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Mother in law found out that the daughter in law is cheating on her husband

Valera arrived from a business trip more gloomy than a cloud: it seems that the negotiations failed. Lyudmila did not dare to touch on this topic:

– Hi, dear, I’ve made your favorite borscht. Wash your hands and sit down at the table before it gets cold.

The spouse automatically went to the bathroom, and then, when he picked up a spoon, he stirred the broth in the plate for a long time. Luda sat down next to me and asked:

“You don’t like what I’ve made?”

Valera started up, as if he had woken up from a nap:

– No, no, on the contrary, I always like your kitchen. I just don’t have an appetite today, and I’m not ready to talk about it. I’m sorry, I need to get some rest and collect my thoughts.

The husband went into the bedroom, and Lyudmila pulled a plate towards her and put sour cream in it. Suddenly the phone rang:

– Yes, I can’t right now, your offer is tempting, but I really don’t have time for you.

The husband was so lost in his thoughts that he did not hear the call. Luda came into the bedroom and said loudly:

– Valera, we seem to have run out of milk, and you don’t drink coffee without it in the morning. I’ll go to the store quickly, but in the meantime, you can sleep.

Either under the influence of his wife’s sweet words, or from fatigue, but the husband really dozed off. Lyudmila got dressed, looked at herself in the mirror on the way, as if she wasn’t going to the store, quietly closed the door and went downstairs. She was gone for almost an hour and a half: it seems that she did not go to the next store, but directly to the grocery warehouse.

Returning home, Luda tiptoed into the bedroom. Her husband slept like an angel, didn’t even move when she stroked his head. However, in the middle of the night, Valera began to whisper someone’s name. But he spoke so softly that Lyudmila did not understand who he was talking about. In the morning, when she escorted him to work, casually asked:

– Listen, are you sure you’re all right?

The husband seemed to have been electrocuted:

– What’s wrong, am I acting weird somehow? And what kind of questions, especially since early in the morning?

Lyudmila realized that Valera did not want to be frank:

“Okay, I just asked to make sure you’re okay. I didn’t even have dinner last night, and that doesn’t happen to you very often. Maybe it’s time to take a vacation, I’ll talk to Boris Vasilyevich, and he will definitely let you go?

Valera pulled her hand away and said:

– No, there is no need for such liberties. We need money now, but we’ll rest sometime next time.

Lyudmila noticed that her husband’s pupils were running around strangely. It feels like he was afraid of something. But who could frighten him or cause concern? She didn’t have an answer to that question, or what to do if she had to tell him the truth.

Yes, Lyudmila also had certain secrets, but she wasn’t ready to share them yet. After Valera left for work, his mother came to visit.

By the way, Luda did not particularly like the company of her mother-in-law. Tamara Eduardovna caused her an attack of disgust. Somehow they happened to stay together in an electrical goods store. Valera and his father went away on business, and they had to put up with each other. So it got to the point that having quarreled, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law did not share the vacuum cleaner. They both wanted to buy it, as a result, the manager removed the unit from the shelf and said:

– That’s it, I’ve heard enough of you, the product is no longer for sale.

In general, it turned out, as in that proverb: neither to me, nor to you.

And now, when she came to visit, Lyudmila intuitively felt the danger. But she pretended to be glad to see her mother-in-law:

– Hello, Tamara Eduardovna! Why are you unaccompanied, or is Boris Vasilyevich tired?

The mother – in – law looked at her with a searching look and replied:

– Don’t be ironic, Luda, you look even worse this way. I came just to find out what’s going on with our men. Yesterday Borya was not himself after this business trip. Have you noticed anything in Valera’s behavior?

Lyudmila ‘s heart was relieved:

– Well, apart from the fact that he refused dinner, and then also fell asleep quickly, then probably nothing happened. Although, I noticed fatigue on his face, do you think it’s from work or is the weather affecting?

Tamara Eduardovna seemed angry:

– You’re at it again: do you have no conscience at all?

Luda took juice out of the refrigerator:

– Something is drying your throat, do you want a splash? Come on, dear mother-in-law, our men always, well, or almost always, come from a business trip in a bad mood. You have to understand that they have a serious business in their hands and there is no place for jokes and fun in it.

