Beautiful elderly woman outdoors

– The accident occurred on the highway. She has serious injuries, – the doctor reported

Mrs.White looked at her son and rejoiced. How handsome he had grown up with her. He was standing in front of the mirror in a beautiful suit and very soon he will marry a beautiful girl. She raised him alone. His father left the family when the boy was five years old. He found himself a wealthy woman and said that he deserved more. Mrs.White had no time to grieve, she had a son. And she devoted herself to him.

When he grew up, she realized that she spoiled him too much. He developed the habits of a father with a desire for a better life. But he did not want to improve his life himself, but wanted to find a rich bride. She kept telling him that a good life should be arranged with your mind. Study well, get a job. And not to look for a rich bride. Therefore, when he brought Alice to meet her mother, she was very happy.

She was a good, smart girl. From an ordinary middle-class and affluent family. Her John settled down, he began to study better. He and Alice studied in the same group and after graduation decided to get married. Alas, Alice’s mother became very ill and did not live to see her daughter’s wedding. Mrs.White fell in love with the girl as her own and she saw it and reciprocated.

And today they are getting married. The wedding will be modest. They will sign at the registry office, and then they will go to a cafe where several young friends will come. Mrs.White stayed in the cafe for a while. She was overexcited today, and the youth will be more interesting without her. The young people decided to stay at John’s house for the time being. Only Alice has found a job for herself so far, and they would not have pulled a rented apartment. And her small apartment, inherited from her parents, was in a neighboring town. And it was decided to hand it over.

Everything was going well. That’s just she was upset by the fact that her son didn’t really go for interviews. Yes, he went somewhere from home, but often returned tipsy and was clearly not at the interview.

– Son, but you can’t do that. There Alice has found a job, and you have the same education.

– Mom, you don’t understand. Alice studied better than me and she was invited to the firm where she had an internship. And I’m looking for myself. And I’m not ready to work for a penny.

– But you have to start somewhere. No one will take you as a boss right away. But you have to help your family as a man. The wife can’t carry everything on herself. And when the children appear, what will you do?

– We are not planning children yet. We need to get back on our feet.

“And for that you have to work,” his mother interrupted.

Realizing that his mother would not leave him alone, John applied the method from childhood. He came up, hugged her and said that everything would be fine soon, and that she should not worry.

A week later John came home when everyone was already at home. He put the cake on the table and announced that he got a job. Everyone was happy. And he talked about what the boss said about his career prospects.

The joy of Mrs.White from the fact that her son got a job began to pass in a couple of months. She noticed that her son had changed. He often smelled of women’s perfume.

– John, are you cheating on Alice? – she couldn’t stand it, she asked bluntly.

– Mom, what kind of nonsense is this? I often work late, I don’t even have time for this.

– And the perfume?

– So I take off my jacket and hang it in the general wardrobe. There are three other women working with me in the department. Alas, some people like to pour perfume directly.

After this conversation, she calmed down a little. But two months later, John was promoted and given a company car. And doubts crept into her head again. John was often late at work, and after his promotion, he began business trips. Alice didn’t notice anything. She loved her husband very much and rejoiced at his success. And she also has to tell everyone the good news today. After the family dinner, Alice told everyone that she was expecting a baby.

Mrs.White was very happy, but John thought about it at first.

– Isn’t it too early for us?

– Honey, well, you’re working now, and we can raise a child.

– We don’t have our own housing.

– So there’s a grandmother nearby. I’ll be able to get to work early. Mom, will you help us?

She had been calling her mother-in-law mom for a long time.

– Of course I will help. I still have a lot of strength.

John has been walking around gloomier than a cloud all week. This news did not bring him joy. He smiled at his wife, and when he turned away, his opinion was directly written on his face. Mrs.White saw it all. It made her heart ache. Somewhere in his upbringing, she missed something and only she herself is to blame for this.

On the weekend, John invited Alice to go shopping, unwind and buy gifts for the new year. Mrs.White had a bad feeling.

– And maybe you’ll go later? After all, there are still two weeks, and there is ice on the street.

– Mom, calm down. I have a good car and I will be careful.

