Little girl on the night road

A girl on the road

Anya and her father Oleg were returning home late from the city. It was dark all around, there was not a single lantern around. The road passed through the forest. They tried to drive slowly so as not to crash. Anya sat and looked around. Suddenly, on the side of the road, she noticed a …

The elderly woman is my old mother and grandmother

My adult son does not want to communicate with me

I do not know what to do, especially considering that my son is almost thirty years old. Every mother, if she has a great sense of responsibility, is always afraid to hear words in her address that she did not take place as a mother. I’m one of those women. But I don’t want to …

Night city rain taxi car

The trip could be the last

A real storm! Damn the last customer! Although I’m good too. Was it really impossible to refuse a country order? It’s almost the end of the shift. So no – I chased a long ruble. Now I’m driving and shaking with fear. If only nothing would happen! It’s raining like a bucket. The wind is …