Tamara Eduardovna herself took a glass out of the cupboard and also poured herself some juice:

– I see you have new earrings, where did they come from? Judging by the precious stones, they cost a lot of money. Even I can’t afford them. Can you tell me with what money you bought or, to be more precise, at whose expense the beauty was bought?

Lyudmila was sweating slightly when her mother-in-law asked this question:

– Well, Valera sometimes gave me money, so I saved it. And then, recently, I saw a discount in a jewelry store and decided to buy.

It was obvious that her daughter-in-law’s answer did not suit her:

“Maybe so, but I’ll still keep an eye on you. And to be honest, I know how much Valera earns. Borya does not hide anything, he puts everything out as if in spirit.

Tamara Eduardovna got up and walked a little, but Luda, so that she could not see, covered her mouth with her hand and smiled.

There was a reason for that: after all, quite recently, when they all went shopping together, the father-in-law managed to slap the saleswoman on the soft spot a couple of times. Naturally, the mother-in-law did not see anything, but Luda jokingly threatened Boris Vasilyevich with a finger. Returning to the kitchen, the mother-in-law sat down at the table:

– Okay, I won’t bully you, I don’t have time for this. But if anything, I’ll be the first to find out, and my anger will seem like a terrible punishment to you.

Luda saw her off, and when the door slammed behind her mother-in-law, she squatted down heavily and took a deep breath. This time she got carried away, but it is unknown what Tamara Eduardovna will come up with again. We can say that the daughter-in-law was on the verge of death, and only a miracle saved her.

By the way, the mother-in-law was not lying when she said that Valera and his father came from a business trip in a depressed state.

Just a few days later they went fishing. Yes, so hastily that they did not even tell the place where they would be. Lyudmila took advantage of the moment and also arranged a rest for herself. When she got into a taxi, a dark foreign car followed them. All the way, the daughter-in-law looked at the phone as if she was waiting for a call. The foreign car did not lag behind, but it did not come close to them. Finally, the taxi driver brought Lyudmila to the specified address. She almost ran into the entrance. And at this time, a dark foreign car stopped 20 meters from the entrance to the courtyard. It was still unclear who was in it, the windows were tinted, as if the driver was playing spies.

An hour and a half later, Lyudmila went back out, and a few minutes later a taxi drove up to her. And again, by the same road, she was returning home. The foreign car kept at a distance, but did not lose sight of them. And already in the yard, when Luda paid off with the taxi driver, a familiar voice called out to her:

– Take your time, dear, I need to talk to you.

It was my mother-in-law, who fell like a snowball at the most inopportune moment. Lyudmila stopped:

– Yes, Tamara Eduardovna, you are as good as possible, by the way, only I missed you. What, this time, will you check my clothes to see if I paid dearly for them?

The mother-in-law grabbed her daughter-in-law by the sleeve and literally dragged her into the entrance:

– Now, you’ll understand everything, I’m not blind to not see anything.

At that moment, a neighbor was coming down the stairs. And Tamara Eduardovna covered her mouth for a while. But as soon as they were in the apartment, she continued again:

– Did you think that I would believe in your fairy tales about earrings? It’s not like that, I know that you have a lover.

Lyudmila began to shake, and she said convulsively:

– How do you know, that is, why suddenly such accusations?

Tamara Eduardovna replied:

“I saw you visit him myself. And don’t say he’s just an acquaintance.

Luda calmed down a little and pulled herself together:

– Oh, there it is, what, have you been following me? And aren’t you ashamed, dear mother-in-law? After all, I looked up to you as an icon. By the way, what is this necklace on your neck, has Boris Vasilyevich really been generous?

Then the mother-in-law herself blushed:

– Do not evade my question, I demand truthful information. And what I wear is none of your business anymore.

Slowly it began to dawn on Lyudmila that Tamara Eduardovna was following her for a reason. And these words: “I came to him, he’s just an acquaintance” suggested that the mother-in-law has a direct relationship with her lover. What can I hide, the daughter-in-law got caught, but now she had to come up with an excuse or turn the situation in her favor.

Tamara Eduardovna continued to look at her, but Lyudmila had already scrolled through everything and asked an intriguing question:

– So maybe Boris Vasilyevich didn’t give you the necklace?

