My sweet beautiful girl

The teacher

The morning for Natasha began with a replenishment in her group. An unknown man entered the open door after the manager, who was holding a little girl by the hand.

– Good morning, Natalia Petrovna! Take it, you have a new girl — Alyonka. Meet her dad Sergey Ivanovich!

The intelligent-looking man looked worried and only nodded.

– Good morning, nice to meet you! And you come in Alyonushka, I’ll show you in which locker your things will be,” the teacher hugged the girl by the shoulders and went with her to the locker room.

– Don’t worry Sergey Ivanovich! Natalia Petrovna is one of our best educators. And the children just dote on her! Everything will be fine. You’ll see, the girl will quickly get used to the new regime.
The head invited the father to her office to draw up the necessary documents.
The first day in kindergarten passed quietly for Alyonka. The girl was distinguished by modesty and curiosity. At the same time, she behaved a little shyly with unfamiliar children and tried to stay close to the teacher.

In the evening, when her father came for her, Natalia Petrovna shared her observations with him. Sergey Ivanovich explained that he was raising his daughter alone and she lacked female attention. That’s why she’s drawn to sorority.

Only two weeks have passed, and Alyona has already got used to kindergarten life. She did not resist the established rules and actively communicated with the kids. One evening, the parents took all the children, only Alyona remained. The teacher had already decided to dial her father’s phone number when he himself appeared on the threshold. Apologizing, he explained that he was late at work.

The young man did not know how to redeem himself. Therefore, I decided to invite the teacher on Sunday to nature – to fry kebabs. Hearing her father’s proposal, Alyonka clapped her hands. She really liked the idea of spending the weekend with Natalia Petrovna, as the girl had already managed to fall in love with her.

Natalia hesitated a little, but had to agree. The girl was too happy about her father’s idea.

Early on Sunday morning, the car was already at the entrance. A cheerful family came to pick her up, and they went on an unforgettable journey. The picnic place was chosen in the forest on the shore of a small lake. Sergey, like a real man, conjured over the meat, and Natalia was responsible for the design of the improvised table. Alyona managed to frolic in the clearing, run from Dad to Natalia and interfere with them more than help.

After this trip, Natalia and Sergey became very close. Gradually they started dating, and then the man offered her his hand and heart. The woman did not think for a long time and agreed. There was no wedding, they just signed, and Natalia moved to live in her husband’s apartment.

The young people were happy. And how happy Alyonushka was! The first year flew by in the euphoria of happiness, the couple lived soul to soul. Natalia also worked in kindergarten. Sergey worked as a taxi driver, was a good family man – he did not drink and carried money to the family.

Everything was fine in their family until Alyona went to the first grade. Natalia tried to take care of her adopted daughter in everything and regularly helped her in her studies. Sergey was an opponent of such upbringing, and believed that independence should be brought up in a girl. “There is a teacher to explain homework. They pay her money for it,” he said.

It was difficult for the girl to study, and then her own father scolds her at the slightest mistake. The girl began to withdraw into herself, became less open and stopped sharing her problems. Natalia tried her best to protect the child.

– Dear, the baby grew up without a mother, it’s difficult for her. You can’t do that to a child, you’re very strict with her. And she’s already been traumatized since childhood.

– Do not meddle where you are not asked. I know better, I’m the father. And you give birth to your children, and then be smart!

For Natalia, his words sounded insulting. She dreamed of having a child, but her husband was categorically against it, one Alyonka was enough for him.

The next skirmish between the spouses did not take long to wait. Alyona got a B in algebra. The father requested the diary in the evening and, seeing the mark, attacked the girl with loud shouts. She clung to her stepmother in fright. Sergei roughly pushed the girl away from Natalia and the woman could not stand it anymore. The showdown turned into a terrible scandal.

They didn’t talk to Sergey for three days. Then the man apologized, and peace in the family was restored.

Unfortunately, the fragile truce did not last long. A couple of months later, Sergey came home from work pretty drunk. They had never seen the father of the family like this before. It was disgusting to watch and listen: he began to say insulting words to his wife and to find fault with everything. Finally, the woman found out that she was a bad hostess, tasteless cook and absolutely does not know how to raise children.

The next target was a girl, whom he decided to raise right away. Natalia rushed to protect the child, and in the end it all ended with tears from both Alyona and her stepmother.

Then such antics of her husband began to be repeated regularly. Natalia no longer had the strength to endure, she was so tired of his drunkenness. One day I decided, came home from work and started packing. Then Alyonka returned from school:

– Natasha, are you leaving? – Alyona called her only by her first name all the time.

– Alyonushka, I love you very much, and I will continue to communicate, you can come to visit me at any time, but I don’t want to tolerate such an attitude towards myself anymore. Your dad and I didn’t have a happy family life. They didn’t get along.

And then suddenly Alyona began to cry and fell on her knees in front of her, wrapping her legs in her hands:

– Mommy, don’t leave me and don’t go! I love you so much– very, very much. Don’t leave me alone a second time. I will be obedient, just don’t leave,” the girl sobbed.

Natalia’s heart seemed to burst from the words she heard. She hugged the crying girl tightly and hugged her to herself.

– Sorry, daughter! Where am I going to leave you? I will never be able to leave you! – they both began to cry. – If I leave here, it will be only with you.

After this incident, they rallied and felt like one. They were not afraid of the next nagging drunken Sergei, who tried to provoke them into a scandal. The two of them were not afraid of anything.

Five more years have passed. Over the years, Natalia adopted Alyona and became a real mom. Sergei went downhill: he was drunk, did not come home to spend the night and had affairs with women. Natalia knew about this, but she did not break her promise to the girl.

The day when Alyona turned twelve, they began with a visit to the court. Natalia finally decided to get a divorce and achieve the determination of the girl’s place of residence with her mother.

The woman found a good lawyer, and on the appointed day they arrived at the meeting.

Sergey was already in the courthouse. When he saw his wife and daughter, he raised a scandal with loud shouts and swearing. He shouted to Natalia that she was nobody and he would forbid her to see her daughter. The girl just sobbed and clung to her mother.

The scene in the corridor rightly influenced the court’s decision. Even the judge’s secretary could not calm the raging man, who went out into the corridor to the screams. The court made a decision on divorce and determined the place of residence of Alyona with her mother, taking into account the opinion of a minor girl.

After the court hearing, Natalia and Alyona hugged and burst into tears. And on the street, a confused Sergey approached them.

– I’m sorry, daughter. I’m to blame for you. So life turned out that your mother died early, and something happened to my head. I couldn’t get along with Natalia. But don’t forget me and come visit, because I’m still a father.

Natalia and Alyona looked regretfully after the departing man, who had aged at least ten years before their eyes.
– Mom, shall we go to our cafe?

Sergey always scolded them for going to cafes, called this activity a reckless waste of money.

– Come on! Now, my daughter, we will live as our soul desires. And most importantly – without drunken screams and scandals.

Mom and daughter hugged once again. A new and happy life was opening its horizons to them!


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