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Between two fires or how to dodge a birthday invitation

My colleagues and I were again caught between two fires — Katya and Valya. The fact that they were born on the same day became a real problem for us! None of them wanted to postpone their holiday.

— Damn it! You’re probably just kidding me,” I moaned when Katya came up to me and handed me a beautiful piece of cardboard. — Don’t tell me it’s an invitation…

— Exactly! So I’m waiting at my place at 18:00 and not a minute later! — Katya solemnly declared and went out into the corridor.

Just a couple of minutes later, Valya fluttered into the office and, smiling conspiratorially, said:

— Anyuta, what will you drink?

— When? — I pretended that I didn’t understand what he was talking about.

— Well, when? It’s my birthday on Saturday, and I’m going to the store to do some shopping. So what do you want — wine or champagne? Or maybe something stronger? Valya winked.

I sighed in resignation and said I didn’t care…

“God, how they hesitated!” she thought wearily.

I’ve been friends with Katya since the institute. She has been working in our company for a year and a half — I recommended it to her boss. And Valya has been my work friend for more than two years. And, unfortunately, they couldn’t stand each other. Probably because they are very similar: both adored being in the spotlight and were always firmly convinced that the truth was on their side. But, as you know, there is only one queen.

In addition, it turned out that the girls were born on the same day — March 6. Last year, without any agreement, they rescheduled the birthday party for Saturday; and this became a real headache for everyone invited.

— Valya, dear, you should postpone the celebration to another day, because I invited the whole team last week, – Katya suggested

— Why do I have to endure it? I’ve been working here longer, so you have to give in to me as a newcomer,” Valya said in response.

They quarreled for half a day and found out who owed whom and what, and then decided that no one would cancel or postpone anything. And we, the guests, were asked to decide for ourselves who to go to. It was terrible!

First I went to Valya. I sat with her for 3 hours, and then honestly said that I was going to Katya. Fortunately, the rivals lived in neighboring houses.. Of course, my friend broke up, but I couldn’t do anything about it. And when I went to Katya, I met two girls — colleagues.

“We’re going to Valya,” one of them sighed heavily.

Then it turned out that that evening there were active collective marches from Katya’s house to Valya’s house and vice versa. After all, no one wanted to offend any of the birthday girls. We really hoped that next year the girls would solve this problem. But it looks like it will happen again.

“What are you going to do this time?” Tanya, the accountant, asked me, thoughtfully waving the invitations.

“I have no idea,” I sighed. — I don’t even want to think about it now.

“Me too,” she nodded in agreement.

At that moment, Vika came into the office, and Tanya asked her the same question as she asked me.

— Who will I go to? — she repeated. — To my sister’s wedding.

I am glad that this way I will get rid of the problem. I have an iron excuse for this day. When I heard this, a brilliant idea came to my mind. After all, I may not be able to either! And immediately began to come up with some plausible story, so as not to go to anyone for DR. The next day, the plan was already ready.

— You know, my mom must have one procedure in the hospital, — I lied to the girls. — And I absolutely have to go to her.

Both were upset, but they understood me. I rubbed my hands with pleasure and thought about a pleasant stay at home.

On March 6, around 21:00, when I was sitting in front of the TV and watching the series, Katya called.

— No one came to me! — she sobbed into the phone. — Nobody!!!

I almost choked on the popcorn I was eating.

— What are you saying?!

— Probably, Valya has everything now, — complained a friend.

At that moment, I felt terrible remorse: I had let her down. However, on Monday it turned out that not only Katya spent her birthday alone — no one came to Valya either. They were both upset and shrugged their shoulders when colleagues came to explain the reason for their absence. I felt that they were lying just like me. Only Sasha, a painfully sincere guy, said in the presence of two competing for guests:

— I didn’t know who to go to, because I didn’t want to run from one entrance to another, and in the end I decided to stay where I was, that is, at home.

And I’ll do the same next year if you don’t get smarter. I don’t know if you realize that you’re acting like naughty little girls in a sandbox. “I gave the invitations first! And I’ve been working here longer!” he mimicked them, and Valya and Katya blushed more and more. I don’t know if it was anger or shame.

— Sasha is right — Tanya suddenly said. — By forcing us to choose, you discourage us from going to any of you for a birthday. For example, I love you both, and it’s hard for me to choose who not to go to.

— And I have the same situation — said Vika.

— Similarly… — added Light.

Confused, Katya and Valya listened to us, and then silently left the office.

— Now they won’t talk to us… Tanya sighed.

I was afraid she might be right. But we were in for a surprise.

The next day they both brought a cake and invited everyone to try it.

— Listen! – I decided to take advantage of a moment of weakness. — And maybe we’ll make one party for two?

— Then let Valya bring her sweets here — Katya chuckled.

— Yes, and I do not forbid you to come to my office with a cake, — said Valya.

I looked at Tanya and Sasha and it seems that everyone was thinking the same thing, because they took the plates in their hands and carried them to Tanya’s office, which was right in the middle — between Katya’s and Valya’s offices. That’s where we celebrated the birthday of our colleagues

— You should think about always celebrating your birthday together. That would be just wonderful! — someone from the audience suggested.

— Maybe… But only at my house! Katya exclaimed with a smile.

— You’re kidding! The party should be at my place! Valya chuckled in response.

— Maybe one at a time? Once with you, once with you! I suggested, looking hopefully at my capricious friends.

They shrugged their shoulders and looked at each other with interest and without anger. And we hoped that the girls would find a compromise and stop competing.


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