The mother- in- law lowered her head and quietly replied:

– No, it’s not him, I got a piece of jewelry from my friend. Or rather, ours, we both became his victims.

Lyudmila opened her mouth when she heard this:

– Do you mean to say that you are cheating on your husband? Wow, and I was also reproached for something.

Her mother-in-law pulled her chair up to her:

– Yes, I have sinned, but you are not an angel either. We were both unfaithful wives.

In response, Lyudmila laughed out loud:

– Wow, it’s a family contract, you can’t think of anything worse. And what are we going to do now? I can’t admit to Valera that I’m cheating, I think that you don’t really want to upset Boris Vasilyevich either.

Tamara Eduardovna nodded her head:

“I guessed right away that you were dating a lover in that house. We have known Grisha for a long time, he is so sweet and courteous. You see, I don’t have enough male attention, Borya is constantly at work or on business trips. What am I saying, you don’t bathe in male affection either. But I’m also worried about something else: they behave strangely, my husband and son.

Lyudmila frowned and asked again:

– What do you mean? We have already talked about fatigue. But I’m used to it, I don’t think you get too annoyed. Moreover, it turned out that you and I are friends in misfortune. Yes, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are sleeping with the same man. They won’t believe who you tell.

Tamara Eduardovna waved her hand at her:

– Don’t even think about it, otherwise you’ll have to look for the “fifth corner” later.

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law decided to cover for each other. And surprisingly, they did not refuse to visit the same Grisha. He was like a lifesaver to them now.

After this conversation, a week passed, and Valera began to get ready for a business trip again. He fussed and kept repeating:

– We need to finish the business, otherwise we will miss the investors. But there is a chance that we will conclude a profitable contract with them.

The husband somehow even cheered up, as if there was no sadness that he brought from the last trip. Boris Vasilyevich behaved in a similar way: he was the director of the company where Valera worked. So together they were going to go on business again.

In the late afternoon, when her husband called Lyudmila that everything was fine with him, her mother-in-law came to visit. She didn’t look friendly at all:

– I’m worried, Luda, my heart is not in place. Suddenly Borya suspected something?

The daughter-in-law calmed her down and gave her a glass of water:

– Stop shaking, no one knows anything. While there are no our men, I suggest we go to a local boarding house and treat the nervous system there.

Judging by the smile that appeared on her mother-in-law’s face, she liked this idea:

– Exactly, I agree with you, but we will not go to the sanatorium, but directly to the sea. Borya secretly said that their business trip would last three weeks. And he left a lot of money so that I wouldn’t deny myself anything.

Luda went to the bedroom and brought out a box:

– Here, Valera also gave me banknotes. They behave strangely, I feel that it’s not good.

But Tamara Eduardovna was already mentally at sea:

– Oh, we’ll have fun with you, Lyudmila.

It took them three days to get ready and buy plane tickets.

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law decided not to skimp and went to Sochi. When they arrived there, they immediately checked into the hotel. And without thinking twice, they took their swimsuits and went to the beach. Although there were a lot of people, but the women found empty seats. Lyudmila rubbed her back with sunscreen, and then helped her mother-in-law.

But then Tamara Eduardovna turned to face her and said in a trembling voice:

– They’re here, the business trip was a cover.

Luda looked over her shoulder and almost choked:

– Here are the guys, and we believed them.

Her mother-in-law took her hand:

– And what are we good at, are we not angels too? We must do something, otherwise we will deceive each other.

They had to go all-in: Luda crept up to the place where her husband and father-in-law were resting with strange women. They were taken aback by surprise:

– How did you end up here, should you be at home?

Lyudmila did not make excuses:

– Just like you were brought here, probably, you wanted warmth and tenderness.

Tamara Eduardovna joined them, and it became clear to everyone that a serious conversation could not be avoided. Lyudmila confessed to her husband of treason, and he, in turn, asked her for forgiveness. Boris Vasilyevich did the same. It was necessary to solve something and they, having drawn conclusions, agreed that they would not destroy their families. After all, in order to understand each other and deal with problems, it is not necessary to go to extreme measures.

Luda still lives with Valera, but her father-in-law has become even more reverent towards Tamara Eduardovna.


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