father to move in with her. They have become so attached to each other in recent days that they decided to take a chance.

Over time, their lives got better. Egor, that was the name of Vika’s father, found a good job, and Olga opened her own beauty salon.

Once they went to Alice’s grave for the first time, where Vika looked at the photo on the monument for a long time, and then quietly said: “Thank you for saving my life, I promise to take care of your mother and love her like a native”


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