Stepmother woman with gray hair


– The father is all strange.

– Why?

– I don’t know. I ask what happened, he says nothing, I don’t know, should I transfer or something? That he was alone.

– What does he say?

– Who?

– Well, your father.

– Aah. Yes, he waves it off, says don’t. My mother from Spain writes, calls, and how will I leave him, and I have my studies.

– How did she get settled?

– Yes, Tamara Vasilyevna will not disappear anywhere normally.

– Which Tamara Vasilyevna? I think your mom’s name is Lena.

– Well, yes, Lena. That was her grandmother’s name, so she was a freak, left her husband with two children, went to the north for her lover, returned three years later as if nothing had happened.

Grandfather came home from work, and she is standing borscht, cooking at the stove. She greeted me as if we had seen each other in the morning, we had lived for another twenty-five years.

– Dead?

– Straight, got married.

– Hahahaha.

– Well, for the one from the north who.

– And why did you leave him then?

– His wife came, picked up our chignon and kicked it out.

– Well, Yulka, she made me laugh.

– Well, why, it was. That’s my mom in it.

The girls are lying on the shore, in a quiet place.

Yulia came home for the weekend, and Tanya lives in their town, graduated from culinary college, got a job at a local cookery.

– Tanya, let’s go to Moscow.

– What am I going to do there? My whole life is here, my parents, a loved one.

– What? What kind of news is this that I, your closest friend, hope to find out about last? Come on, who is he? A visitor?

– Why a visitor?

– Yes, I don’t know you, you won’t meet with local guys.

– And maybe I will? Tanya laughs slyly.

– Well, don’t Tom, tell me.

– What’s there to tell?

– That’s it! I want to know all the dirty details.

Yulia begins to tickle Tanya, the girls laugh, flounder on the sand, then run into the water with a run.

– Is he handsome?

– Who?

— Well, it’s yours…favourite.

– For me, the most beautiful.

— Is that so? So it’s still a favorite? Well, well.

Tatiana blushes and dives into the water.

– Taaan, will you introduce us?

– Later.

– Don’t be afraid, I won’t take you away.

– And I’m not afraid, I know you won’t take me away.

– Thank you, friend. For the trust, for the honor. – Julia foolishly beats herself in the area of the heart, – I will not let you down, I am glad of the honor.

The girls fall on the hot sand and laugh.

– Eh, I don’t even want to leave, it’s so good at home.

– So don’t leave. Stay. Romka asked about you.

– I can’t, I have studies and work, yes and…

Julia leaned into her friend’s ear and whispered something fervently.

– Yes, what are you, congratulations. Did you tell your father?

– Not yet, I don’t know how to say it.

– Well, tell me, Dad, I’m getting married.

– Yes, he still thinks I’m small, I’ll have to say, of course.

After lying on the sand for three hours, the girls wander home.

– You know, I think my father has a woman.

– What makes you think that?

– Well, you know, here I come, and his place is clean, no, it’s not so cozy- clean, some little things barely noticeable to the eye, well, I noticed.

– Do you mind?

– What are you? I would be glad. Imagine, he’s not old yet, but all alone. For three years now.

His mother rides abroad there, and he…

– Maybe he hopes that your mom will come back?

– Nah, that was definitely the last time.

– Ahhh, I see.

Julia never told her dad that she fell head over heels in love and was going to get married, that he was like that…such…uuuuh what!

Yulia went to Moscow.

She arrived a month later without warning, even Tanya didn’t know.

Yes, because this Dimka, come on. And she was also going to marry him, and he turned out to be an ordinary womanizer. It’s a shame for Yulia, wow, it’s a shame, I came to my dad to cry, and Tanyushka.

She opened the door with her key, it was late in the evening, dad was probably lying, watching his football, and here she was Yulka.

Quietly closed the door, went into a large room, strangely no one.

– Paaap, Dad…

Dad left the room, stared at Yulia in amazement.

– Daughter… you…where from.

– Dad, aren’t you glad to see me?

