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I lost my memory, but I found a family

Sergey came to his brother Peter to see him and give him the goodies that he often spoiled him with. Peter is a doctor at a local hospital, most of the time he disappeared at work. And Sergey lived in the village, ran a farm and was happy, but just as happy as a husband …

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Juvenile delinquents

Alyona ran along the road, glancing at her watch every now and then. She was very late, but there was nothing she could do about it. I couldn’t catch a taxi, and I had to stay late at work. «But never mind,» she thought, «I’ll come anyway. – she reassured herself. The phone rang incessantly. …

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Oleg and Sveta were half-siblings. Yes, they had different fathers, but the same mother. It so happened that Natasha married first one man, from whom she gave birth to a son. Then came the divorce, and then a new meeting. So she met at one of the conferences with a pediatrician who was giving a …