5 hours passed, and they still did not return. John’s phone was turned off, and Alice did not pick up the phone. Mrs.White couldn’t find a place for herself. Just then a call came from the daughter-in-law’s phone.

– Alice, where are you? Are you all right?

– Hello. This is the doctor of the city hospital. Who are you the owner of the phone?

– I’m her mom. More precisely, the mother-in-law. What about her and my son?

– Your son is fine and will be home soon.

– He left the hospital, even though we insisted on hospitalization.

– But the girl was seriously injured.

– I’ll be there soon, said Mrs.White and rushed to get dressed.

When she was already throwing on her jacket and calling a taxi, John came into the apartment. There were small scratches on his face and he limped a little.

– What are you doing here? Your wife is in the hospital! Mom was indignant.

“Mom, not now,” he said rather rudely and went into the room.

Mrs.White had no time to argue with her son, and she rushed to the hospital. There the doctor told that there was an accident. The car skidded on ice, and they crashed into a tree outside the city. How’s the country? They went to the mall.

– Your son said that his wife asked him to go to the nearest forest to get some fresh air. And so. The blow fell on the passenger’s side. She has serious injuries. We performed the operation, I can’t give any forecasts yet.

– Can I see her? She has no one but her husband and me.

– Come back tomorrow morning.

When Mrs.White returned home, she did not see there. He did not answer calls, the phone was turned off. He didn’t come home at night either. She couldn’t sleep and tossed and turned all night. And at 8 in the morning I was already in the hospital…

From the conversation with the doctor, she realized that Natasha would live, but she would need care and then another operation to put her on her feet. She lost the baby. She was allowed to go to her daughter-in-law’s room.

– Daughter, everything will be fine, – the mother-in-law whispered softly and stroking her hand. – Everything will get better, we will put you on your feet.

– How is John? “What is it?” she asked faintly.

– He’s fine. He will come to you soon. You rest.

– I didn’t want to go there, he said it would be good for me to breathe in the pines. And then…” she covered her face with her hands and began to cry.

– That’s it, stop it. The doctor told you not to worry. I’ll come back later later.

Mrs.White went home. The son was sitting in the kitchen as if nothing had happened and drinking tea.

– Your wife is in the hospital. And you’re sitting here!

– Mom, well, I got hurt too.

– And where did you suffer all night? How did it happen?

– I needed to rest. What’s wrong with Alice? – he asked indifferently.

– Alice is alive, but your child is not. She will need care and more surgery to get back on her feet. But the forecasts are good.

– Tell her I’m sorry.

– What does it mean to pass? Aren’t you going to your wife?

– I’ll file for divorce tomorrow. I’ve been in love with someone else for a long time. She is my boss and appreciates me. Here’s Alice’s compensation. He pointed to the envelope on the table.

– You’re just like your father. How can you? Don’t you remember how hard it was for us when he left for a rich girl like that?

– I remember. That’s why I left money.

He got up and went into the room, and a few minutes later came out with a suitcase. He threw the apartment keys on a shelf in the hallway and slammed the door.

Mrs.White dropped her head into her hands and sobbed. How could he do this to Alice and to her? After crying for half an hour, she pulled herself together. Tears of grief will not help.

– And my daughter needs me.

A month later, Alice was discharged home, but she could not walk yet. With the money left by her son, Mrs.White bought a special bed and a wheelchair. Natasha’s colleagues helped to transfer her home. Alice has come to terms with the fact that her husband did this to her. She didn’t have the strength to be angry. And she was immensely grateful to her mother-in-law that she did not leave her.

– Alice, how can I leave you? You’re my daughter. A real daughter. Everything will be fine with us, and we will cope with everything. And today is the New Year, and I think you and I will have one wish for two. And miracles happen, you just have to believe in them and help yourself.

At half past eleven at night, the doorbell rang. There was a young man standing on the threshold, who helped to transfer Alice home today.

– You know, I have no one to celebrate the new year with. Can I come with you? If not, then I understand everything.

It was obvious how shy the guy was.

– Come on in, assistant. We welcome guests.

Harry brought fruits and sweets with him.