– Glad you’re a baby…Of course I’m glad…

– Olezh, bring some water, I forgot.

Yulia froze, and so did her father.

The girl slowly walked to her father’s room, looked inside.

She was lying on the bed in her nightgown…

– Tanya? – Julia said slowly, as if in a dream, – and why are you here?

– Julia, daughter, I’ll explain everything now, you know…

– Will you explain? Explain? Yes, what is there to explain this shameless jumped into bed to an adult man, almost an old man…

– Julia, I’m not an old man! I’m forty-three years old.

– And who are you, Dad?

– Julia, calm down, we are with Ole…your dad loves each other… we…

– Do you like it? Love? Yes you…yes, you only need something from him…

– What about Julia? What do I want from him? Money maybe? Or diamonds, yachts? You’re an egoist, Julia…

– Am I selfish?

– Yes, you…

– Girls, Tanya, maybe

You left, left him, didn’t ask how Dad was living, remembered only when you needed to.

You come, pour out a heap of your problems on your father and leave elated, of course, dad loves his princess.

You won’t even ask, but how does he live alone the rest of the time, what does he breathe? And now, you didn’t just come, something happened to you, didn’t you?

That’s it, I’m going to sleep, I have to get up early for work.

– Sleep? Are you going to sleep? Get out of here – Yulia rushed into her father’s bedroom, her father intercepted her and dragged her out of the room.

– Julia daughter calm down. Yes, I love Tanya, yes, we live together.

– Moreover, we have been married for two months, it shows how close a friend and loving daughter you are. That you don’t know what’s going on with your loved ones, as you say people.

– Yes, I’m for you, yes you are…How married.

Dad closed the door to the bedroom and took his daughter to the kitchen.

They were talking about something, Yulia was crying, begging Dad to come to his senses, kick Tanya out.

– Dad, – Yulia used the last argument, and if Mom comes back?

My father shook his head.

– That’s it, my daughter, that’s it, I don’t care anymore.

– What about me? Don’t you need me now? Absolutely yes? You have your Tanya…

– What kind of nonsense are you talking daughter? Tanya is my wife, my beloved woman, and you are my daughter…

– Dad, I can’t, I can’t be in the same space with her. Let her go, please, while I’m here, Daddy, let her go. And then, when I arrive, she will come again.

Dad, I honestly promise I won’t come unannounced anymore, but let her go, please.

– Julia, stop it. Tatiana is my wife and hostess here, she will not go anywhere. We were already hiding when you came, that’s enough.

– Yes? You are so daddy, a traitor and this… this…traitor, I hate you. Go away, let me pass.

– Julia, Julia, what is it, where are you going?

– What’s the difference, live with your young wife, I have no place here.

Yulka ran out into the street, to be honest, she expected that dad would run after her, hug her, kick this brazen Tanya out of his bed, apartment, life and they would live perfectly again.

Her folder will be hers again.

Yes, she’s been jealous of me all my life that my dad is so good, quiet damn.

Julia sat on the bench, waiting for Dad, she even prepared a pathetic speech.

But Dad didn’t come out, and soon the window in his parents’ apartment went out.

Yulia waited a little longer and realized that her father would not come out, she began to cry, childishly, with a sob, but no one comforted her, and did not pat her on the head.

Julia took out her phone and dialed a number.

Roma answered immediately, as if he was waiting for her call.

– Where are you? Are you crying? Stay there, I’m here now.

Julia still came home, in the morning, neither Dad nor Tanya was already there.

Julia left, having rolled up an angry message on a whole sheet about what traitors they are and how she hates them.

I left the sheet on the kitchen table.

Of course, Julia then reconciled with Dad.

She never forgave Tanya.

She came home, saw Roma, defiantly ignored Tatiana, no matter how hard her father’s new wife tried, Yulia did not notice her, just looked through.

This went on for quite a long time, a year, or even more.

Julia caught her stepmother’s eye on herself, well, yes, we must admit it, according to the law Tanya is a stepmother for Yulia, the girl knew that Tanya missed her, Julia, to be honest, also missed her friend, but for that old Tanya, and not about this new one. Stepmother.

Julia began to come more and more often, she was afraid to admit to herself that she always wants to see Roma, wants to be with Dad and Tanya.

Yes, with the arrival of Tanya, they have a cosiness, dad has become younger, he walks happy.

Yulia pretended not to notice Tanya’s rounded belly. They barely exchanged two words with their stepmother friend.

One day Yulia did not come for a long time, this time she was traveling in a great mood, Romka made an offer.

It is necessary to tell Tanya a thought flashed, flashed and went out.

Dad was not at home, it seems no one was at home.

Yulia undressed, went into the kitchen, suddenly it seemed to her that someone was squeaking or moaning.

I checked no one.

Another groan.

I looked into my parents’ room, no one. But no…Tatiana lay curled up beside the bed.


– What’s wrong with you?

Tanya shook her head.

– Did you call Dad? Should I call?

She shook her head again.

– Well, look, I offered.

Yulia turned around to leave when Tanya let out a long moan. The girl turned her head and saw her friend’s eyes full of pain and fear.

– Oh, shit. Tanya, – Yulia ran up and fell to her knees, – what? What should I do? Tanya? blood? Oh, my God. I’m right now, Tanya, I’m right now, don’t you die okay?

– Julia…Contractions…An ambulance…an hour ago… waiting…painfully…very…

– Hello, ambulance, are you crazy there? I have a woman giving birth. Somewhere, in Karaganda, I’m waiting for you…

– Hello, Roma… Roma, Romochka, help out, Tanya is giving birth. Which one, which one is ours…I can’t wait for an ambulance Rum.

– Hello, Dad… Dad…just calm down, Tanya is giving birth. Dad, it’s okay, it’s okay…

– Tanya, Tanya, be patient, be patient, my dear, my little sister, my mom, oh, oh, poor thing…

– Boooolno…oooooyy.

– It hurts you, my dear, be patient already, the ambulance is nearby, be patient and Roma is nearby. Which Romka? Yes, my Roma is your future son-in-law. I’m going to marry Tanya Romka, and Dad…do you hear Dad, Oleg is yours, he will also come soon, everything is fine, be patient…

– Oooooooyy.

– Why are they all so long!

Yulia dragged Tanya onto the bed, Tanya clung and twisted Yulia’s arms, she did not scream, but bit her lips and moaned.

They all appeared at once, Papa and Roma were fussing stupidly, the paramedics quickly put Tanya on a stretcher, she did not let go of Yulina’s hand.

Tanya looked at Yulia with her eyes full of tears.

– Should I come with you?

Tanya nodded.

– Of course, of course, I will go. You’re my good, you’re my girl.

– What a sister you have Tanya, – says an elderly doctor in the maternity hospital deftly doing some manipulations. What kind of sister do you have? We’ll take our sister with us, of course.

Tanya finally screamed, Yulia screamed with her, she was allowed to go with Tanya, and they could not be uncoupled.

Surprisingly, it ended quickly.

– Girl, you have a girl, girls…

– Thank you, – Tanya whispers.

– Thank you to me, say thank you to your sister, that’s how she is with you – the doctor raised her thumb up.

– I’m not a sister, – Yulia said wearily.- She’s not my sister, there’s my sister lying, she lifted her legs up, and she’s my stepmother…mom.

– Wow. And it happens.

– It turns out yes.

Only later Tanya apologized to Julia

– My poor girl, I twisted your arms like that.

– It’s nothing that you’re related to me so that I don’t ask myself, you know, how a child is slapped on the ass to bring him to his senses, so you slapped me.

Forgive me, Tanya.

– And I’m sorry.

– Come on, for what.

– Did it seem to me or did you say you were getting married?

– Nooo, it didn’t seem.

In the evening Tanya sat with Dad in the kitchen.

– I’m sorry, Dad. Then your mother brought in your brain and shook your nerves, then I did. And thank you.

– For what daughter?

– For the sister of course and….for the stepmother. She’s the best in the world.


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