And after the battle of the chimes, he helped to take Alice outside so that she could watch the fireworks. Mrs.White  immediately noticed how he was looking at her daughter-in-law, but said nothing. She was not against it, but on the contrary, but she understood that Alice was not ready yet. Alice smiled for the first time in the last month. She loved to watch the fireworks. At that moment, she felt like a little child.

Since then, Harry periodically came and helped to take the stroller outside so that Alice could get some fresh air. And Mrs.White learned to do massages.

The women had a serious conversation today.

– Alice, the doctor called. He said that you can already have a second operation, after which there is a chance to get back on your feet. But we don’t have that much money. If only to sell your apartment, inherited from your parents. I understand that this is your only home and you will be afraid to do it. So here. She held out a piece of paper.

Alice unwrapped it and saw that it was a donation to Mrs. White’s apartment.

– But what about your son? He will be left without an apartment. I don’t have a son anymore, but I have a daughter,” Mrs.White said and hugged the girl.

A month later, Natasha underwent surgery. It was successful, and the girl was on the mend. It was far from a full recovery, but they will be fine. Harry continued to visit Alice.

– Alice, do you like Harry? – somehow asked Mrs.White blushed. – Come on, I can see everything. Since that very new year. You know, I like him.

“And me,” she replied.

Harry seemed to feel today that people were talking about him. Today he was going to talk to Mrs.White. And here he is at her house and doesn’t know where to start.

– Do you want to say that you love Alice? Mrs.White asked bluntly

– And how did you understand?

– Oleg, well, I’m not 20 years old, and I see everything. I don’t mind. But if you hurt my daughter.

He didn’t let her finish:

– I won’t hurt you, never. I’ve always liked her, ever since the institute. But she was married and that’s why I didn’t even fit in. And then I found out that the employees were collecting help and that they were looking for someone who could help physically. And then I decided that this was my chance. I want to propose to her.

– So do it. What are you waiting for?

After this conversation, he got up, thanked Mrs.White and rushed to the hospital. Of course Alice agreed. But she said that the wedding will be only when she is firmly on her feet.

Another six months passed, and Mrs.White looked at her daughter in a dazzlingly beautiful pale blue dress and a beautiful Harry next to her. The holiday was arranged right at home. Harry’s parents could not come. It turns out they lived abroad. Neither Mrs.White nor Alice have ever been particularly interested in the financial situation of the guy and who his parents work for. They only knew that they lived far away. And the rest is not important.

– Mom, we have a gift for you.

– So today is your wedding, not mine.

The young people laughed and held out an envelope. There was a trip to the sanatorium for 2 weeks.

– You need to rest, you deserve it.

Bask in the sun by the sea. Mrs.White has never had such a good rest. She was coming home today. She told the children that there was no need to meet them, Mr.Johnson, whom she met at the sanatorium, would give her a ride. When she tried to open the apartment, the key did not fit. Strange, she thought. But then the door opened and there was an unfamiliar woman in front of her.

– Who do you want? “What is it?” she asked dryly.

– I’m sorry, but I live here. Don’t know. I bought this apartment a week ago.

Mrs.White turned to her friend. Did the children do this to her? They couldn’t. It was all in her eyes. But then she saw Alice and Harry running up the stairs.

– Mom, sorry, traffic jams. We wanted to make a surprise, but we didn’t bring it to a heart attack.

– Let’s go outside.

– Alice, I don’t have a home anymore? Mrs.White asked quietly, lowering her eyes. You’ll take me to a nursing home.

– I won’t allow it, Mr.Johnson intervened. No one will take anyone anywhere,” Oleg said loudly. – We bought you another apartment, and it is registered to you. You will live next door to us. After all, we will need Grandma’s help soon.

When Mrs.White entered the new apartment, she could not believe her eyes. Spacious two-room apartment with good furniture and appliances, and not far from a beautiful large park. Here in this park we will walk with you, my dear Mary,  said Mr.Johnson. He went with them to make sure that the woman would be all right.

– By the way, I live in that house over there, and he pointed his finger into the distance.

There was a high-rise building also near the park. Harry and Alice looked at the elderly couple and smiled. After all, Mrs.White, like no one else, deserved to be happy.

– And now let’s go to our apartment. The table is set there and my parents want to meet you. Mr.Johnson, we invite you too,” Harry said and winked at the man.


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